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  1. So i've realized that 343 is only giving us a fraction of the maps the game came with. Where is Ravine, Erosion, Impact and Impact Relay? Personally, I think both Ravine and Erosion would be super fun in Snipers, Dominion, and Big Team where Impact Relay would be (and it actually is) fun for slayer pro, regicide, and infinity slayer. I'm just a little confused as to why they don't play these maps in MM even though they are already made for most of the gametypes in MM. I'm a little tired of seeing the same 4 maps over and over again. Who would like to see an update soon with these maps implemented into matchmaking?
  2. that's what other playlists are for. don't go into MLG, Team Slayer, or Team Doubles as a random if you feel like you're good enough to win. Go into Lone Wolves, or SWAT, or Snipers where everyone is about as equally as good based on rank. I feel like you would change your mind if you read my previous post, granted it is long. i played as a random in Halo 3 since the game came out and didn't get a 50 until the population was miniscule, but you don't know how rewarding that 50 felt (especially being in MLG). see, i knew i was good enough to be a 50, but I didn't treat the game the same as a lot of 50s in MLG would. Most of the 50s in MLG were on teams (aka: pro teams, semi pro teams, etc) so they knew how to pull their weight as a team player with randoms (if they ever went in by themselves). and before you think that they don't go in by themselves, i have saved gameplay from halo 3 of me playing with Naded and Broly Bro (2 pro/semi players on my team) and Flamesword on the other team (by himself). Another game where i play with ElamiteWarrior (on my team by himself) and another game with Naded (by himself). Getting a 50 from losing, regardless of how well you play, just doesn't sound nearly as rewarding. You just have to read my other post too see what I'm getting at here. It makes a lot of sense, and it's not condemning your beliefs. It's just another way to look at the ranking system as a means of solely W/L.
  3. I wouldn't consider a 2.00 K/D bad at all... I mean, i'm VERY good at this game and i have a 1.50. I play fast paced and freely rather than conservative, but if i get into a 1v1 BR/dmr battle, i'm going to win 75% of the time. I push a lot and end up dying a good bit, so that may be why mine's relatively "low" but regardless, I know that i'm good at this game and i wouldn't consider your K/D bad. i don't know how you could think a 2.00 is bad considering that's good even on CoD's standards (and it's easy to rack up in kills in that game). Don't get me wrong, i experience some of these problems as a random, but don't call a 2.00 K/D bad haha.
  4. it takes 5 shots to kill with a BR... it's the only gun i use. i have over 3300 kills in MM so far and have yet to 4 shot using a BR against someone with full shields. In fact, i even tested in custom games (using default settings) and have found that it's impossible to 4 shot someone with a BR. The DMR IS overpowered. it has more range, more accuracy, aim-assist helps it out SO much, and the bloom actually helps at close range by making the middle reticle about the same size as a players head. Not to mention its fire rate is higher than the BR's. And one more question: Why is it that a gun that was a 4 shot in 2 previous games is all of a sudden a 5 shot? wouldn't the gun get better and more advanced over time? that just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me...
  5. But the thing is, this person may be rewarded by getting backpacked in one game, but as soon as he/she find a team that isn't good enough to backpack him/her, or as soon as he/she goes against a team of 3-4 players in a party, then the odds are, this person is going to lose. In turn, he'll end up getting punished for being a random or for being poor in skill. Not to mention, this said "bad kid" could be an excellent team player when it comes to objective based games by putting shots on people that need shooting, or keeping a flag alive, throwing the ball off the edge, etc. When you start getting to higher levels, you realize that the "bad kids" aren't completely bad. What i mean, is that they have enough experience with the game to be at that level as well as having enough experience to know the maps, spawns, smart plays, etc. No, people should not be rewarded for having good games. Kevin Durant can have over half of OKC's points, or Calvin Johnson can have every touchdown for Detroit, but that alone doesn't make them win. I could play lights out as a random and lose, but it wouldn't bother me (i'd probably get mad at my teammates, but obviously we didn't deserve the win). This gives me an incentive to find players that are good enough to win that i can party up with. This is where your friends list and the GameBattles forums come in handy. Right now, my K/D is slowly dropping in H4 because i play a lot of regicide trying to get as many kills as possible without worrying about deaths (since that's what FFA is). Then i'll go into infinity slayer or slayer pro, and try to challenge people that have better teamwork than me. It just doesn't work out that way, and it never will since these are TEAM based games. I may not have very good teammates, but the least I could do is stay with them or not get overconfident with my skill (since i know i can take most people in this game in a 1 on 1). I shouldn't be rewarded for knowing i'm good but playing sloppy. And like i said, i can still have GREAT games where i play lights out and lose because my teammates play sloppy. If they don't know how to play the game as a team, then I shouldn't be rewarded. I hate to get political, but I feel like this game and many people on this forum are catering towards "socialism" (reward me for this, this, this, and this even though i didn't come out succesful). That's like saying, "Hey government, give my private business money for trying to succeed but failing." Here's the way I see myself: I'm an entrepreneur that takes a risk when entering the market to earn a profit. If i fail, i'll have ended up wasting a lot of time and money when I could have worked with/for someone else who has offered me a very good salary (as good, if not better than the one i hoped to get out of my own business). This should be the mindset of anyone who plays this game: you don't have to go it alone, but if you feel like you can come out on top, go for it. if not, work with someone that can get you to the top. don't expect handouts for knowing how good you are, because in the real world, if being as good as you can possibly be doesn't work, then you fail. It's like starting a business without hiring employees because you think you can tackle the obstacles. What's a business without employees? Something to think about!
