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  1. Take that 343!!! You screwed around long enough. The Halo 4 population has already collapsed. Bungie saw the need and acted. Cant wait till February!!
  2. Look there wont be a visible rank. Why? Because they dont want little Johnny to get his feelings hurt cause he sucks.
  3. Well?? Is it going to be shown in PUBLIC......in all its glory??? Or is it going to be buried on Waypoint as silently as a shadow?
  4. Got my free map pack too!!! SUCKERS!!!!!!!
  5. To the OP, you are defending the indefensible. Halo 4 is not Halo, its Call of Duty. You think all the sudden H4 is going to get better? This is as good as good as it gets. The game is a beta. The maps suck. The game is jerky an laggy like hell. There is no rank system so you dont know if you are improving or not. 343 will release more sucky maps and make YOU pay for them cause they were too cheap to include them in the original release and the wanted to beat COD black ops to the punch. DULL BORING YAWN!!!!!!!!
  6. Got a 60" plasma and the text is too small!!!
  7. Plot????? Who cares about a PLOT????!!!! I WANT RAW TOUGH MULTIPLAYER FOR MEN!!!!! No more campaign. Just straight RANKED 1 to 50. Quit catering to the 6 year olds. No more ordinance drop. You start with a pistol. You find your own weapons. I want a game engine thats not jittery. I want SMOOTH movement from players. I want the entire game engine to be DEVOTED to multiplayer. I want screen text large enough to read without a pair of binoculars. I want the winning score to be 50 kills. I want a carnage report I can read. No more specializations. You armor will be for aesthetics only and has to be EARNED by ranking up.
  8. Never thought this day would come so quickly. Its no surprise that the H4 online population has been steadily decreasing daily after launch. This happens to virtually all games after they are first released as the frenzy dies out. The shocking stat is the fact that over the past few days, Reach is showing a larger population of online players than H4!!! How can this be in such a short amount of time?
  9. And dont make it so easy to get lvl 50 like in H3. Make it like H2 and watch the players come in like roaches.....
  10. Already sold mine. 343 already has taken my money. but they are not getting anymore with these bull**** map packs.
  11. Not enough players???????? HA!!! All those other worthless playlists only have 2000 to 3000 players?
  12. The beauty and addiction of Halo was simplicity. Quite frankly the competitiveness has continued to be watered down. H2 was the peak of competitiveness. You could play for hours just to get one rank. H3 was a better game overall but the die was cast as more and more lvl 50s would show up. Reach continued the path of catering to noobs but the gameplay was still good. Now we come to H4.....What the heck am I playing??? Terrible game engine, tiny text, NOOB city!!!!
  13. Is this what it has come to? Its actually better for someone to kill themselves when they run out of ammo rather than wonder aimlessly through the maps looking for ammo and risk getting killed by the enemy. Why do kids do it? Seems kinda cheap to me.
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