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  1. Can't currently donate anything but a picture of my tache right now. Rockin the bow! Quick Edit, this picture is about 2 weeks old, the tache is much thicker now
  2. Seems I missed a lot since I last visited the forum part of the site. I have mixed feelings on the whole thing, but the way I see it at the end of the day is this: Everybody needs something to strive for, and opening certain possibilities helps people to better themselves as they try to reach a goal. So if it brings people together and strengthens the community, then have at it!
  3. True virtual reality and the future of gaming Okay, so we all know that tech is coming along in leaps and bounds these days, and this is something I have given a lot of thought to. Okay, so although it is in early stages, the technology already exists to control certain devices/gadgets with your mind, using a series of electrodes and the such like. And there are robotic prosthetics, that although rather primitive in function, work by placing sensors over certain nerves or muscles in the body. I feel that this is something that game developers will look into as we learn to perfect it, and in some cases already have, at a basic level. Like the game of pong that is controlled using your mind. Video source: The verge On a more advanced level, this technology would allow us to effectively ditch the controller/keyboard and give us a more controlled and more immersive experience with the way we play games. Couple that with gadgets like the Oculus Rift, and various feedback devices that allow you to feel things from the game and we will start truly moving into the world of true virtual reality. Of course, the feedback devices we currently have are also very primitive, but again, these are things that will only continue to improve. Maybe one day, even allowing us to not only feel the impact of bullets and various vibrations, but a more diverse range of sensations, right up to texture. We may only be in the early days, but let me know in the comments what you expect or want from the future of gaming. If time allows around my work routine, I may try to explain this in more depth with a youtube video.
  4. Congratulations dude! And such a fitting role for the username. It's almost as though you knew.....
  5. Its been a while, soooo, seeing as this is a day off and I do now have Halo 4 again.... I'll try my best to get on (Female counterpart allowing) If not, have fun everyone!!!
  6. Congrats guys! No doubt you deserve it and will do a great job in your roles!
  7. Congratulations on the staff position! Not sure I've met you yet, but thought I'd stick my head in and say hi. Really wish I could commit more time to stick around and maybe join a couple of these events of yours, but alas, work. lol I have no doubt you'll do a great job, and hope you thoroughly enjoy your time in the role!
  8. I can't believe I did not see this sooner. It really was an honor to see you in action Dog, both on the forums, and on the rare occasion that I saw you on the battlefield lol. As you say, it is the community who built this place up to what it is now, and I cannot agree more, but man, you, Jester and Twam did some damned amazing work laying down the foundations on which the community was built! I know that you will be missed in your role and am glad that you have found somebody worthy of stepping up and taking over, but remember this my friend. Our Moderator You truly are magnificent, and to everybody else, I say we not feel saddened by the fact Dog is retiring, but instead celebrate! Celebrate everything that he stands for. Everything that he has done and, the things he will come to do because if I know Dog, he will always be there to pull something out of the hat when we least expect it. AD, it is a true pleasure knowing you and I hope you enjoy your time of retirement to its fullest! OUR MODERATOR
  9. And posts like this are the reason that people continue to return. Real community spirit. Thank you for this amazing post.
  10. When it comes to any kind of RPG, I am always the one who goes for the goal, no matter what it takes to get there. If I must end the lives of innocents, plunder and pillage and otherwise remove any sign of life, then so be it. As long as I get to where I want to be, nothing else matters. The fallout series would be an amazing example of this. Due to the fact you can kill just about anything that crosses your path, or steal anything, I will play the game and do as many of the storylines as I can to get the best items. But along the way, I steal anything that isn't nailed down, I kill anybody who has the stuff I want, and then take my plunder to the nearest high paying vendor to get caps for better items. Right before doing the final mission in the questline, I rid the entire map of all life that I can. I visit every location, one by one and massacre everybody. I play in such a way that I believe tyrant or not, my name will resonate throughout the ages.
  11. This. Is. Beautiful! *Wipes a tear from eye*
  12. That scroll is a fake! I can tell by the pixels!
  13. As much as I want to, until I sort out a permanent place of residence, with a stable internet connection, I don't think it would really be worth it. Might just get another 360 for a while personally, but eventually... maybe when the pricetag drops a little.
