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  1. Apparently they're going to be down for maintenance.
  2. LOL what? I paid for the game, I can say whatever I want. I can speak if it's praise, but not if I'm expressing flaws? I didn't know the forums were oppressive. If all of you enjoy trying to break setups in Adrift against players with Sticky Detonators and Regen fields more power to you. Random ordnance is amazing sometimes. Oh there's 3 dudes over there huddling together with DMR's, oH I know let's spawn a Binary Rifle near closed ramp where they all are! And Personal Ordnance is amazing also. Let's give this guy a Beam Rifle in his ordnance and screw this guy with a Needler! Face it, knowing the Sniper Rifle spawns in 3 minutes over there is an incentive for teams to move around and battle it out. It's just not the same without it. It's too easy to get a lead and play serious defense because you don't have to fear the other team grabbing that Rocket Launcher at X spot in a little bit.
  3. 1- Faster killtimes when the BR is a 5sk instead of 4? The AR kills faster yes, and shotguns and snipers and the other power weapons kill the same, but the main precision weapons are 5sk, and with everybody having sprint, plus things like shield and thruster, escaping death is easy, and that happens often. 2- I never said PV was pointless, but If 2 users with PV engage each other, they both stop to see who reacts first. 3- The maps are similar to Reach's, defensive setups are extremely strong. It's not about the odd camper with scattershot in the corner, since I use PV, it's just defense in general is very strong in this game, with maps like Abandon and Adrift. Haven is the map that where action flows the most. 4- It's not that I'm having trouble with the game, I do very well actually. 5-I just think it's you guys that haven't played matchmaking enough and haven't started to get matched up with higher ranks. Give it time, wait until you start getting matched against really good teams, you'll see what I mean.
  4. I've been playing the matchmaking constantly since release, and no, loadouts are not my problem. And once again no, it's not more offensive and the killtimes are not faster. In fact, there's even more ways to escape death in this game. And PV doesn't really counter much, especially if players with PV fight other players with PV, it becomes a standstill.
  5. I am very disappointed with Halo 4's Slayer, it's not fun at all. The matches just don't flow well and it's so slow, defense is too much of a focus in this game. There's little incentive to move around, and instead of the games being about which team shoots better, it's more about which team can be the cheapest. The maps definitely don't help the cause either.
  6. Welcome to the friendliest Halo forum around.
  7. This just happened to a friend of mine, he went and got the disc repaired at a local rental store and it worked.
  8. Finally, my favorite day of the year has arrived, a day where I can stuff my face with food and drink until I pass out, but it's not all beer and skittles, it's also a day for reflection. We've all complained about a million things at this point in our lives, when truth be told our situation is not nearly as bad as we make it out to be. Even those of us who are broke (like me) still have a family, shelter, food, and Halo of course. All these things we take for granted day after day. How many times have you thought your family is just unbearable? That your mother's cooking is lackluster? That your car is not flashy enough? Well guess what, there are millions of less fortunate people in the world that have nothing, that would kill to be in your shoes. It's not bad to want more, it's human nature, but remember to be grateful for everything you have already. And if there's anything you can do to help the less fortunate, please do, not because you want to score brownie points with the karma system, but because you genuinely want the world to be a better place, and it can definitely use some work. Thank you for taking the time to read my message, and I hope all of you have a wonderful day alongside your families and loved ones. Oh, and don't forget to wear comfortable, loose fitting pants. We don't want pants buttons to fly off everywhere.
  9. Grenadier- 3 Grenades and more radius, for those who like to move around maps like siamese twins hehe. BR -Good for clean ups Magnum Frag- The centerpiece of the loadout. With Explosives they become even more of a problem. Promethean Vision Grenadier- Resupply barely works for me, and I hate having to walk over every corpse. I rather just spawn with an extra one and pick up more form the map later. Explosives- Turns those frags into nukes. I've always hated when a team huddles up so closely together, so that's my answer. Oh you're all sticking together in that hallway in Adrift, well BOOM!
  10. I was really excited for Halo 4's maps, but in all honesty, I think they are just slightly better than Reach's. There's also too few. Some maps play better in Objective, like Adrift, which I hate for Slayer but love for CTF, but overall I think they're underwhelming. I think 343 should try to get on people's good side and release a free map here and there, or start implementing Forge maps like Reach did.
  11. Came across this vid, I think it's great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Oou669CtVlU
  12. Make Needler Shotguns dual wieldable ad I'm sold.
  13. I can't take anybody who praises Reach and bashes Halo 4 seriously.
  14. If you just run in a straight line shooting an AR at somebody starting from a long distance, of course you'll get owned, but if you use the map correctly and rush your opponents correctly, you can get a lot of kills with the automatic weapons. About precision weapons, they can't make them kill slower. That just means more and more people will escape fights over and over again. I miss having a 4 shot precision weapon.
  15. Uh huh, that's why all the Halo forums have a bunch of threads complaining about the DMR, cause no one cares about balance, lol.
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