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  1. So I was wondering if people are interested in beginning a club of those who have been banned on Halo Waypoint for whatever reason. think of it as a place to discuss the reasons behind the ban, maybe display a trend of overzealous towards a specific group of us. Just an idea figured we may have like 3 or 4 people who share this in common.
  2. I never cared for the flaming heads... except when shooting at them because it was so easy to spot them... but im all for the depth of customization that reach had, although im not to say pick either depth customization or a core halo style game as I believe in challenging those who design to bring both to the table. I believe 343 should work twice as hard to earn a gaming community, this means pushing past the minimum effort and delivering an epic story, a halo game that's Halo worthy, and a depth of customization, to include a freaking pre lobby that's worth being in... one can not even see their team members or the opposing team. Side note. The reason for the water downed pre lobby was due to people quitting after seeing them matched up against better players... So rather than fix the matchmaking pairings 343 chose to simply hide the pairings, that to me seemed like a rather lazy form of bandaging up the underline problem. Back on track now. I vote the next halo allows you to make your spartan your spartan. The things that allow the player to fully immerse themselves into their character is one component that drives games long lasting efforts. For me, i would play through the campaign of reach not just because it was fun, rather get that moment of seeing the spartan I built interact within the game. That is what made spartan ops such a flop for me... I did all that work and didn't even get a cool cut scene of my spartan team being the bad asses they were made out to be, no I got to see this new fire team do stuff... kinda got boring really quick. It felt as if Halo 4 and 5 failed to deliver the components that made Halo a game that was worthy of spending my time in campaign, matchmaking was fun due to the pre lobby and post lobby. being able to see how the teams were split. knowing you were going to face Spartans who were in one clan.. you could strategize a form of plan to disrupt their team work. But again this is mostly opinion as are generally most of the post on here so take it with a grain of salt. Though I wouldn't mind seeing a return of flaming heads, simply because it makes you easy for me to snipe your toasty helmet.
  3. I got a notification today that i have been discharged from the company... What gives
  4. So right now I am running Halo 5 off my Xbox one S with 1TB hardrive and the TV is 4K HDR, well iv noticed something happen and really it only happen with Halo 5, Titanfall 2 and Forza horizon 3, even fallout 4 run smoother. So sometimes im playing a round of Halo and the screen or game not sure which it is starts to run really slow as if the game is under alot of pressure and to much is happening on the screen. ill be moving and the entire game just moves in slower motion. its not the kind you see in lag rather as if everything is slowing down even the other players. the sounds starts to be a bit off. Now i could say perhaps it is my internet but when i play other games i dont experience this if it was lag you know id be having issue with all my games. hell i usually have the best connection in all games even Xenoverse 2 i have all green bars and dudes have yellow. Well im wondering if anyone has an explanation for this because i know it is not the TV or the system and the game is a digital download. is it just halo and all the Updates are pushing this game to such a big limit that its slowing down under all that data pressure.
  5. Alright i sent the codes out just check your guys inbox. i dispersed them the wy i saw it would benefit you guys the best. all out fo codes now.
  6. SO as the title says i will be giving away two 14 day trials of Xbox Live And the following GOW 4 DLC codes 2 female Avatar shirts 1 male Avatar Shirt 1 Pheonix Omen Lancer Skin and .... The Outsiders Emblem Code. Write in here and in like a sometime tommarow ill send you a PM with the code Goodluck all.
  7. So this is just to let people know who ha e early access to Horizon 3, and if you get the Lamborghini Urus and Koenigsegg One I have made gumball3000 themed skins for those cars.
  8. The loot crates was my guess as well it seems logical. yea perhaps a future loot crate DLC
  9. I found the armor name its Called Protector Stalwart so it is another variant for protector, it cannot be unlocked via REQ pack as far as I know since I have all the armors and helmets minus achillies. and obviously this one and all I get when I open REQ packs is more REQ points.
  10. So I haven't really gone into the armor edotor, on waypoint but recently I went in to do some changes off my phone and came across an armor that struck me as strange. First off when you select to preview an armor, even of it is locked it shows it on your Spartan in waypoint. This armor did not do that, no this armor was shaded in a hidden blank model. I'll leave the picture below for you to judge it. But if I haven't been informed on something then hey let me k ow because I been out of the loop with Halo 5 stuff really kinda only been paying firefight and really not much.
