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  1. @Absolute Dog I really like the the fact that you are taking time out of your day to investigate the bans players have received. They might only be legit 1% of the time but i am still pleased about it, so keep up the good work. P.s its fun when you get to catch out someone who cries wolf, I know the feeling.
  2. I will after I can Train three people to have good team skills. But I still want to do arena I've won 4 out of five games and that was with a team with poor communication skills, 2 players Were legit 1350 and we were playing off against 1605's so it coes to show a little bit of communication. Goes a long way
  3. Need teamates for arena. We will be hosting team work skill developing games until we are confident in team, then we are off to tackle arena and Earn onyx division. If enough people are interested this will be a regular thing. We will also be mentoring the less skilled players so they can hold their own with team work. If interested msg "ll DEZ XIII ll" the text "arena team" and details will be given.
  4. its called a waste of population in **** useless playlists and they bring out more to try and boost it but it only thins out more and I dont give a **** about grammar I know you can understand me and I don't camp at any thing it makes you lose spastic a good halo player would know and the infection maps suck it looks like some one threw a fit in forge im also horrified to find your a hypocrite forum kid who cares more about posts then the game it self so. Next time don't insult me im allowed. A opinion and don't be some **** head and say bad **** about me if you look evetyone else is sharing their opinion on the matter and we dont like little nerds like you and I'm typing on my phone so if theres stuff spelt wrong go get your mummy to help you figure it out don't ever attack me again
  5. Living dead, arena, TU Gametypes, sword block and let's not forget those horrible maps. All thos was implemented to make the game better and increase Population but in my eyes they destroyed it, if 343 continues like this halo 4 will be the worlds nest selling flop. They are not giving us what we want they're telling us.......
  6. change your time zone ahead you get uncapped
  7. We need a anniversary infection playlist for the acheivements. I have searched infection with 11 others that have a mappack and still no game.
  8. The fact that the grd helm is on the teddy is proof that the helmets on game now all we need to do is put that. Texture on our helm some how?
  9. These acheivements don't work i spent the whole day in infection.
  10. week if you start a new account you could have a k/d of 100 just by playibg bigteam and after awhile it might only be 20 but k/d means jack I have a k/d of like 1.8 in my main acc but i still rape I just like being the zombie or playing away every now and again. Plus I tried to derank once we made our team lose 100 to -100 alot lol but if you care that much about k/d you should only play arena or mlg to brag about it because not many people care my friend akdov used to have a legit k/d of 17 and we never played with him he got to competitive and never played any quick kill game types.
  11. Ok I live in australia and "kinect voice recognition" is disabled in my locale. Is there a way to use the kinect features without voice recognition, or do I miss out yet again coz I'm Australian.....
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