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  1. In a arena styled game you should be able to hear other players within 12 feet. This would add another dimension to the game. Don't allow party chat in certain gamemodes either.
  2. 5v5 is not awful. This is just more biased hate towards Halo 4. I can't even pllay H2 or H2:A, yet I was once an idiot saying running wasn't needed in halo. 343 needs to stop catering to the dated fanbase. There better be a 5v5 option. 5v5 fills out the maps better and is just more fun.
  3. I'm not into playing dated games and starting with a AR is dated. 4v4 is also dated like a lot of things in Halo 2 that 343 needs to stay away from.
  4. Thank you for the nice response. I think a lot of people view Halo 2 and 3 through special rose tinted glasses or visors, and put it on a pedestal. Playing it again showed that it's not a perfect game, It too has it's problems. I'm just glad my friend got me back into the new Halo. I only played about 1 minute of the Halo 5 beta, as I was thinking this doesn't feel exactly like Halo 2, so I don't like.
  5. Never have I hated on nor talked so much smack on a game I now love. The only game I can think of that comes close is "Two Worlds." I was the biggest Halo 4 hater, I would cringe everytime I played H4 and would complain that H2 was so much better. It all started when my friend mentioned how he was playing the MCC and tried H4 again and loved it a few days ago. This took me a back because we both had hated H4 for everything it was and was not (halo 2). So in our first game, he told me to forget we're playing a "halo" game and just play it. It was like a magic switch went off in my head. Little by little I was really enjoying myself. I had heard some posters say the same thing here, but I always scoffed at the idea. I looked passed everything and was really enjoying myself and I was getting kills. The maps are pretty nice. I still think they could use more urban maps like Titanfall, but the game looks better than Titanfall. The lighting looks nice and unique while the detail looks very sharp. I used to always complain about the maps and how the lighting didn't look like H2. Big Team Battle maps are still scarce and not very good. Halo 5 looks like it will be the same for BTB. I still think the warthog and ghosts guns are very underpowered. They are suppost to be overpowered and it shouldn't take a 4 second constant stream of bullets to kill someone with the warthog turret. So, I'll stick to team slayer. I think sprint is fun and speeds up the pace. Having to restart the match at the end really makes it feel more fluid. Playing the same people again is not fun imo.
  6. Try playing with friends and see how difficult it is to find games. Connection failed andtrying to get into a lobby is very hard to get into once your friends are joined. At the end of the game it will get stuck and say it's uploading and not let you click B.
  7. Oh, okay, nice. Yeah, hook me up with the new one that you were making for me.
  8. Yeah I always choose the BR maps and game. That would be a good option. The playlists are so bare and crap adding anything would be good.
  9. Okay. Besides halowaypoint is a barebones, ugly forum, I would never go there. Look who it is, the fan favorite, master of disturbing and godmother to my kids, Twinreaper! Yeah, I actually have a more difficult time getting into games after the update. I also can no longer invite friends and you still can't invite friends to custom games while you're in them. This game is a joke that's not worth playing. Where's your gif from?
  10. What is it with you guys telling people this is a fan forum. I didn't say anything about this being 343's forum and I have almost 70 posts, so I would know. This is the big update that 343 said would fix the problems, and I was calling them morons. This post is pointing out that the game is still broken as ever after their "now lets play some halo" message and update that was suppost to fix the network problems.
  11. This game is still broken after the newest update. I have been trying to play h2 classic and can't find any game except on halo 3. Playlists still keep searching without finding players or I'll get error messages. It froze after a game and wouldn't let me back out. Searching for H2 classic and cant find a game. We had 8/10 people in a game and it kept searching. Starts games with uneven teams and wrong colors. Great job 343. Morons
  12. I think sprint should be left out, but make walking faster. Atleast give us gametypes without sprint.
  13. Oh great another big patch, yet they said they didn't need a patch to fix their servers. We better get some free dlc. My friends and I didn't pay 60 dollars to enjoy a broken game upon release with crappy playlists. I still find it hilarious that they only remastered 6 maps. Custom games have crappy options and it kicks your friends out when you change games. Custom games are filled with lag. There is no proximty chat and no way to create and save custom game types.
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