  11. SO Halo 6 will soon be here as far as marketing not the release but once halo wars 2 drops im sure if there is no other HAlo game in the running we will soon see advertising and teaser or leaked trailers of Halo 6. And we all know what this means 343 will market the crap out of some non in game stuff...meaning it will depict Chief as dead but he doesn't die Kelly and Vale will the next rivalry... it will show two theories Vale shoots Kelly or Kelly Shoots Vale, but in the game it will actually be Kelly makes fun of Vale, Vale gets her feelings hurt they scuffle and after they become best friends and the audience goes WTF is this crap. Next they will advertise some new Spartan... but will only get one mission as said spartan that will have zero point to the entire storyline. Then they will say how this game will built from the ground up... they will reuse Halo 5 stuff. it will claim to have over 1000 armors day one... the armor will all be Reskins of Recruit armor with different names. Oh the campaign will be sold as being 5 times longer then Halo 5... it will be actually shorter but will be said if you play with all skulls on on legendery solo its longer...it will have a crappy ending as well. It will say we will see Locke grow as a character... Lockes story will be as informative as Halo Nightfall was... He will not grow a character rather he will remain two dimensional and give occasioanal one liner cliche jargon... Cortana will be revealed to be Cortana's long lost twin sister who is Evil... and thats how it will end. My predictions on Halo 6
  12. So halo 5 came but with a plethora of armor combinations day one and i unlocked mostly all of them rather quickly, i was very excited for DEADEYE... what i did is i refrained from seeing the armor in the preview setting till i unlocked it... SO when i finally unlocked the Deadeye armor i had a very disappointing look on my face... But why is this well that is because i realizzed the Deadeye armor was literally the Fotus armor. Literally it just looked like 343 armor designers went in got Fotos changed the lines of the markings a bit then deleted the word Fotus and put in Deadeye... Why though why would they do this why not give it its own unique armor... Perhaps the pressure from big brother Microsoft to release the game made them have to hurry it up and just reskin half the armors at launch... Anyone notice scanner and Lotus and others are just reskins. All i know is it does annoy me just a simple amount that they didnt even try to give these helmets their own armors they just deleted and rewrote the text and description on them... This is somehting that bothers me about this game as i know it bothers a few others. They essentially rushed many aspects of the game and sentnit out thinking maybe no one will notice well people noticed and really everything about HAlo 5 seems a bit lazy ... Reskined Armors Fan Made forge maps were first DLC maps. Warzne firefight intro is literally regular warzone intro didnt even try to make it its own intro. campaign story. Stuff that usually ships day one for halo games being marketed as future DLC ...infection... BTB...more then 6 or 7 playlists. I honestly expected more from a franchise that has Microsoft overseeing its output product... Sprint isnt hurting halo at all its here people have adapted and found ways to counter and predict enemies ok cool It is the sheer lack of enthusiasm in the game the developers put into it... People say you do not understand how hard it is to make a game and put all this netcode in and all that well... what did they not hire people i mean earn your paycheck right... lets say we all were stock share holders in this game would you want reskinned armors would you want BTB to be shipped out late would you want minimal effort and work put into this. TO me i feel like they may be getting over payed for the work they do The end product doesnt seem to justify a 6 figure salary for some network design lead or lead project manager. or anyone overseaing any team... This is honestly just my views and take on this matter if people feel Im wrong for feeling this way then they don't understand my perspective overall. But think about this... if they were pressed for time why didnt they simply not release these armors that got rekinned why not just add them in s later DLC once they had the specific armor for them set up... i mean they didn't release Forge till it was saposably perfect. ( yet it had so many flaws) So if they were so intent on pushing things back till it was "perfect" why not the armos like scanner, Locus, Deadeye, and others. if they were pressed for time that is. But if not was it just easier to do that... if your doing a job would you think it would be right to do something just because it is easier even if the quality isn't up to par...to me that is just being Lazy and from a standpoint of the work environment Lazy workers equal ****ty results. Thus the reason for this post. All i really want is an answer from 343 but i know i wont get one. I mean even if the Answer was it was just easier to do that and putting in the extra effort wasnt worth it, yea i would be pissed, but hell its an honest answer and i would be like ok whatever right. Eh whatever ill probably not play Halo 6 or even believe there hype.
  13. So if anyone remembers spartan ops we all know the episode where Halsey said a few magic words and reset Roland the infinities AI... though this did not last long it was enough time to do some damage. and now all we know from Cortana is she has power of the domain and she is now cured of rampancy... but she is still an AI and so are all her rogue AI meaning wouldnt she be just as susceptible to this built in fail safe if not her joined AI comrades may be as well... Halsey says te magic words and Blue team and Osiris hinder her control of the domain thus making her more manageable or capable of defeat. just a theory on a potential weakness of Cortana. Anyone have there own theory of a weakness
  14. 7 weeks old and its 1 am and I'm awake because he wants to play.
  15. Fishy i dont get what your point is one i make a post speaking about the armors and how i would like to see more traditional style armors, key word like to see meaning opi ion not demanding... then i leave a visual Aid as a reference. Fishy response: list the armors he likes saying he likes the new one screaming on how he will never changed it as if OP demanded he change it... then he goes on to ramble about the spartan tag the emblem and weapon skins as if the OP could mentioned that in any form of the post... Next response really confused the OP when FISHY shows a screenshot of OP and his armor he chosen and says look at this garbage armor 343 should remove it... still trying to figure out how that fits into the POST because not once did OP say 343 should remove the armors OP doesn't like... OP suggest making armors look the way they do now and maybe throwing in some traditional ones as well... My prediction to FISHY response ... some meme THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO with the post and say 343 doesnt have to do that suggesting the OP is commanding 343 to do this when clearly he is not.. then saying that is not possible to do they cannot do that in any way at all. I shall say my last Post is now null and Void since FISHY is back on topic. MY last comment is Null and void since Fishy is back on topic
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