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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Everyone! I'm going to be starting up Friday Night Game Nights again, previously made by Spades N AZ. This will be a prototype lobby to see if it's successful, so lets do our best to make this happen! All you need to do is send me a message on Xbox Live's Messenger app, I will invite you. If you're on my friends list go through there. Custom game types and custom maps can and will be featured. So if you got some, upload them to your fileshare and then let me know so I can download them for the party to play! We'll be playing Race, Infection, Slayer, CTF, Assault, Extraction, Dominion, Minigames, and much more! All you gotta do is RSVP in this thread, then we're good to go! The game will be: Halo Master Chief Collection I will be starting a lobby at: 7pm EST The day we will be playing is: Friday, May 1st, 2015 Sign up list: Fishy Yoshi1176 BNUSMAN Yang Xiao Long LODT Cal18 Drizzy_Don (This is an official lobby! Approved by D38-Boss)
  2. BOOM! I just hit you with what could've been a third Double Feature but separated them! I separated them because each interviewee deserved to get their own shine for their time put in. This particular member is getting a LOT of shine however this month. That's because this member is our Member of the Month. Ladies and Gentlemen.... Spades N AZ: DD: "Spades N AZ, name origin story, GO! I've tried asking you in a lobby of yours once and you didn't want to answer so I'm asking for you to tell the community now!" SAZ: "I remember that lobby actually and I totally dodged the question that time but it looks like I have some explaining to do. I have been nicknamed Spades for a very long time now. The nickname came from real-life poker but the location and players associated will stay anonymous for several reasons. I won't leave you hanging, however, so here is a little background associated with the name Spades. I have enjoyed poker for 20+ years and have had my fair share of pots from playing. Enough that my friends stopped inviting me over on those nights, whoops. For example, for something Xbox related, World Poker Tour had over 3 million people playing and I stayed in the top 100, and as low as 62. Now the suffix tends to be very simple yet often misunderstood. Let's clarify that I am not a Russian Spetnatz nor do I have AIDS. But I can sometimes be a spaz because Halo is exciting. The real background is very simple and straight forward. For several years, when I lived in North Carolina, it was Spades252 ( NC area code) but before and after that it was Spades480 (once again AZ area code). Then I got sick of names with numbers after them and needed something original so I changed it to this one. I have always appreciated knowing where my friends are from in this great Halo community so I made it part of the nickname. Is that too long?" DD: "Nope that's perfect. Write to your heart's desire because we're here to talk and give the Community something worth reading haha. That definitely gets rid of some the mist shrouding your name's origin and I'm willing to accept that we can never know the full story . So Spades is it weird not being apart of the 343i.org Staff now? Do you see your name in the Shoutbox and give it a funny look?" SAZ: "I really haven't ever been someone who needed a title. So it really doesn't have an affect on me. I was helping Doggy dog out long before I became staff, however I could. I was just helping a friend with similar interest and a common goal. Which was, to make Halo better and provide an outlet for the voice of the community to be heard. When I met him we kind of clicked instantly. We both had a passion to serve and connect the Halo community. Guys like Absolute Dog, Warholic, Insane54, and Oakley HiDef(too name a few) are few and far between in this Halo world. They are natural leaders who want to improve the game they love." DD: "And I couldn't agree with you more on that statement. All of it, not just the thing about Dog, Insane, WARHOLIC, and Oakley. You've never needed a title. You are the host of the, hands down, best custom game lobbies in the Halo Community. Renowned by more than just our corner and HaloCustoms. Speaking of those Custom Games Nights, you've stopped a couple months ago. Now I've heard of plans of your return, how likely are those plans looking at becoming reality as of right now? SAZ: "Yes I have been killing time on Happy Wars and now Fable 3 until Destiny comes out. They are both great games but honestly just time killers while I wait for the much anticipated Destiny game. I have been on Halo a few times (3) since I left 4 months ago and the updates do not look like 343 is learning or listening to the community. Therefor, I am putting all my hope into Bungies (the creators of Halo) new project Destiny. However, to answer the question directly......... Yes CGN will return! When I stepped away