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  1. It isn't my internet, My NAT settings are Open and my Upload is fine. A lot of people are in the same boat. My whole friends list started playing COD because Halo had too much lag and no servers. Every game I go into, there is an American host and naturally, that causes my Ping to be really bad. I never had this problem with Reach because there would always be an Australian Host.
  2. As much as I like playing Halo 4 online, it becomes increasingly impossible to play due to connection problems. I remember on Halo: Reach, there were a variety of matchmaking options you could choose from, one being "Good Connection" which selected players from your local region. Being from Australia, it's almost impossible to play online from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM due to all the Americans being online. Don't get me wrong, I don't care about playing with Americans and have nothing against them, plus they offer a better challenge than most other players, however what I don't like is that my bullets seem to want to come out of my gun 2 seconds after I snap back the RT as well as the unresponsiveness of the controller in general which makes online matchmaking both frustrating and boring. So, would there ever be a chance of having Servers or maybe even just putting a Connection setting in for matchmaking so there might be a cut down on the lag?
  3. "Pro" is on the right track to what most people want, yeah. I think they should erase Pro and fulfill the Classic thing properly with a couple of playlists, not just a team slayer variant.
  4. Evidently, 343 has attempted to appeal to a larger fan base in order to generate more revenue. While they are sitting back probably laughing and at the same time, crying at the horrible Metacritic reviews, everyone who has experienced and loved Halo 1-3 is having a massive uproar about the similarities to COD. While everyone whinges and complains, as is human nature, no one bothers to suggest how improvements can be made. Hopefully my suggestion isn't too bad. What I propose is that, similar to how Halo 3 and Reach operated in their anniversary/classic playlists, a separate playlist potentially named "Classic" could be made wherein there will be: 1. No Loadouts 2. No Insta-respawn 3. No Killstreak rewards 4. No Perks Therefore, the elements of COD which have seemingly "destroyed" Halo become less of an issue and there will be a degree of segregation between the people who want to play Halo "properly" and those who would prefer to play with the selective advantage of customisable loadouts and ordnance drops. Although it won't be the same as good old halo 3, it is still better than having a Level 30 dominate with his cute little Light Rifle and overpowered Perks. Agree or disagree below. Attack opinions, not persons.
  5. If you've played previous Halo games you might be aware of little subtleties which people are complaining aboutthat make it similar, but not identical to COD 1. Customisable Loadouts - never ever ever ever ever ever ever been present in a Halo game until now (Reach had preset loadouts in selective playlists) 2. Reduction in Health - In previous games, it would take more than 3 shots to kill you 3. Killstreaks - Ordnance drops are a killstreak similar to Care Packages in COD where no killstreaks have ever been present in a previous Halo 4. Ability to leave/join whenever - very similar to COD, previous games would go to the extent of punishing you for leaving a game 5. Instant Respawn - COD has instant respawning, Halo has always had a little countdown which increased after a suicide or betrayal 6. Perks - An exact copy of COD. They've even taken "Warlord/Overkill" (2 primary weapons) and "Marathon" (infinite sprint) and put it right into the game 7. Bloom - Previous games would punish players for spraying by making the reticule "bloom", making the weapon less accurate. Halo 4 has very little to no bloom at all 8. Killcams - This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is similar to COD 9. Levelling System - COD has a straight 50/60/100 or however many levels, almost solely based on play time. There is no skill ranking system. Halo 2 and 3 both had a system where the better you were, the higher level you could achieve (this was removed with Reach) 10. "Prestige" - Like COD, Halo 4 brings with it a type of prestige system, where you can restart after the highest level and pick a "Specialisation" 11. Unlockables - Weapons being able to be unlocked based on level is a copy of COD. Halo has never had unlockable weapons and this ties in with the customisable loadout point. Unlockables mean that someone at a higher level has a selective advantage due to the fact that they could potentially have better weapons For those 11 reasons, people argue that Halo 4 is a new copy of COD. Unfortunately, I have to agree that a lot of aspects are taken or borrowed from the game and they definitely detract from the Halo experience which used to have balance and be based off skill. However now the levelling system is becoming a 2,000 game grind and the combat experience is about who has a better loadout.
  6. I have to agree with OP. The matchmaking is nothing like Reach. They used to even go to the extent of punishing you for leaving a game, but now everything is so flexible that by the end of the game, you're versing a whole different team. The concept of a loadout, perks and killstreak rewards makes me want to kill myself. The ranking system isn't too great either, I was hoping for a Halo 2 style ranking system, but as usual no one cares about skill and levels, it's just about a constant 2,000 game grind to the highest level. Also, not entirely sure what it is with the graphics but they don't seem up to par. The campaign is really short but at least it's pretty fun. Based on stats, you can polish off the campaign co-op with a friend in under 5 hours.
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