  14. Minecraft: Mass effect Mashup Pack review Iɴsɪɢɴɪᴀ So then, just where to start on this one. Since seeing the little option in the create a map area that allows for new texture packs, I have been anticipating the release of the first texture pack, as I am sure many others have. Although I don't have a lot of time to play, I have found myself getting online more often just to find out what would come and I for one can say I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome. Not only did 4J supply a texture pack, but an entire DLC of sorts to make this "Mash Up". A package that includes more than just some pretty blocks. Included, you get the Mass effect texture pack, A themed UI, 36 new character skins, 22, yes 22 new music tracks and a pre built map called "Mass effect world" based on the Mars mission from Mass effect 3! So much to review, so little time! So then, lets start with the Texture pack itself; Purely an aesthetic pack that makes the most of pretty objects themed around the Mass effect world. I have already come across a few opinions on this, given that for those of you who enjoy playing Minecraft for what it is: A mining game, this texture pack may not be to your liking. It makes use of pretty much every block, giving each their own unique texture that is ideal for building a themed map. But that is all it does. Unless you are willing to search through your inventory to find out exactly what every block is and memorize them, the chances of using this for a classic Minecraft survival game are slim to none. That being said, the pack itself will cater to many of you who enjoy themed games including Strategy and PVP, where you must play to a story, rather than locating and mining your own resources. The upsides of the texture pack for me are most definitely the Armor and weapons you can craft. All themed on Mass Effect, the armors consist of different factions, mine being the Blue suns armor. The weapons and mining tools are pretty awesome too! Next on the Agenda, as it is only a small thing, is the Mass effect UI. Slightly futuristic, not completely true to the game, but, it does what it is needed to do and ties in nicely with the whole pack. Character Skins. Well, not much to say here. As with all Character skins, they are just blocks with little colored squares and bumps here and there to make them somewhat resemble the character they portray. I think when it comes to character skins, the best ones out there are the ones that are simple, like Super Mario and the such like. When you start adding too much to them, they all begin to look the same. Still for those of you who enjoy a diverse choice of skins, this may be more to your liking. Music Tracks. Ever turn down your music because the Minecraft music become too repetitive for you? Well no longer, with a new diverse range of music tracks from the Mass effect game, you shouldn't be getting bored of it for a looong time. It was refreshing being able to play minecraft with a whole new everything and have different music too and I'm, sure many of you will agree with me when I say, it almost completes the the whole Mash up. Last but not least, with no pictures provided (You'll just have to check it out for yourself) is Mass Effect World. At first glimpses when you spawn, it seems to be nothing special, just a few buildings showcasing the use of the new blocks and the such like, but as you begin to explore (I suggest using creative mode) you will uncover a lot more than just meets the eye. The first area that really caught my attention really took me by surprise as I begin to explore. I was roaming around outside and noticed a hangar door which I decided to check out and immediately, I was blown away. It was the exact replica of the area in Mass Effect 3 where you first meet Liara T'soni. Covering pretty much the entire mission area. The use of the Textures was simply mind blowing and it no longer felt like I was playing Minecraft, rather I had been thrown into a retro console version of Mass effect 3. Remember those cartridge games where everything simply consisted of blocks, but left you with a sense of wonder and lust of more? Yeah, it felt almost nostalgic. So then, as I was exploring all of this in the trial version, I could not help but feel it would be overly priced, but no, much to my surprise, it was all up for a great price! $3.99 US and £2.56 UK. To me, this was a huge selling point. All of this for less than a Saver meal at most fast food chains!!!! For those of you who enjoy themed games, RPG, strategy and anything purely aesthetic, then this is a definite must have! If you are a die hard miner, insistent that 'ores must be readily distinguishable and noticeable or gtfo', then I would not recommend this as one for you. So then, here be my summary! Aesthetics - Playability - Value for Money - Player Appeal - 17/20 Definitely worth checking out, but may not be to everybody's liking.
  15. Congrats RSR! You truly have earned it. And please, don't 'accidentally' wipe half the site ;D With great power, comes great abusability.
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