from Halo 4, I realized that I missed the community and friends more than Halo 4 itself. I have even had gamers from Happy Wars send me messages, asking if I'll do CGN again. Custom games have been limited with the lack of options, that we got used to, from REACH. This doesn't mean that there are not amazing maps and gametypes that the community has created. From the beginning, I have tried very hard to let forgers get some exposure through CGN and I have neglected that service to the halo community. It will not be weekly anymore but I will definitely be doing random sporadic lobby's here and there. I never realized how much the community loved it until I left." DD: "But of course! You have, hands down, the best custom game lobbies on Halo. I'm not just saying that and there are many others that agree. I believe it was Psychoduck who said this when he was showcasing Squally's map for the Meet Your Maker Contest Runner Up Winner video and I remember thinking, 'That is so true.' Let it be known that I had only gone to your lobbies 3 times and those 3 times were unlike any others. Always something new and fresh, always a good job hosting. And I guess you could say that the Community also didn't know what it had until you took it away? And with what you said about waiting for Destiny and being disappointed in Halo 4, what would you say about your thoughts on what Halo 5 could potentially be like?" SAZ: "Thank you for the kind words Drizzy Dan. It was definitely good times and I miss the fun we had. As for Destiny and Halo 5. I have been back to play Halo 4 recently and played some terrible maps like Settler in matchmaking. With all the amazing maps that this community forges, why would they think that Settler is worthy of matchmaking? I don't feel that 343 is listening to the community and because of that they are loosing their fan base. The statistical plummeting numbers don't lie. Of all the games I have ever played, this is the most supportive community that a game has ever had. Without the support of fans their legendary game will end. Lets hope that Halo 5 can rejuvenate the hopes and trust that the community is loosing. As for Destiny....I CAN'T WAIT!!! It finally makes sense why Bungie would let their most prized game go. They had bigger and better in the making." DD: "Destiny looks fantastic and I've been into it, and I know many others have too, since before their ARG a few months ago. So Halo 4 is ultimately not looking good (to put it in a good way). I've seen the recent announcement for CGN's return and I'm flippin (to put it in a good way) PSYCHED. But now it's going to be on Halo 3? Why Halo 3 as opposed to Halo: Reach? Because I can certainly understand why you wouldn't go back to Halo 4." SAZ: "Halo 3 instead of Halo REACH? Good question. Most people who have played customs have started either on REACH or Halo 4 and many have never played Halo 3. This is one of the most loved Halo's of all time. The beginnings of forge, true matchmaking game list, great playable maps, and of course the largest and longest of any Halo's online gameplay. Many true fans of Halo (like Absolute Pomeranian) still prefer this Halo to any other. I personally liked Halo 2 and Reach more but that's because of the memories associated with them. As many people know, Halo 3 has been announced to be FREE during July to download. This means that those who do not have it can try it with nothing to loose but a lot to gain. My only advice for the CGN nights is try to RSVP (@Halocustoms.com) early and be online at least 15 min beforehand. I expect a ton of people trying to get in each night and those who RSVP and sent messages will have better chances of receiving invites." DD: "I hope everyone hoping to attend Custom Games Night pays attention to that answer and jots notes! Personally, Halo 3 was my favorite. So many good memories on there, I asked because it was the most recent Halo before 4. Thank you for clearing that up for us. So I might be jumping the gun here Spades but besides CGN's return, do you have any other projects in the making at the moment? Maybe some ideas that you'd like to see come to life?" SAZ: "Well you may not like this answer Sir Dan the Man but the answer is "YES", I do have other projects and ""YES" they involve Destiny. Unfortunately that is all I can say at the moment. Also for the record CGN may only be returning for the month of July. Whether or not it continues further is totally depending on the amount of people willing to go back and play Halo 3. If we rock the month of July, I may do Halo REACH the next month." DD: "Nonsense, I love every answer I'm getting right now Spades. I love that we're even having this interview at all! Alright so news was released that the teaser we saw at E3 for the next Halo was not Halo 5. With that being said, do you think that there's any hope in 343 rebuilding and regaining the love and respect of their fan base with this new game with