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  1. to start off this topic i think 343 have done an amazing job with the customization for the master chief collection but there is a slight probelm i and some people have. when making machinima there are probelms with the armor for example this is my main one on halo 4 on xbox 360 the mark vi armor was unlocked with the ledgendary visor but in the halo mcc it has a red visor and so on with other parts off the armor. so i know that im am asking you for a huge thing here but could do u a update to at least change the colour off your visor for the off the community that would be fantastic thanks for reading.
  2. hey guys im new to all this forum thing but i want to bring out a point about halo reach for xbox one i loved reach from start to finish but i would love for it to come to xbox one like halo 3 odst is even if we have to pay so please make halo reach come to xbox one 343 you can do it
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