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  1. How do you play Multiplayer matchmaking? 2 hours I've played one game!! I thought this was fixed what am I doing wrong? After 20 minutes I stop and try a different game type. Seriously I can't believe how horrible this is. Is this normal? I mean if nobody on the planet is playing right now it would tell me right? It lets me play one time just to remind me of how fun it was and then nope. Did my system not get the December update? Can I slip somebody a couple hundred dollars to be able to play? Well at 23 minutes now still nobody... Please let me know what I'm doing wrong and if it's the system and not me then just do away with multi-player. Or copy what bungie did please. I mean nice try....but just can't do it.... 25 minutes... this really is so cool?!? Ugh!
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