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  1. Make it an option or atleast have the passenger back in first person and maybe turret, covenant vehis would be hard though.
  2. Nooo, I hate how in halo 3 you have to win to get exp, no matter how good you were. IMO I want halo 4s ranking system to be like reach's. Same with the armor system.
  3. High ground, sandtrap, last resort and Valhalla.
  4. K, can the tryout be on halo 3, I do have reach and am good at it, I just prefer halo 3.
  5. I played on sword base yesterday though, well it was spooky base.
  6. SamF1sh

    Nyan Cat...

    Imma buy it with minecraft. for now, here is a nyan cat game on Facebook, with a customizable nyan cat! http://apps.facebook...ps&fb_bmpos=5_0 EDIT:After Googling I found There already is a nyan cat xbox game for a very low price: 240 microsoft points see: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Nyan-Cat-Adventure/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258550a13
  7. Imma add this to the official Halo 4 facts and rumours thread, if thats ok with you.
  8. I think you should make odsts have a call of duty like gameplay to get more halo fans and pwn the cod fanboys.
  9. SamF1sh


    lolminecraft. I'll probably get it on xbox tho...
  10. Even though you are new you are quite active and have triple the friends I have and posts. Welcome to teh forums, I hope you have a goog time.
  11. http://www.facebook.com/?sk=question&id=299667866732638&post_id=300049673361124&qa_ref=nqc&notif_t=question_answer_comment_reply See?
  12. SamF1sh


    No, you can do anything in grand theft auto. And there are too many minecraft fanboys as well.
  13. All I thought this would do is censor pronz, this is much worse, I guess it's time for:
  14. Post removed by Spectral Jester. A lot of work has / is going into this thread, if you don't like Minecraft. Then please don't comment.
  15. I would like to be able to have arbiter armour for your character if he is an elite.
  16. Favorite map, Sandtrap favorite weapon battle rifle.
  17. Nothing, thanksgiving isn't celebrated here.
  18. No, sometimes there is reasons people quit and a ban every timr you quit is a bad idea, might as well just delete the quit button.
  19. There are some SPARTAN IIIs still alive but they have the inferior SPI armour which is like the ODST armour but with camouflage. Read Ghosts of Onyx it's a fun read (I'm reading it right now) and will tell you about SPARTAN IIIs
  20. Hello there! Like brony said not much PC gamers here as 343 industries is owned by microsoft game studios.
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