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  1. Zanny, Zanny, Zanny... That was amazing. Also I'm sad because I didn't know there was a lobby last night. But that's my fault.
  2. This was really fun to watch, you've got yourself a good thing here Red. I look forward to future episodes. Also, please make sure SikSlik is used as a distraction. Send him straight into the enemy while the rest of us prepare ourselves.
  3. Now I don't know much about forging or testing or anything really, but every single map you've posted here has been ridiculously fun. This one is probably my favorite right now because it's so... IT HAS A GIANT WHALE. Glad to keep seeing your content come on site it's really cool.
  4. Sikslik needs to be bald Red. How else can this be accurate.
  5. Team Rocket is better.
  6. Anthony/Male/Alpha Company/1176/Yash Sharpshooter/Pistol Expert https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-reach/xbox-360/service-records/players/yoshi1176 Something like this Weapon Name: HTA's Regards Color: Dark Grey with Silver streaks Backstory: Always wanted to be an infantry man, but his constant talking and ridiculous ideas ticked off his superiors enough to get him landed on a mountain providing overwatch all day. Still finds a way to have fun though whether it be by finding the funniest way to kill his enemies or by doodling pictures in the dirt. If seriousness is what you're looking for, look elsewhere. Sorry I didn't get to this sooner, I was in such a rush when I first read this I missed the idea of the post. Can't wait to see this become a thing!
  7. Can't wait for these. Thanks Zanny, I'm sure these will be spectacular.
  8. While I am unable to participate in this sort of event, I will talk to some of my friends who would be able to see if they are interested. I'll be spreading this throughout the other sites and try to get some more sign ups as well!
  9. Uh yeah we got you covered, especially for this gem.
  10. I'll be at my grandmothers to take care of some family things at about 8:30 EST, thats actually were I have been all day, but I don't think it should be that long so I should be able to make it this time. If not I'll only be a few minutes late. I apologize for my absence this morning but there was no way I could put off what I was doing even though it was such short notice.
  11. I think those times work for me, unless something unexpected pops up.
  12. This looks pretty cool! maybe @@Sikslik7 and I can test it out if we get the info.
  13. Look if you want customization like that, there is a game for you. COMBAT EVOLVED. New armors are great and allow for new variation, more Mark 6 variants isn't good. Even with that, those that don't want to wear the new armors can wear Mark 5, 4 and like ten variants of MARK 6. This is stepping back, not advancing the Halo games.
  14. Yoshi1176


    Welcome to the forum Rune! I'm event staff alongside Sikslik and j can assure you we have lobbies up every night! We play alongside our members and folks over at Halo Customs, feel free to drop in and play Halo, GTA or anything else really! Also if you need help looking around just ask for help, and if you don't want to ask a staff member or one of us isn't available @@Halo6 Follower knows his way around here pretty well.
  15. One of the main things that make the infinity stand out is the duel MAC guns on the front of the ship. So saying that two things being shot from the front of the ship isn't MAC rounds is a little ridiculous in my opinion. But hey I could be wrong, but I'm 99% sure that the infinity shot MAC rounds.
  16. I thought you only featured good maps! Oh wait this is yours... Uhh... It's great! But seriously I've been seeing the maps name around recently and have been wanting to try it but I have been away from my Xbone, can't wait to try it out! Looks good so it must play good? Well in your case anyway.
  17. Can I pay you to give it to me? Permanently of course.
  18. Id just like to say that the E3 trailer for Wars Two rivals "Five Long Years" in my opinion. That pirate game also looks pretty sweet to play as long as you have friends playing.
  19. Around two months ago, Halo fans were treated to their first encounter with a new playlist titled "Warzone Turbo", an add-on to the existing 24-player mode that allowed for unlimited chaos and access to player REQ items like vehicles and weapons early on. The mode was treated to critical success, and has naturally come back into rotation a few times since as a weekend buffer. This week, fans will be happy to know it has returned, playable on the new maps and with items from the latest update. Along with the mode, 343 has released two new REQ packs available in the store, for the purpose of beefing up your collection. One of these is a "Mythic Warzone Pack" which will grant players 10 single-use weapons of the highest tier and one new certification to get more of a weapon, if available. The other is a "Mechanized Vehicle Pack" which will grant players a ton of vehicular items to slaughter the competition. Both can be purchased with $10 USD or 80,000 REQ points, and are available for as long as "Warzone Turbo" is here. With E3 on the horizon, 343 Industries is preparing to put on a show with their highly anticipated Halo Wars 2, as well as some hidden surprises. We're excited and can't wait to share the news with you! Are you purchasing either of the above packs? Let us know! Sources: Halo on Twitter HaloTeamAssemble Blog
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