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  1. little bit too late for new ideas, but maybe next game.
  2. Dang. Is this only xbox or is it across all platforms?
  3. I'm really loving this series. The CGI is great and the acting is pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it's been.
  4. Welcome to the forums!
  5. As much as i would love to see halo hit the PC, it's just not gonna happen anytime soon.
  6. I usually forge alone. I find that you have a sense of accomplishment when finished. Of course, it's useful to have someone else around to do all the boring stuff.
  7. Welcome to the forums! Awesome username by the way!
  8. that's called the cript. it's awesome!
  9. wow. Nice job! I attempted helms deep once but gave up after starting the wall. Awesome job!
  10. I've also had a lot of issues with forge. I've lost maps, or when i chose one map, it loads another.
  11. there should be an award for whoever makes the lucky shout!
  12. Oh. Will the PC participants be sent the server ID?
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