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  1. I'm not even bad.... I shouldn't have to change my play style from Halo 3,2,1 it was fine. It's almost like having to watch out because everyone has a freaking sniper -.-
  2. It's dumb to have to be restricted to a DMR in BTB. In Halo 3 I didn't have to worry besides the two with a BR and a sniper. Battle rifle not DMR - Edited
  3. I agree it's fair. I don't want to have to be limited to a DMR to be on par with everyone else. I want to be able to walk around with a AR and have the same chance instead of having to vs 4 DMR's 24/7. Imo you should have to pick up that weapon. Another problem is the freakin ordinance. Another question. Why no FFA instead of Regicide. Why no Classic Slayer. Why no Classic Team Slayer. No Classic BTB. Big **** up.
  4. It's not the fact that i think the DMR is op... It's not. The fact that everyone can run around with a battle rifle or DMR is ******* retarded. They were pick up weapons for a reason. It almost makes it no point to even have an assault rifle it seems. The whole time it's just long range combat. The fact that there is no classic playlist to avoid this is another stupid thing. Can't believe they thought it was the smartest thing to let you pick a DMR/BR/LR to spawn with. That's ******* ridiculous. Can't stress it enough Stick your head out period in any game and it's instant death. In all the other halo's you're a prized possession to have a DMR or BR in a classic slayer playlist. Now it's just everyone has it and you can't live for more than two seconds.
  5. Still waiting to see classic. Everyone having a DMR/BR is freaking ridiculous. Also a lone wolf free for all instead of regicide.
  6. I just finished legendary a couple minutes ago.
  7. I'm not saying keep all other game modes out. I'm saying add it in. You don't have to play it die hard or not.
  8. It's not the fact that the company should be like IW/Treyarch, It's just why wouldn't you put in a Classic mode for the die hard Halo fans who really appreciated the previous modes. Either way no matter what game or company, when the fans or community asks for something they might get it. Not all the time but that's what these forums/suggestion pages are for. Call it whatever you want but I honestly think this game should of came with a classic playlist in matchmaking. Hopefully in the near future I can see me and a 100,000 other players in the playlist.
  9. As much as I love Halo 3 it wouldn't be the same. I don't have Halo 3 anymore because of a tragic accident. Old Xbox took it's rage out on the disk. And honestly in any game franchise a lot of people are going to be wanting to play some sort of Classic mode. I think they can easily deliver.
  10. That goes for most gaming companies... I know if I worked there i'd always be on the forums looking for room to improve.
  11. Well first when I made this topic I don't know why I didn't think of the switching armor/shower/eat type thing because it really wasn't on my mind. Yea he can be switching his armor but I still don't understand why in front of the whole crew. If he wanted others to see his face and I guess realize he's human, he could just walk around with his helmet off. All the ODST seemed to do it. It doesn't seem that hard seeing as he has removed his helmet in the past by himself.
  12. I'd like to see a classic mode. No sprint. No abilities. No loadout. No ordinance No X to Respawn. Regular weapon spawns. No being slowed down whilst shot. No the more you shoot the less accurate you are. No bull****. Forge World. Anything else I need to add I might of forgotten
  13. I didn't see an indication of switching armor. And why would he do it in front of EVERYONE
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