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  1. I appreciated the idea of the req variants, but I also agree I think they should go away. That being said, no way 343 is just going to abandon that idea after the insane amount of money they made off of selling req packs and the fact that Warzone is dependent on those. I hope that they just keep it for Warzone and nothing else, they went more competitive with Halo 5 arena so hopefully that continues and they keep arena more vanilla. Weapons I'd like to see: Boltshot (Halo 4) Plasma launcher Halo 5's magnum I don't want the grenade launcher in Halo Infinite, it is awful and I hate it.
  2. Not really my favorite, but definitely worth a mention is the UNSC Cradle. If you've read the Fall of Reach series you know it as the flat repair station/ship that sacrificed itself and all the members win board from covenant attack by acting as a shield. The ship itself isn't impressive, but what it did, and the whole naval battle that it was involved in really stuck out to me for some reason.
  3. When referring to the fleet it would be called "The Albatroose"
  4. Those look good! Even though I despise anime haha. keep it up dude you can see the improvement between just the two you posted.
  5. I agree with you that they should play a larger role, but how much is a question because besides cut scenes, combat with them isn't really fun. They wouldn't do an escort mission either because that'd just be ripped from ODST. Additionally, I don't think 343 will go that route, it just makes to much sense for 343 to do it.
  6. 343industries Community Forum Christmas Tree It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching and of course, that means that the annual forum Christmas tree is being put up. For those of you who are new here and don’t know, every year community members donate games, Xbox live memberships and other items that are distributed back out to the community. I’ve participated for several years now, and I even won an Xbox a few years back, so you never know what cool things you may be given by a fellow member. The goal of this as always, is to get the community to interact in a fun and cheerful way, and get you some cool presents in the process as well. How does this work: You must be a member of the forums to participate, so if you are here through the discord, you’ll have to sign up. After that, all you do is post somewhere below, what you will be giving away, whether it's a code, a physical item or some other gift/service. Additionally you can post what you would like, this is especially good if something that someone else has donated catches your eye. As people post what they are giving away, I will update this post with a list of what is up for grabs and by who. The week after Christmas, gifts will be distributed to the people that have won. If you donate, I will PM you on the site, to tell you who to get in contact with about getting people their gifts. You may request a certain gift even if you do not donate anything, however, priority will be given to those who have donated when distributing gifts. *If you say you are going to give something, please follow through with it, especially since someone may be very excited to receive their gift! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of the 343iCF Staff! Items Gifted Drizzy_Dan: Platinum Requisition Pack (x3) Two Week Xbox Live Code Unease Peanut: Gears 1 Gears 2 Unit Armor for Star Wars The Old Republic SelfDestruct: 120 USD to put towards any games of your choice
  7. A Spartan Company is a group system 343i has implemented into Halo 5 and Waypoint that tracks stats and commendations. Ultimately its a clan system that rewards players that play together through a mix of small requisition packs and exclusive armor. It's non essential to gameplay, and to be completely honest the way it was implemented tainted the multiplayer system in regards to Warzone. It encouraged farming of kills rather than playing the objective so for a few months the playlist was very toxic.
  8. So edgy. Didn't know British people could be so... uncivilized Here is me, 70 pounds lighter than my last picture
  9. We have a pizza award already, does this mean we get a BURNT pizza award now?
  10. *Edit* I misunderstood the question, I don't have an answer but I can find someone who may. Cheers
  11. Congrats Church! Make us proud!
  12. Big thanks to everyone that joined the server, and especially those who attended the launch event. Glad to see y'all still participating!
  13. Halo 5 Event I know it's been a while, but the staff have been working on a project for a while now, and we are happy to be rolling out updates very soon! With that, we would like to celebrate with those who still pop in for a visit once in a while, and any new members that have yet to participate in an event. This will also give you a chance to snag another award to add to your collections! This event hosted by Drizzy_Dan, will be a mix of non "sweaty" game modes all ran on Halo 3 settings, maps, and gametypes. Some maps that we will be enjoying are listed below: Guardian Pit High Ground Citadel Snowbound Isolation We will be playing a number of classic gametypes as well... When: October 13th 2017 3 PM EST (12 PST) Where: Halo 5 Drop your gamertag below so we can add you to the lobby, see you there! *We are well aware that some may have school, work and other commitments, so the lobby will be held throughout the day, depending on lobby size.
  14. I too agree that playing with MSG is much better.
  15. You don't know what fear is... But don't worry, you soon will... Muahhaha! Many of you expected this, and know whats up, but for those of you who don't know I will explain. To be in the spirit of one of my favorite times of year, you guys get to "wear a costume" you will get to change your name to something spooky. Such as going from Drizzy_Dan to Dead_Dan. (Please be more creative then that!) Do you win anything? NO Double points if your spooked-out name is related to your normal forum name! Go have fun with it guys! Oh yeah, feel free to post your Halloween memes below, the spookier the better!
  16. Literally I want to kill myself with this update. Breakout is ruined in my opinion.
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