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  1. does anyone not want to do this? Cause Syndical wants to join.
  2. i will send out the friend requests. unfortunately i can't do it tomorrow or today so i think ill do it on the weekend so that way Spectral jester can join, that way we will have four people. I can do it at 12:00 pm eastern time on Saturday. hopefully everyone can make it. please reply if you can't make it then.
  3. i completely agree with this, but having all this stuff in it it would need a lot of power in the engine for multiplayer. but i really do hope they do something like this.
  4. yes i know this has been posted a million times but i need some help completing halo 4's campaign on legendary. If you have not done this i highly recommend you do it since you get the mark vi helmet for war games. if you want to do this friend me on Xbox live and we can start. my gamertag is oldnslower
  5. i need some advice. so i was thinking of getting one of those computer drawing tablets but I'm not shure if i should get a tablet computer,or a normal tablet. I mostly want to know how well a tablet computer draws, and if i do get a tablet computer, it would be a Microsoft surface.
  6. omg! thank you so much this is so boss so awesome!i also was wondering if you could do one simple request.i just want my sig exept without the spartan in it and replace it with the spartan in my avatar. than you for youre time heres the picture of my sig
  7. Classification: avatar Format :png Size : deault avatar size please Style :nothing preferably Primary Colors : IMAGE [1]*:a red scout helmet (preferably from halo 4) IMAGE [2]: IMAGE [3] Background: the map featured in this image http://media1.gamein...4_campaign7.jpg Writing [What you want written on the image] Font Extras:can you make the scout helmet with 3 faint scratches across the visor. Locations: make the locations kinda like the avatar i have now exept with a scout helmet and a different background thank you for you're time
  8. i wonder what halo 5 is going to be like.

    1. Mr. Bashful Brute

      Mr. Bashful Brute

      Probably like Halo 2. Earth gets attacked, massive cliffhanger.

  9. halo 4 is amazing!!! I just finished campaighn

  10. im laghing ucontrolably! lolololololololol! creepieast thhing ever!
  11. Red Death

    here we go!

    It seems it is time to plunge into a new halo game. Here we go! lets all hope halo 4's the best halo game yet. or even better...get the best game of the year award! well... good luck to you all. may halo 4 be the best game you ever played!
  12. i know it but i forget the name oooooo! i can't think! i know it: forward unto dawn!
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