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  1. What If you where allowed to choose whether or not you allowed Pc players into your matchmaking party? so you still could play exclusively against Xbox Players but the pros who are game enough could go and see how they fare against pc players.
  2. Crytek was originally going to do that with Crysis one but found they could not Port it to Xbox on the Cryengine 2 (they had to develop Cryengine 3 to work with Xbox for Crysis 2 and then ported crysis one on cryengine 3 for xbox) so it fell by the wayside. Pc gamers can still choose to go onto servers that are restricted to controller only (providing they use a controller). But I am not sure that Mouse and Keyboard is that much better, sure you might get both accuracy and Speed with the mouse (while controller will have to trade off when setting sensitivity) but The Mouse does require you to pick it up and move it if you are constantly turning in one direction and not the other. Also if we have aim assist for controllers but not mouse, that would allow console players to set their sensitivity higher and have a comparable speed to the mouse while letting the computer deal with the accuracy. p.s. Long Live the Rocket Warthog
  3. To Twin Reaper: The XNA Framework by Microsoft Made specificly for creating games can be implemented on both PC and Xbox and it has a unified set of Communication APIs that can run on Both systems. So the APIs are not the Problem, That is why I thought you where referring to the Protocols not communicating with each other (common error - people think that the Xbox has it's own set of protocols like the ps3)
  4. I think the biggest thing most gaming developers fear when Cross Platforming is one platform dominating the other (i.e. in RTS and FPS games PC with mouse and Keyboard will often dominate over Xbox or PS3 with controller (some times not the case but most of the time it is true) and they fear the backlash from players on a platform that is getting dominated. (i.e no one who plays an Xbox will buy the next in the series if they know they are going to get dominated online by some one on a different platform). But in terms of Multplayer Halo PC; It had a slightly different multiplayer (as it had more "computing power" to play with) from the Xbox version, it was programed to have: >Higher numbers of players (up to 32 officially with Custom Edition but Dedicated servers could be "adjusted" to have more - Xbox could only have 16) >Extra Maps (including timberland - a Massive map which had to be scaled down for even the Xbox 360 in CEA) >Custom Maps and Mods (if using Custom Edition) >Flamethrower and Fuelrod Cannon (taken out of the Xbox version because of size limitations of the disc) >Rocket Launcher Warthog (an experimental addition of an anti tank vehicle - an idea of Gearbox Software) these where beyond the ability of the Xbox version at the time so they had to put measures in to stop them from connecting. But if the game was ported from Xbox "as is" to PC without the extra stuff such as Halo 2 was, all they would need to do is give the console players a slight advantage over PC gamers (such as removing Aim Assist for Keyboard an Mouse) to even the playing field and they could get away with it (theoretically).
  5. Twin Reaper: you might find it interesting to note that the TCP/UDP for pc and Xbox360 are almost exactly the same, and are used frequently by the media share system on the Xbox to read music and movies from a network connected pc. so the two will talk to each other, and any program would not need to translate any of the data as it will all be sent in the same format so there is not extra lag (it was originally Microsofts plan to let pcs on to Xbox live). also the core components (protocols, code interpreters, Direct X 9.0c) of an Xbox360 was based off windows XP. So I do not see how it is not feasible at the moment. Note: Shadowrun 2 is cross platform, Portal 2 is cross platform with PS3 as well. Sentri: The problem with Halo one was the fact that Xbox used DirectX 8.0 for its Drawing API where as PC used at that stage 9.0 and 9.0 was not very backwards compatable (induced large amounts of lag for the games complexity) so it had to be re written by Gear software for DX 9.0. The Xbox360 now uses Direct X 9.0c and pc 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0 which are fully backwards compatable with 9.0c.
  6. Hi I'm a massive fan of Halo CE for PC as well as Halo custom edition and Halo 2 for pc, Have played and finished the campaign in co-op on all the other games but do not own them (I spend to much time and money on a computer to warrant an Xbox360) I'm Here to see if the great series will ever return to PC.
  7. Do you think 343 should put the Halo franchise back onto PC as well as Xbox? and if so should they allow cross platform multiplayer? I think that it should be on pc with cross platform support but pc players do not get the aim assist and there can be controller only settings for parties that force pc players to use a controller if they join the party.
  8. PROS: A remake of one the best titles in history. what more is there to say. CONS: Not on PC like original
  9. I still use the old HALO CE PC!! Keyboard: default WASD Mouse: sensitivity 7 No Invert
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