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Well hillo thar, Ima Azaxx, i am totally new, ... of course, i havent been here since June and procrastinated about this hillo topic at all...

Oh look im already dedicated and i have many likes and i have 15 AWARDS! my 1337 skillz...im unstoppable :w00t: mwuhahahahaha

well anyways, Im good at forge and <3 halo (ALL OF THE HALOS) i dont like english at school, it sucks, (maths and science FTW!)

and i like teh smilies! :awesome:

also my paintings are like uber neat you should check 'em, link could be found somewhere in this post, (if i can be bothered finding the silly topic)

i do play piano and have been for 9 years now, i can play around 20 halo tracks on it from the OST, a combination from halo CE,2,3, ODST and Reach, and the Waypoint theme...going to learn the Wars theme...oh and skyrim, i can play that with my awesome talents!

also dont sleep its bad for you, it makes you very sick.

and i also <3 YELLOW! and im lazy, so dont ask stuff and expect it to be done quickly, it just wont, ill forget about it...(sorry Kurt)


oh and i could be bothered finding that link, so here you goes!



ps Australia is Awesome!

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welcome to the site. If you need help getting to know it better I can help, don't hesitate to make your love for Halo known.

And please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.

...Hm I don't know, you sure look like the type to start trouble, mister "I haven't been here since June", that's obviously a lie. I don't know what you're up to but I'll find out.

I'm calling in a moderator to this thread, I hope your ready for it to get locked if not deleted.

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hi person i never talked to before, *insert Generic Greeting* blah blah blah questions blah blah blah ask. enjoy the forums!

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