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  1. I've changed your log on and display names to "CHIEFOSITY". So the older "CHEIFOSITY" will now be invalid, you've been emailed as well a copy of the message.
  2. Only the collectors version which was code form is allowed to be exchanged for a physical disc at the retailer where you preordered it. If you bought the game digitally on the Xbox Marketplace, you cannot exchange it, as you were always buying it digitally and never physically.
  3. Never played CoD 4 then I take it? That game was a complete masterpiece.
  4. I live in Australia with far worse internet than yourself, and it's common sense not to quit matches. Regardless of the reason you have, if you quit matches, you're willingly ruining the experience for others even if you lagged. So that's why when you quit multiple games in a row, you're going to get a slap on the wrist. In addition, if you're partied with someone with someone from another country of course you're going to experience a worse ping. That's why I recommend only playing with those in a party from your own country/continent, otherwise it's just too risky to suffer from lag.
  5. I've never understand the obsession with dinos, in every game they've been in their hitboxes have been broken. There's literally no good reason to bring them back.
  6. Actually every exotic is being upgraded to Y2, it's just not all of them will be available at launch.
  7. I'll like to chip in, that's exactly how physics works. Having a high projectile velocity with vector changes constantly to the acceleration allows you to 'skip' across surfaces, and snow is no exception, it'd work on water to a smaller degree due to water having surface tension. Only surfaces with no surface tension would fail in that scenario. But enough of the physics, that's how you make a opening cinematic. Too bad Locke isn't going to buy a first round of drinks.
  8. I personally think Halo 4 had the best customisation in terms of choices, however, it had by far the worst designed armours out of any Halo game made. Around like 5% of them were actually tolerable, and a couple being decent to look at. With Halo 5, the armours already look better than the vast majority of the ones from Halo 4, even if in the beta they were very shiny/toy-like. As long as Halo 5 can nail the designs, I don't mind how minimalistic or over the top it goes with armour customisation.
  9. Well if you want to play Halo 5 Guardians, then you should probably get it.
  10. Do things highly illegal to ultimately benefit myself.
  11. Bungie screwed up weapon balancing to absolute hell, it's literally taken a year for them to fix Destiny's weapon balancing issues. Seeing as that's the major part of the game, I'd say there did do something wrong. I do see what you're saying though, things like Halo 2/3's cut missions were due to MS' harsh deadlines and that applies to any publisher.
  12. Profile Image Araragi Koyomi Member Rank/Member Title : Community Moderator//Enigma (unchanged) Time Online at this post : 496d 21h 44m 26s (382d 13h 42m 1s - Previously) Sign up date : June 21st 2011 (unchanged) Total Shouts : 42'481 plus the 148'000+ I lost (27'619plus the 148'000+ I lost. - Previously) Active Post Count : 3,614 (3'422 - Previously) Profile Views : 58'561 (49'116 - Previously) Reputation Likes : 1851 - Legend (1719 - Legend - Previously) Times uploaded to Gallery : 29 (3 are hidden) (28 (2 are hidden) - Original) Awards Received : 40 (unchanged) Friends on list : 16 (unchanged) Biggest 'Achievements' (removed unnecessary ones) First Australian MoM, Staff and Moderator. Most amount of Shouts, Profile Views and highest Time Online. Most name changes, all involuntary. Signature (removed image) -King of Azaxxinations- Moderator vs Member 1v1 W/L ratio: ∞
  13. Personally I feel that Final Boss were the best MLG team in any game series to exist, their constant streak of #1 placements smashed every record at the time.
  14. It's a very weird decision that the Ghost Shell is orange, while literally everything else about the VIP rewards is a tiger black. No idea to why Bungie went with that choice.
  15. For PvP, you're able to permanently have maximum Armour/Recover/Agility, ontop of that once a tether occurs you can poison them via smoke and throw a vortex grenade in and easily get Slayers. In PvE, you can give your teammates both weapons and blessing of light, while being able to pin all tier ads down via suppression.