  6. The DMR is so OP it's unfair. Autoaim hardly makes range a factor, so it's a gimme kill at distance and the bloom actually helps it out close range. I love the BR, but the DMR shoots too fast, has too much accuracy, and too much range as well as too much auto-aim/aim-assist
  7. I'm sure they'll fix most of these things (especially the playlists). We just have to get it out to 343 so they know what we expect. This game has so much potential to be the best halo ever. I mean, it can have all the competitiveness and classic style of h2 and h3 with more custom game options AND it can have all the new features of Halo 4 that we should expect with a new game. Best of both worlds In short: They need more/better custom game options, and more playlists (with high regards to a classic playlist)
  8. but when you play games like Slayer Pro (and in the future MLG), that feature isn't there. I see what you mean though
  9. Okay a few things: you can do this in custom games (1-50) so that's an easy fix for Matchmaking. put in more playlists. put more basic weapons around the map so there's ammo (like dmrs and brs). another thing i've noticed: when you die, your weapons disappear really fast so when you go to pick up them up after you die, it's hardly ever there anymore (i.e, when you die with a sniper and you go to get it back and it's not there)
  10. i've been saying this since they were doing pre-release testing. thank you for me not being the only one. And to you: I don't care if some of you don't get a COD vibe from this game, because a lot of other people do. I mean a lot of people. So with that said, this game can have some easy fixes if they just do this with a title update.
  11. So far the game hasn't disappointed me too much (and i am a huge halo 3 fan, just accepting a little change) but for goodness sake, nothing is more frustrating than saying "one shot on my X" and realizing there isn't an X for anyone on your team to look at. I have no clue what possessed 343 to take that feature out since it has been used since H2 as well as all COD games, but it seems like a major downgrade to mulitplayer in my opinion. Also, a few other opinions that could make this game better can be found in this post: I'm not here to bash the game. I'm just trying to throw out ideas. (I stated the red X issue again in this post, so sorry for the redundancy) http://www.343indust...m-game-options/ check it out and let me know if you guys agree.
  12. All i want is to have classic playlists with NO sprint, NO instant respawn option (by pressing x after you die), and NO loadouts. All that is fixable in custom games EXCEPT the sprint and respawn features. they need to fix that and this game will be perfect.
  13. I noticed that there is no option to turn off instant respawn and sprint (for a more classic feel). Otherwise, the features of Custom Games are pretty good, but when 343 makes a title update, do you think 343 could put options to take out instant respawn and sprint? Instant respawn makes it where anyone can spawn after dying and quickly sprint back to the spot where they died and finish off the person they (hopefully) made 1 shot. I find it a little unfair. ALSO, for the love of God, please bring back the red X after someone dies. I hate saying 1 shot on my X only to remember that there is no X for my teammates to look at. It completely takes away from the communication aspect of competitive gaming. Just a thought, and it sounds like it'd be an easy fix. Here's just a few things to consider. *EDIT: I've read some things about infection settings being very limited to where there is not option to change the infected's weapon. Now i wasn't huge on infection myself, but it was fun to play every once in a while in custom games. Also, there's no Race, VIP, and Juggernaut. LAST thing: make a "flag pick up/drop" option when there's a title update please. I liked the competitiveness of running flags in MLG and having to strategically set up, and sometimes drop the flag when you're getting shot, trying to put shots on the guy who's shooting at you. i just feel like a lot of the settings in this game limit stuff. Halo Reach and Halo 3 made custom games fun. Go back to that please!
  14. Easy Fixes to this game: 1) No drop-in/drop-out matchmaking. 2) No random weapon drops- let people control the weapons put on the map that should be there by default 3) Make more playlists that involve less loadout driven gameplay. Halo is Halo, CoD is CoD. I agree with Dustin's statement: "Halo has always been in a different category than COD and Battlefield. I own all these games to switch to the game i feel like playing at the time. I dont want Halo to become a game that caters to the masses to bring in more people playing." 343, you didn't by any means make a bad game. I do enjoy playing it, but what you did was include too many things that stray from what makes Halo Halo. THe halo fans will always be halo fans just because of the name, so don't try building something that isn't halo. Please consider my 3 points as I speak for a VAST majority of the MP community.
  15. The idea of people joining in a game whenever is good in the sense that it speeds up matchmaking, but personally, I like playing games from start to finish. I also feel like this concept promotes players who are doing poorly to quit out of the game they're losing and join another in hopes of winning without hardly contributing to the win. Now don't get me wrong, I don't really have anything wrong with this concept, but would it be possible that you guys at 343 can update Halo 4 making it where mid-game join ins is a preference you can turn off and on? Like I said, and I'm sure i speak for other players, games from start to finish always feel the most rewarding. Who agrees? Who doesn't?
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