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  1. I think this is very unfair to say. Hardware wise the PS4 is superior, there is no way around that. Saying that it comes down to optimization is not relevant and is similar to saying that the Xbox 360 is better than the PC because Battlefield 3 on the Xbox runs better than the original Tomb Raider does on the PC. Not to mention that developers are already criticizing it (http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-05-24-xbox-one-developers-have-their-say-on-specs-self-publishing-and-tvtvtv), what that says about how much they want to work with the system is up for interpretation. Not everyone lives in urban America, while always on internet is not a problem for me, there are tons of rural areas of this country that do not have a reliable internet connection, not to mention the vast majority of the rest of the world. Connection issues aside, who's to say Microsoft's servers will even be able to support a few million XBoxes that have to be always on? What's stopping this from being another Sim City or Diablo III? I do agree with you on the used game issue, but Microsoft is going about it all the wrong way. The PC got rid of used gaming by making it much easier to buy a game new than it was to get a used game through digital distribution. The PS4 is going this same route, they are heavily encouraging people to download their games which is much more convenient than going to the store and buying it. Like piracy it's a game of convenience, if it's easier to buy the game new than to get it used guess what the consumer will choose. Microsoft is going a different route and getting brick and mortar stores to pay a fee which seems like the wrong way to go. The issue is that it's unnecessary and is already obsolete. Microsoft is right about people wanting to combine everything together, but they don't want to do it through a game console. More and more people are using tablets, phones, smart tvs, and Apple TV type devices to do exactly what Microsoft is trying to do. What Microsoft has done is not create some new magical hub for all of your media, they have just added another device that does what everything else has been doing for the past 3 years but much more inefficiently. Instead of walking into my living room and saying a long string of voice commands which my xbox may or may not pick up just to play the new episodes of Arrested Development, I can already do this by pressing about 4 buttons on my iPhone (1. unlock, 2. Launch Netflix app 3. click Arrested Development 4. share to AirPlay) if I have Apple TV (Assuming a $400 price point for the new xbox, the iPhone 4S + Apple TV setup is $200 cheaper too and can do more).
  2. It's a problem because it's unnecessary and uses a good bit of system power that could be put into better things. The Xbox One runs three Operating Systems at once to achieve all of their new features, this means that about 3GBs of RAM will be tied up by the system that can't go toward other things like playing games. The PS4 on the other hand is only using one OS which will leave it with two more GBs of already more powerful RAM to put toward things like gaming. Well, it is supposed to be a game console, it can't really do any evolving without being a game console anymore. If I was buying the Xbone it would be as a cheap but powerful alternative to PC gaming, if I wanted all the accessories I would just go to my computer. Or, if I wanted to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other on my TV I would just buy a Apple TV which is much cheaper and better anyway. Just to correct some stuff here. You will never directly pay a fee to Microsoft. The way this is going to work is that a game store will have to be approved by Microsoft to sell used games and then Microsoft will monitor them and charge them for every used game they sell, this fee will then be split between Microsoft and the publisher. Also, I haven't heard anything about the price of games going up, actually the opposite will probably happen. Since the PS4 is heavily pushing downloading games which will push the prices down likely to $50, the same as the standard on PC, on their console which may force the prices to be lowered on the Xbone. One thing I'm surprised no one has addressed is the indie game situation. Microsoft is not allowing any more indie games on their console, games must now be sent through publishers. This means that the PS4 for develop a huge indie game base and will control the market on cheap indie titles. That and paying to use your own internet service, seriously why anyone will still tolerate that is beyond me.
  3. Read this: http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/general_discussion/f/3817/t/1362841.aspx it sums up everything wrong with the Xbox One
  4. I am very much against the new xbox, I was looking for something with a focus on serious gaming and it does not offer that. Not to mention everything else wrong with it. If you are considering buying it I highly recommend you read this: http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/general_discussion/f/3817/t/1362841.aspx (Note, everything here is linked with a legitimate source, I suggest you read it so you actually know what you might pay hundreds of dollars for).
  5. Now that the Xbox One announcement is behind us we know a good deal about the new console. So what's your opinion on it, things you want changed, deal breakers, new features you love?
  6. Have you ruled out your internet as the problem? It could just be your ISP
  7. The way 343i is taking Halo is the problem. Halo was always a run and gun shooter, but since everyone spawned as equals in Halo 1 - 3, it always had an element of skill to it outside of just picking the best loadout. With the addition of loadouts in Reach and their expansion in 4, Halo was thrown face first into the same category as Battlefield, Call of Duty, other such games, and it just couldn't compete. It went from being a fairly unique console shooter to one of the generics, and while Halo 4 is not a bad game it isn't as refined as its competition. 343i needs to either make sure the next game is up to current expectations or innovate into a genre where they can set the expectations.
  8. It's a popular mod for the game Arma II and is soon to be a stand alone title. In regards to a console port, it's never going to happen. Without major changes to the UI it would be unplayable with a gamepad and wouldn't even come close to being able to run on current gen consoles. As for next-gen, the PS4 could run it, based on leaks the next-box would barely be able to, and the Wii-U would explode.
  9. I think it will be great, Bungie knows what they're doing and when they're motivated can make great games. Trying to compare it to Halo is stupid though, they're two different styles of game.
  10. I must really suck then, I rage quit on Heroic
  11. I can't imagine how that would work... I don't mean in the game, they can do whatever they want. But realistically how would you turn it? You can't turn the tread because that would just make you move a bit sideways, and you can't lean because you would just tip over...
  12. Daryl is my favorite, Andrea my least favorite. If tv Michonne could become comic book michonne than she would be my favorite.
  13. Well, now that it is possible to read, no, it wouldn't make sense to have micro-transactions. Micro-transactions are used by free to play games as a way to make money by selling side grade items and xp bonuses. Also, what you are referring to is called 'pay to win' and it doesn't normally work because it makes a large percentage of the player base stop playing the game because without spending more of their own money they can't compete. The only thing I see them having along those lines is maybe the ability to purchase cosmetics, but even that wouldn't work correctly because of the xbox 360s horrendous point package system.
  14. Man that really sucks, I have yet to lose a large project and am dreading the day it will happen. Hopefully a miracle will occur and you'll some how find someone who has an old version of your project . I wish you luck!
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