this new game?" SAZ: "That is correct it has only been nicknamed Halo 5. Although you can't really give it a completely new title if the Master Chief is a character in it. Master Chief equals Halo, bottom line. So maybe another game like ODST or REACH, who knows. You know I hope that they learn from their grievous mistakes but as we approach the year mark rapidly, Halo is not changing for the better but rather still rapidly declining. I have been playing more Halo recently and the common consensus is that they only play because of the social interaction of being in large lobby’s with friends not because they like Halo 4. I wish that this new generation of Halo gamers understood why we are all up in arms about these changes but they tend to enjoy Halo 5 more than the veteran Halo players. So I think that Halo will always be able to continue but with a new and younger community which might be refreshing, who knows. However, I have a feeling that a large part of the community will shift to Destiny all together and the sales for Halo on Xbox one will be much smaller this time around." DD: "I think that that's a great observation and great assumption of what the future would be like for Halo and Destiny both. Well I've been waiting for an announcement to be made and it has. You're our new Member of the Month, our MoM. For someone who's never needed a title and always thanklessly supporting the Halo Community, does this feel like it should? Like you're getting the admiration you rightfully deserve? How's it feel MoM??" SAZ: "Haha well um thanks. I see this more as a pat on the back then a title. With so many great people who do so much for this forum, it does feel pretty special to be singled out. I can be blunt and straight forward with a lot of things but those who have truly taken the time to get to know me also know about my softer side. It's like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on. Disciplining the obnoxious or rude gamers in lobby's or verbally slapping a thread one minute. Then counseling someone in need of help for hours online or defending the guy getting bullied in a custom lobby. I guess that's how my passion for boxing was so misunderstood back in the day. People would always be shocked when they saw me in the ring because that other side came out. Usually I'm just seen as a 6'3" softy with a big heart who works as a L.M.T. Honestly that's the way I prefer it though. Oh and the part where admiration is deserved. No one deserves admiration or respect, too many people think it's owed to them. You earn those things in life by giving your time, energy, and most importantly respect to others." DD: "Well damn, if that isn't the most humble, modest answer I've ever read . Is it possible for this place to like you any more than we already do? Spades N AZ, you are a fantastic member not only of our corner of the Halo Community but across the whole shebang. Please give the readers some words of wisdom from your creative mind. And I mean that in question form. Will you please?" SAZ: "Well I will bestow to you my own life personal motto. Two words which will encompass a pathway to true happiness. Trust and respect. Think about it. If you offer these qualities to others then you would not steal, cheat, lie, or mistreat others, among many other things. These two words are important enough to me to have a tattoo of them. Demonstrate them to everyone and don't be fearful of it being maltreated. It is human nature to be guarded, but simple genuine feelings break down barriers which might prevent you from your next opportunity. You miss out on great friendships, job opportunities, and good times when you don't allow yourself to be free. More times then not, people will let you in. As humans we like to experience trust and know we are respected. Be the first to offer these fine attributes to others, be genuinely concerned of their welfare, and expect great results. The balance of life will return to you more than you give, if done selflessly. Apply this to your own life and test it out unless the super-fluidity of my phraseology is too copious for your diminutive comprehension." BOOM AGAIN! I just dropped the atomic bomb on you with the interviews! Everyone please thank Spades N AZ for this because I couldn't thank him enough. RSVP for CGN coming up July 12th right here! Thank you everyone for reading this because like I said, I'd just be an idiot without your support. PEACE. HAIL
  3. A J Yusi and I are going to host a Valentines night CGN for a competition on our affiliates channel at Halocustoms.com. Come and support us and help us get the most Likes and ratings to win the prizes. Also if you are a member of Halocustoms and in the winning lobby then you also can get the prizes and awards. Please help us out! http://halocustoms.com/threads/feb-14-2013-valentines-night-double-your-pleasure-game-night-spades-n-az.3439/
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