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  1. Sorry I meant to say Counter Strike as a whole series, not CSGO specifically, my bad. What do you mean by RPG? Like Role-Playing-Game? Counter Strike isn't anything like an RPG, yet knife makes you run faster, so does pistols, and heavy weapons make you run slower. It's not something directly tied only to RPG game. I think we would want Halo to be irregular. If it's not irregular, then it's mediocre. Which means there is no real purpose to playing specifically Halo because it's not unique and every other FPS out there offers a very similar gameplay. I understand where you are going with sprinting, and it exactly proves to me why it should be removed. If it's going to be in the game, it has to have these delays and nerfs to balance it. Whats the point of having it if it sucks? Spartans can sprint, that's why I'm proposing that the default movement speed be increased to a sprint. Spartans are very advanced, they should be able to sprint, and shoot at the same time. Look at Advanced Warfare for example. Visually comparing, an augmented spartan, taking super drugs and wearing armor weighing nearly a tonne, vs a standard soldier wearing an exo suit. Obviously the spartan is 100x better, yet in the video games, they both sprint the same, jump the same, heck the exo suit has better thrusting capabilities than a spartan's armor which is made 500 years into the future. Surely, this is proof enough that allowing spartans to sprint just isn't enough. They are far beyond lowering their weapon and sprinting.
  2. AR and SMG need nerfing, Sniper scope needs to be changed, the blue tint when scoped makes thing hard to see. Clamber is annoying because you cant shoot while doing it, thus if you clamber and you enter someones line of sight, you're pretty much dead. But I like the lower jump height, makes bunny hopping better, and gameplay doesn't feel as 'floaty' as it does in other games. Sprint should be removed, but before you guys flame me, here's why: I rarely ever use it. It stops you're shields from recharging and there's a delay before you can shoot when you finish sprinting, thus sprinting around a corner into enemy line of sight = disadvantage for you. It has no benefit being in the game other than to travel distances quicker, it also doesn't make you run that much faster. It should be removed, and spartan base running speed should permanently increase. Let's say for EXAMPLE default speed is 100%. Sprint makes you go 150%. Sprint gets removed and running speed is bumped a bit more than halfway to 130%. Now before you people say "mah supersoldiers they should be able to sprint" think about this. NO ONE complains and says that Counter Strike needs to evolve because there is NO aim down sight or sprint. So why does Halo, a game set 500 years into the future, need to be realistic? CSGO is set in our time, yet the soldiers don't ADS or even sprint. CSGO has been around for not much longer than Halo, and it has still survived and is currently the most popular FPS on PC. This is just solid proof that 343i want Halo to be mediocre, and not different. Spartans are actually more advanced than you think. I believe they should be able to run as fast as sprinting speed and still aim from the hip. The weapons are linked to the Spartans HUD so they don't even need a red dot sight to look through. IMO the way that the Assualt Rifle scopes in, is really cool and that should be what it looks like on all guns. If sprint is removed, they can still keep slide and shoulder bash, the controls scheme would work like this: Holding down melee button while moving will charge up a bar for half a second, then releases shoulder bash, quickly pressing melee button results in a normal melee. Same deal with slide, hold down the couch button for half a second and you slide. Easy. For the people complaining about ranking system, it's actually pretty good in my opinion. Halo is a team game, there is no 'i' in team. The skill rank for team playlists should indicate how well you work with a team and your skill within a team environment, not individual. FFA is the only playlist that can really determine individual skill. I think you should only be matched with players in your own division. Gold plays with Gold, Onyx with Onyx, ect. But semi-pro and pro should be able to play with/against each other. I also like the idea of how the Prophets Bane increases your movement speed. Would be cool to make certain weapons change your speed, such as any pistol weapons make you run faster when holding them out, and heavy ordnance weapons like Rockets, make you slower. Sniper, DMR, Carb BR ect should keep you at default speed. Oh almost forgot, bring back items from Halo3 like bubble shield and power drain. If 343i implements the changed I said, I think it could possibly be the best Halo game to date. Now, these are just my thoughts so far after playing the game for 3 hours. If anyone can give me reasons as to why my ideas wouldn't work, then please do.
  3. Great work Twin! Even though the Halo 2 servers are going down, there are still ways to play online such as using Hamachi or Tuungle. With these programs you can create groups that people join. It tricks your computer into thinking that these groups are LAN groups, allowing you to join private online servers through the LAN tab. I haven't tried it on Halo 2 so it's no guaranteeing it would work. I just hope the petition to keep Halo 2 online is a success.
