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    Halo, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft, Gears of War, Assassins Creed, And Atheism, Also Grunge Music and Soft rock.

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  1. I love and Halo and like Gears but I have to say Halo beacause i've always been a huge Halo fan and a good Gears fan but Halo is my game. Its my favorite game besides World of Warcraft.
  2. I personally love the Title Update but when the title update affects all playlists and gametypes, There should at least be a selection for vanilla Halo:Reach. That way, everyone is happy because I know some people don't like the Title Update, Including most of my friends.
  3. Their good, So long as people don't try to betray you for them, Its big problem on Blood Gultch (I don't know how to spell the Halo:Reach version). Sometimes people abuse them though, like betraying you with them or shooting you with them while their on your team.
  4. That was my first time and it was great. I look forward to it again this weekend!
  5. I love the Assassin's Creed games. The storyline is sort of short, Like a usually beat it in a day or too but its amazing! Its so suspenseful and it keeps me interested the entire game. The graphics seem to be the same as the previous ones every time but graphic aren't everything and besides the absolute killing you do gets better every game.
  6. Yeah, I figured that out. I have most of the Achievments, Only missing 200 gamerscore on it. I'll Just have to reset my campaign progress and get half of the terminals to get the achievment.
  7. Interesting idea, I tried it a different way but this is way better.
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