  16. Positives; Improvements to narrative with lengthier story missions. Second story line unlocks after completion of the main story line and Raid (King's Fall). Raid-lite mechanics to the 4 (1 PSN exclusive) Strikes, 3 old strikes revamped with Taken. Introducing more new weapons than Vanilla Destiny/Dark Below/House of Wolves combined. Entirely new faction, The Taken, being introduced into the game. Past enemies ripped out of existence then thrown back in with new abilities and behaviors. Entirely new weapon class (Heavy slot). Level system back to the classic MMO exp leveling, from 1-40. All current character max levels in Destiny will be the starting level come TTK. One consumable buff per account to buff a single character to minimum required level for TTK. Multiple new locations, with one being a new patrol area. Patrols are now not easy mode, but rather the Dreadnaught contains secrets and treasures to keep players coming back to Patrol each week. Weapons (legendary and exotic) have questlines to obtain them. Eris Morn and Cayde 6 play major roles with the first story line of TTK. Gunsmith now plays a major part in replayability including a reputation meter, weapon quests and weapon testings. 8 new Crucible maps in new locations and new map mechanics. 1 new subclass for each character class (3 total), covering the missing element from each respective class. Nolan North taking over as head character voice for Ghost, retaking every line in the game and adding more to the existing game and TTK. Over a dozen new exotic weapons and many more exotic armours for each class. New Raid (King's Fall) being the biggest and best raid yet (Luke Smith - GameInformer). Current mechanics for Destiny are/have been balanced and will be revealed at the launch of TTK. New solution for the Vault system in works for release of TTK. Armours have new mechanics which have more meaning based on your light level (which isn't being scrapped, it's just not the leveling system). All weapon classes are being re-tuned to fit the new meta Bungie wants to have for Destiny. Entirely new soundtrack equal in size to the current one. Oryx makes his first appearance. New ways of discovering lore within the world via the Ghost. Emotes are now equipable. Ghost shells offer character bonuses, class items offer character bonuses. New cinematic cutscenes, all cutscenes have skipping enabled. Entire Director menu being redesigned, Vanguard Strikes have revamped playlists. Negatives; The massive price differentials between countries outside of USA. Only 1 new patrol region, being the Dreadnaught, even with Phobos being the first mission of TTK it will not be a region operating for Patrol. A quarter of the new Strikes with TTK being locked to PSN. 2 recycled grenades per new subclass from already existing subclasses. Nightstalker needing serious nerfing before TTK is released, currently as it stands holds potential as the most powerful subclass in the game by a landslide. Digital and physical editions of the Collectors being the same price, even though digital Collectors contains less overall content. "That Wizard came from the moon" dialogue line still not making an appearance in the game, with Nolan North being the VA for Ghost.
  17. Staff Response Guys, let this thread be clean. If you're not participating stay out of it.
  18. The population is an issue, not many people still play MCC now because of all the issues it originally had, and still does possess. That's the reason 343i don't show the population count on the menu, cause they're embarrassed by how low they are.
  19. It's based on population. Playlists are only created based on how many people will play them. Hence why others have been removed that people liked, because just next to no one plays them.
  20. Because if I weren't on this each day, I'd be sitting at my computer doing nothing. At least I look like I'm doing something here.
  21. You can get new weapons and armours, but who says you're being forced to rid of the old ones? No one. You keep the old stuff because it's useful. Hidden Collectors are tied to account, and your characters depending on the collectables. So if you want to keep them, you keep the character Again, blank slate is wrong, because you're keeping stuff. And ontop of that Bungie has never start you will start at level 1, ever. Destiny 2 and 3 will expand upon the current game with their own twists. Do you restart a character with each World of Warcraft expansion/sequel? No you don't, same to this. I spent around 10-15 minutes per character and decided on the right one, my females are good looking with two Humans and one Awoken. Who cares if men don't have a beard, does the game need to appeal to every single bit of human detail on the planet? No is the answer because you might as well start having an option for a mole on every part of the face. Just because you don't like how it looks, doesn't mean it's bad looking. Opinions are not facts, that needs to be learned apparently.
  22. Reasons why characters need to be transferable on Destiny. Unlocked progress on previous story lines Continual use of armours and weapons PvP stats Hidden collectables found Attachment to character There's literally no reason to not understand the point of character transferring. Just because you don't impact the story, doesn't mean there aren't other reasons to transfer.
  23. This fixes achievement popping for me, over all games. Sign out and jump onto another profile, then sign back into your main profile. That pops achievements that should've been popped for the most apart.
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