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  1. Sure why not. I have open mind to creat and design things in Forging. Count me in. You can check my file share, I forge a lot of map. Enjoy. Pro CJ BOND007
  2. Train like a Ninja Spartan. Player up to 8 VS 8 a lot of obstacle, ninja movement, run through the roof, explosion, teleport drop, sneaking in and out. Only true Ninja Spartan survive.
  3. Half Pyramid with different level of execution and explosive mine target. Game tag: ProCJ BOND007 Map: PYRAMID
  4. 1 vs 1 player. Walk in Medusa's Hair of snake. Game rage: ProCJ BOND007 Map name: Medusa
  5. Race Track with a lot of crashes and DropZone. Game TAG: ProCJ BOND007 Map name: CRASH SPARTAN DUMMIES
  6. Broken aircraft with ring gravity included. Game tag : ProCJ BOND007 Map name: Loop the Loop
  7. Space Station with two Spaceship up to 8 VS 8 player. Map name: SPARTAN SPACE STATION Game Tag: ProCJ BOND007
  8. How long have you been forging. You got some awesome map picture. I started forging for 1 month now. I would like to play your map and exchange Idea for map. You new Spartan Friend with crazy idea about map! I got one Game tag: ProCJ BOND007 Map name: LOOP 2 LOOP 6 VS 6
  9. Dark Star. I like all the race map you created. I only watch in YouTube never played it. You never deal with teleport. I got some race map that I created on my own. Can you take a look if you like it. Gamer age: ProCJ BOND007 Map name: SPACEDRIFT.
  10. Doc Game tag: ProCJ BOND007 Map name: MEDUSA Be careful not to let Medusa get out of the shield?
  11. Game Tag: ProCJ BOND007 Map Name: LOOP 2 LOOP Map Description: 1V1 player mode. Broken Plane with Ring included and Gravity.
  12. Let me know when is the new one. I think I'm late for these contest.
  13. FacetedLocket5 I got some SPACE DRIFT RACING I created you can check it out! On Impact (SPACE DRIFT). Enjoy I will blow your mind don't be afraid to go thru wall.
  14. Doc I am done with my map this is my first time joining and creating forge map. My only experience are AutoCad. Where and how can I turn in my map what site from my Xbox 360 I need your tag name. Thanks.
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