  4. SPOILER ALERT-----------------SPOILER ALERT-------------------SPOILER ALERT If you have not payed and completed Halo:Reach campaign, do not read beyond this point. Highlight to see the text clearer! Dr. Halsey CANNOT and WILL NOT die in Halo 5, 6 and beyond. This is true as at the end of Halo: Reach when you finish the lone wolf mission, Dr. Halsey is talking. This event took place way after Halo 5 and 6. This event is known as the Return to Reach. After Reach was glassed by the covenant, many years later the UNSC returned to Reach to find that everything had regrown. During the Return to Reach, Dr. Halsey (as heard in the Reach ending) was giving a speech known as the Eulogy to Spartan B-312 (This is the spartan you play as in reach) The year this speech happened was in 2589. Dr. Halsey is 97 years old. To refresh your memories, here is the speech: It didn't take long for Reach to fall: our enemy was ruthless. Efficient. But they weren't nearly fast enough. For you had already passed the torch. And because of you, we found Halo, unlocked its secrets, shattered our enemy's resolve. Our victory—your victory—was so close, I wish you could have lived to see it. But you belong to Reach. Your body, your armor—all burned and turned to glass. Everything... except your courage. That, you gave to us. And with it, we can rebuild. Source: http://halo.wikia.co...lizabeth_Halsey
  5. A better solution to the lag issue would be that when the system searches for players to match you in a game and is finished doing so, it would randomly chose a host (as it already does) and then test everyone's ping to that host. If someone's ping is over 200, they get booted and the system then searches for a replacement player. I have some friends from Canada. We play Halo a lot together and I can host games without them lagging and vise versa. Demotion of rank should be allowed. What if you stop playing Halo for a while? You decide to come back and play even though your a 50 but you haven't played in ages. You'll probably get a horrible score. The 1-50 skill rank from Halo 3 DID NOT tell you how good you were at the game. It told you how much of a team player you are. If you are a good team player, that means you are a good player. Halo 4's new CSR takes into account many other things instead of only wins and losses. This means that if you are in a match with noobs who keep dying, as long as you maintain a good score you wont de-rank or rank up.
  6. I would like this pose: http://images-mediawiki-sites.thefullwiki.org/09/2/8/4/84378491974891745.png
  7. I'm leaving the forum. No fancy goodbyes, this place ain't what it used to be. I dislike most of the community here and I just see this huge popularity contest. I enjoyed the forum while it lasted. When it was once a small loving community where everyone got along, and problems between two members were resolved quickly. Now it's been overrun by some very unintelligent people. Good day.
  8. I have limited edition and already have access to the specializations. I can give you my code if you want.
  9. Ogre1 ACL sais that the gamertag doesn't exist. What do?
  10. Slayer Pro has big problems that needs addressing. The problem is, everyone should start with the exact same weapons. They should have gametypes in Slayer Pro to vote for that is either BR only, DMR only, or standard AR, magnum and weapon pickups. But they put all 3 in one gametype which makes Slayer Pro less enjoyable. They also need to remove sprint from Slayer Pro.
  11. I do like change. Halo 2's change from Halo CE was good change. The change from Halo 3 or Reach to Halo 4 is bad change. That's why they should have 2 seperate playlist sections. Competitive which is stripped down and Casual which can have all their perks and stuff. This way, the game caters to everyone. You just have 1 playlist section only, and combine both Casual and Competitive inside. It doesn't work.
  12. A Halo 2 remake that includes a matchmaking would be quite impossible anyway. The engine and other things in Halo 2 are not compatible with the 360. Maybe a new Halo game could be created, going back to the roots of Halo 2. This would also mean duel wielding of needlers can be removed like it was in Halo 3. How am I supposed to know if the guy around the corner has a boltshot? The only time I know is when I hear it, and before I hear it charging, it's too late and I would have jumped in to get that last shot on his head and then he just shoots me.
  13. Dude....just leave. BR and Carbine didn't ruin the game. They were adding a more variety of weapons. The health bar system was horrible, as if you had just been in a 1v1 battle and lost all your health, there was no way to survive another fighter unless you found a health pack. Seriously dude, online play ruined your LAN parties? Just....I am baffled.....
  14. boarding vehicles didn't really change the gameplay dramatically. It was just an added feature to the game such as assassinations.
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