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  1. CE the mission where u have to save captain keyes , H2 when u meet grave mind, H3 i havnt played yet, H3ODST so far the mission where u first see buck, H4 last mission or i dont remember if there was one the one where u fly a pelican, H5 the first blue team mission and the last mission
  2. Hi my halo unsc group and im looking for conscriptors but theres so many fakes if u want me to think ur real and ill give good word tell me an example of a spartan activation code if u fail then i will know you are a fake if u pass then i will know and everyone who looks at this will know your real the unsc group is on halo waypoint.com search up UNSC the N3XT SPARTANS ok thats the name repley on here or message me from there have a good day -end of message from unsc personal S-173
  3. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/unsc%20the%20n3xt%20spartans That is the link to the UNSC the N3XT SPARTANS clan it also will be recruiting on halo 5 today and after u request to join make sure u add why u want to join and i will talk to u on xbox one halo 5 and no people 17+ i allow 16 and under and if u already were UNSC or a Conscriptor or Sim trooper u can stay as that rank if u would like but if we have conscriptors and ur not UNSC but want to become unsc u will choose what u want to be Spartan,ODST,O.N.I, ect. and we will have somone that can train u Marines can get trianed by generals or by me and conscriptors come i will think that we will need them. also the name is UNSC the N3xt spartans. -end of message from S-173
  4. I think we should keep thees Fluid movements like sprint and ground pounding because it basically has its own game mode in action sack on halo 5 and i would like to still see and use it in halo 6 so i vote they keep it in halo 6 -S-173 out
  5. Hello i am UNSC SII Spartan 2 S-173 i am new here specifaclly but ive been following the halo community for a while now and i want everyone to know me so hello welcome if u are new as well and goodbye
  6. maybe theyll add my person haha #team Cyan! even if its in the backgorund ill be happy lol ok what would e awesome in halo 6 is if the master chief starts fighting agaisnt cortanna and then they both team up to take out a bigger threat (spoiler if u keep reading now) also if they find the halo ring that u see at the legendary ending of halo 5
  7. That looks like a really cool infection map if it goes on every time i choose infection i would hope to get ur map and play on!
  8. My fav cut scene is when in halo 5 when the master chief and Spartan locke did a short fight i just loved watching them both fight to see whos better at hand to hand combat because many people say locke is better because he has a battle riffle and i would say he wins every time if he was a better fighter then cheif HALO 5 GUARDIANS MASTER CHIEF VS AGENT LOCKE FULL ... Forgot to add it also shows how far John would go to see/save cortanna (disobeying orders, traveling to places far and wide,ECT. )
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