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  1. If you want it back to the way Halo was originally meant to be, you'll be claiming for Plasma Pistol starts, none of this AR crap.
  2. Josh Holmes corrected this in a blog on Halo Waypoint saying that there was miscommunication, you MUST have XBL Gold to play Co-op campaign, and Halo 5 Guardians will have a 14 day XBL Gold trial bundled with it.
  3. So from what we've heard, here's a little ranking list of all the main points that have been revealed so far about Halo 5 Guardians; I'd say at this point the good points outweigh the negatives, but they're still very much prevalent. THE GOOD THE BAD THE UNCERTAIN
  4. Honestly after a miscommunication like that, I would've just rolled with it and allowed everybody to play it with Silver XBL. Going 1 step forward and 2 steps back is not a good idea for 343i at this point in time.
  5. Splitscreen is only available to multiplayer and only 2 people, not co-op campaign. In order to play co-op campaign, you have to pay for XBL Gold.
  6. The only positive I took regarding multiplayer in MCC, was the fact that the beta included for H5G ran absolutely flawlessly. The longest I remember it taking to get into a match was 40 seconds, and that was once. So at least when that comes Australia isn't being left in the dark regarding matchmade pairing.
  7. Yeah I live in Australia, and I just flat out can't play matchmaking at all. Hence I stopped playing MCC a long time ago properly. There's really little you can do, it's either you're super lucky and the issues don't hit you much, or you're cut away like the rest of us minority.
  8. Halo 5 literally can't be on the xbox 360, it's like trying to ask for a 360 game to work on a SNES. The system can't handle it whatsoever.
  9. The XBL gold thing was over and done with last year, they haven't done that in months. If you legitimately got an email, best to head over to Halo Waypoint with screenshots of your email to prove what you're saying isn't a flat out lie.
  10. Assuming you're talking about Tayari Plaze, Dutch isn't in that mission at all. So no idea what sort of issue you're having.
  11. Put my votes in, most of my answers were pretty neutral lol
  12. Why didn't you let me know the second as you posted it Drizzy? You've broken a long standing tradition.
  13. Yeah I have very little knowledge on much of any written/drawn media for Halo, so I cannot comment on that for a comparison, hence why I only selected my knowledge for their games. Although I will say after reading all of Escalation, I wish that never even made it off ground floor, it's absolute garbage, even if it's a bit comical.
  14. If I may point out what Bungie did right and wrong in short; And for 343i From that short list it's very clear that Bungie were never perfect and only had one truly god game in their development for the Halo franchise, being the first they made (funnily enough not being controlled by Microsoft). However, they never ever once stood up and apologised for their actions or even admitted they did things wrong. They only praised their games and themselves (luckily that's changed with their attitude from Destiny). 343i on the other hand have always been open in their failures and success, and try their best to work a community that hates itself and cannot work at all together. From that, that's how I can establish that 343i are a much better Halo developer than Bungie. As production studios themselves they're equal (see the change in the culture at Bungie due to Destiny), but for Halo, 343i is superior in more aspects than Bungie.
  15. 343i > Bungie Bungie screwed up so much, but like Nintendo, people like to pretend it never happened and only speak highly of them. 343i have always admitted to their mistakes and try their best to work with the community to create content they want.
  16. I've heard that the 30th Audio Log is actually bugged and people can't get the achievement for it. But the other 29th are working fine in the game.
  17. Just Cause 2 was a great game so I recommend that to 360 players, too bad Xbox One gets garbage each month.
  18. I'm going to assume you're talking specifically about Halo Wars, since that's where you posted. Next to no one plays the game online in matchmaking anymore, your best option is to find a couple of friends to play against in custom games. If you're talking about Halo in general, MCC constantly has championship series on Twitch and 343i are deadset on making Halo 5 Guardians the best format of online competitive gameplay we've seen for Halo, and from what we saw in the beta it looks like they have the potential to deliver.
  19. Main index page and Moderator forums. I tend to only moderate since I don't post as I once used to.
  20. Not specifically a game, but the whole region of the The Elder Scrolls I'd live in. Tamriel is a great place.
  21. Azaxx

    Destiny Gear

    Roc Strike playlist in the Vanguard. Crota's End gives you Raid gear and exclusive weapons. Doing Crota's End at Deathsinger and Crota gives you a chance for exotic weapons, same with Gorgon's chest and Atheon battle in Vault of Glass. Then you have Xur.
  22. Nothing good is gonna come from this thread, especially in the manner which the OP has laid it out, locking.
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