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  1. Probably if something crucial happened in the middle of Spartan ops then yeah, firefight taking place in the middle of Spartan ops is a good idea
  2. I think 343i should go for some more...innovative game types and probably styles. I had an idea called team mayhem, a(literally) two sided game type. First you will spawn with magnums. Next both teams will have only 1 minute to collect multiple weapons from ordinance drops located exactly in the middle of the map, return to your base and set defenses surrounding it. After one minute, the awesome sounding commentator will say "START MAYHEM!". then each team will have to breach the opposite team's base by destroying their defenses(which will serve a one hit kill) and upload a virus that if fully uploaded will make the base defenses turn against their own team. The longer the virus is uploaded(which you can uninstall) the more points you gain. First to the set number of points wins. Also as a game style I think any betrayals and suicides should pay a bigger cost to the whole team other than losing points. I'm thinking about making all the team spawn with only 75% of shields.
  3. Just wait a second. We can't just have 343 throw firefight at our faces, they need to make firefight fit in to the setting of halo 5 guardians. In ODST and Reach the setting was a war zone and dying. That is the only reason why firefight existed. They didn't have much of a reason to put firefight in halo 4 because everything was resolved at the end so if not everything gets resolved in halo 5 guardians then that is a good reason to give us firefight so everyone discuss in the campaign. I rest my case.
  4. You could be on to something. What if the librarian left Chief a key component that could either help reincarnate Cortana or give Chief a tactical advantage on anything he may need for a special occasion in his mysterious journey.
  5. Agent clark (new guy) looking for chief to gather data only he knows and for his help to help save arbitars home planet. First of all it is agent Locke Second of all, we need to first go to the origin of the e3 2013 trailer. How did Chief get here? We all know at the end of halo 4, Chief returned to earth, had his armor stripped and Cortana left Chief for good. What if he snuck out of the infinity to look for any ways to find Cortana again, find a source which brings him closer to regain Cortana or went to find Halsey to rebuild Cortana. He wears a robe(probably so he doesn't get identified by any Storm Covenant, UNSC looking for him or Prometheans). He also has a visible crack on his visor which may or may not be explained in the halo escalation series(you should check that out). The Promethean bird suddenly stands in Chief's way. As the hood of his robe gets blown of by the Promethean's activation protocol, Chief clutches onto Cortana's chip(which has been made into a bracelet). This probably means he has found the source or a clue of Cortana's return. This is where Agent Locke comes in. If you Look at the first announced cover art for Gaurdians there is a few things that we should know about Locke. First of all he has an O.N.I symbol on his armor. This tells you he is sent to search for Chief or kill him. Also Locke is the main character of Halo Nightfall, which will give you more clues about the story of Guardians. Finally he is sent by the Arbiter, who once formed an alliance with Chief. In the Halo MMC trailer he told Locke that the universe depends on him and to know him he needs to look back at his previous accomplishments. So there you have it. Feedback to your reply and more possible theories.
  6. What would be cool is if you could download a software on your digital device that helps you make forge maps easier and faster then transfer it to your fileshare at halo waypoint or to your halo 5 guardians data( if you use a windows supported computer. Sorry MacBook). Also we should have the ability to make our own objectives and spawn covenant, forunner and unsc NPC's as hazards. To conclude you should also be able to rate other players forge maps and you can use those ratings to upgrade your map to make it more and more popular and also use it as an official matchmaking map and game type.
  7. When you saw the first look at the halo 5 guardians beta, a member from 343 specifically said that every member of the blue team will be the same as every member of the red team. But earlier at e3 2014 it was said that there would be new armor abilities and the trailer also shows different weapons being held so if they say each team is fairly the same does that mean everything like experience, weapons and armor abilities and armor?
  8. Personally, I want every weapon from the entire halo universe to come, probably as a preorder bonus you can have a replica of all the weapons from the previous games. Also we need alot more weapons to use in both single player and multiplayer. I don't care what you do with vehicles because I don't really use much vehicles
  9. I personally think that there should be some next gen features such as visor effects so you can see water splashing on the screen etc. also we need wide open maps and interactive features to aid players arsenal. You can also vary the size of maps like big maps for big team objectives and small maps for classic halo objectives. But whatever you do 343, do not make this a halo 4 clone
  10. I kind of sure he will come back because I read the halo escalation series and it turns out the didact actually did return but there is more issues in counting to come so the story could change
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