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  1. @ Oxygen Production- Congratulations. It's been a quintillion years and you've converted all the matter into the universe and burned it into energy. Enjoy your Black Holes. Hopefully some matter will spontaneously be created by the weirdom of Quantum Mechanics, otherwise it looks like the Roadrunner was finally caught. And blast, I thought you wouldn't catch the fact that Mammals are classified under Synapsids. Time for something I don't even know, What is the estimated maximum feasible age of the human body, if untainted by diseases of any sorts, and the organs simply fail from time or the neurons die off until the brain is rendered incapable of supporting consciousness?
  2. AHA! Even if the Universe does not 'end', eventually the hydrogen that provides fuel for the stars will be used up, plunging the universe into an endless period of time of absolute darkness and a lack of heat. Unless the Universe contracts however, but otherwise all sources of energy will perish. Now another try though, as I doubt that counts for PEELLS. What was the largest synapsid to ever exist?
  3. A) What is the invertible fate of the universe and all life within it? B ) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  4. First I can't beat my enemies to death with the skull as a personal challenge, and now no in-game terminals? 'The hell is 343i and Microsoft doing?
  5. Star Wars Battlefront II. I hit the maximum limit for mods a long while ago and now regularly trim so off and get some new ones.
  6. I've always loved Treyarch as they actually add stuff to the game (because in reality, the games have reached their peak for what can be changed with the engine. They need a new engine really.), especially with the almost RTS part of the campaign and the multiple endings. Then of course there's zombies and such, which are always fun. I also prefer BO's method of ranking up and customizing classes, as it saves me the headache of grinding just to get some s*** gun I'll never use. It's not truthfully innovative though, more addictive. And a good ego boost, since it's hilariously easy to be the VIP of a match. Would be nice if they could get a new engine though. The 'hollow' avatars get annoying after a while.
  7. Tip of the day, don't get the XBOX's that come with the 'free' LIVE subscription. It's a scam.
  8. What dinosaur species has shown no sign of predation in the fossil record?
  9. Dunmer Vampire, the Dunmer resistance against fire cancels out the weakness to fire of a Vampire Lord, so they work quite nicely.
  10. 1. Battlefield Bad Company 2 2. Star Wars Battlefront II 3. TES Skyrim 4. Halo 3 & ODST 5. Crysis 1 & 2 6. Star Wars Republic Commando 7. Halo Reach 8. Section 8 Prejudice 9. Civilization V 10. LOTR Battle For Middle Earth 2
  11. Scary? Really? It's sad when a person gets truly scared by a videogame, let alone a movie. While they do look better, in that they aren't stupidly obvious with a glowing energy sword and actually look like zombies, I'd prefer the actual flood spore bits with the head torn up to the side like in H3's human combat forms. But meh. It's an improvement, and awesome one at that, but not scary. Not remotely. And yeah, there's a thread for this. Doesn't this site have a searchbar?
  12. I don't give a damn if they want to attract a larger fanbase, but I do mind if they go about it by shooting themselves in the foot and eating said foot. They've alienated fans like me and I damn well don't want this to happen with Halo 4. I already hate EA and Activision, and I don't need to start hating Microsoft for commissioning another Halo. I loved the Bad Company series. I love Battlefield 1943. I went and bought BF2 and I loved that until the disc got scratched. But BF3 is whole different game that simply sucks. Unbalanced as hell and simply ridiculous. The SMG's act like they're packing high caliber bullets and can outshoot an LMG at medium range. Then there's the whole hell with premium. Hopefully 343i doesn't dare try any s*** like that.
  13. I just love the classic gameplay of halo. Where if you're on a good team, or rather good team meaning people who've memorized the spawns, you quickly move over to the power weapons and hold the spawns at all cost, unless there's a choke point. For example, I actually enjoyed how Swordbase typically forced combat onto the bridge and the lift, as it created a paradox. Take the easily defended position, or go to the 'red' side and take all of the power weapons, like the shotgun, propipe, and the sword, then rush the 'blue' side. Or how on Heretic in Halo 3, there was the constant lulzy King of the Hill style fight over the middle of the room, especially the top, for the damned sword. Or how on Snowbound, everyone tried to hold the middle room of the underground section. Not one of my favorite Halo memories involves COD-styled running around and gunning people down. Clear the area, lock it down, and hold it to bleed points off the enemy as they try to reclaim it.
  14. You don't have to make them sentient. Or you could even pump funds into AI research, then convert humans in Necron-like cyborgs, which would ensure that you could never perish so long as some part of your body remained intact. The only problem that might arise is the Precursors coming over and wiping you out for disregarding the mantle.
  15. HELL YES! Crysis 2 had some of the best multiplayer I've ever played, as it was an exceptional, albeit frustrating, challenge, seeing that the enemy can vanish at any moment or dart away at 40mph. I still laugh how the original Crysis when it came on the PC was so hilariously advanced that no computer at the time could play it at max settings. Thankfully, I downloaded Crysis to my 360 from games on demand and got the second for the 360. Lookin' forward to Crysis 3. It's nice when somebody introduces original gametypes. Not to mention that knowing Crytek, the game will be an ace in the hole, as always.
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