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  1. my friends didnt read the books and figured it out quick i now people are mad they dont have all the answers did you all really think they wouls do one game after 5 years???
  2. he sayshe is the didact in the fist cutscene with him and later the librarian calls him the didact.
  3. this is all true not to mention he is talking at the end and he is a cool villian if you dont like his face you cant lie his armor was nice as was his helmet he is cool and i think a lot of people liked him he will be back.
  4. i think she is dead and next campain will be about chief and arbiter fighting maybe the didact if he isnt dead and i dont think he is. and chief gets a new AI but they dont get along because chief feels nothing will replace cortana butby the end of halo 5 they will have become friends and chief will move on past cortana that my theory.
  5. so do a lot of people except trolls like ELVIS7. it will have problems like all games do and no game is perfect but i havent found all that much i dont like.
  6. i havent had any problems since opening day and know no one except you who is still bitching about it.
  7. i see the pros and cons but id have to say the pros are better this allows friends to have fun more quickly not to mention if your team leaves you have a fighting chance. iv only joined a game at the end once so i dont find it to be a big deal. and lets face it every fps has this now a days halo needed to get outof the stone age.
  8. 1) if you want forge world go play halo reach (not alot of fans liked forge world) 2) if you want the old game types go play halo reach 3) Solace is an awesome map for slayer its one of the best on the game 4) if you have connection problems that sucks to be you it really does 5) the xp cap is to make sure people dont play through all the ranks in a week which i bet some of you have tried to do 6) this is not 343s website but a fan site if you want them to read comments go to waypoint
  9. the game is fun the loadouts are balanced the guns are all amazing in there own way the sound and graphics are great the rank system has been good so far seeing as how we get a skilled system in a few months the maps are all unique in there own way and are balanced and fun the betrayal system has worked fine for me the only time i have even been betrayed was getting run over your complaints are small and foolish the game has been off to a good start except for the first day server issues which have been fixed time will tell but this is the best halo multiplayer since halo 2 in my opinion. my only compaint is the ghost is OP.
  10. so you want halo 3? well you can get it at gamestop if you would like its a good game i recomend it. but slayer pro is i think as close to classic as will get.
  11. and my brother is playing coop campain with friends now so it all might now be working
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