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  1. @SykoWolf Yes screen writer is a script writer but we add the actions of where their going/doing and how the camera is going to act/react. You do not need XBL or even a xbox to become a screenwriter due to it only being people chatting over skype writing the script and coming up with ideas.
  2. @RainbowDashJay do you have any pictures/film of your maps I can view?
  3. @Minuette loving the voice acting especially with the effect! You have been accepted & added onto Skype, Just to let you know this series will take longer to produce till I get my staff list about full, I want this series to become a major hit. As this series takes time I'm working on my own series 'The Gamer' its a 'Machinima Short' Series that will be worked on when 'The Legendary Sword' is not being worked on. If you want to help out with my other series feel free to, or if you want to stick with just 'The Legendary Sword' is perfectly fine as well.
  4. @Minuetee the script will be worked on more today @Simmons will do!
  5. Halo 4 Machinima Series Title: "The Legendary Sword" Plot idea: The main character (name), has a dream of this sword that has the great power that once in the wrong hangs.. it can destroy humanity and do much worse damage. He goes to his friend who is very technical to help him design a suit of high quality armor to help him achieve his goal in finding the sword, but as he journeys to find this legendary sword he will meet with friends and foes... his journey awaits.. Main Characters (FOR NOW): Steve - Main Tech friend (needs a name) Script (In the works): Acting Positions: VOICE Steve - Main: Taken VOICE Tech Friend: Taken - Minuette Helper Positions Set Builder: Open 0/5 Screen Writer: Open 1/4 Co-Producer: Open 0/1 Staff Listing ACTING APPLICATION Gamertag: Age: Skype(required): Computer Mic(required): Role: Timezone: How many hours can you help (day): Are you dedicated?: Helper Applicating: Gamertag: Skype(required) Age: Role: Timezone: How many hours can you help (day): Are you dedicated?:
  6. Need someone to play Halo with? Looking for people to play some Halo (Halo:Reach | Halo 3) together to pass time till the release of Halo4, then when Halo 4 comes out we can all play together! Just looking for some calm/chill people to hangout with and play some Halo! Add: Midget BIG KaT to your friends! Adding everyone!
  7. Come become a Special Guest for the Radio Show - http://343i.org/jz

  8. Live Radio Show Many people are always on the website chatting, but why not host a live radio show which will play of course suggested music by the audience, then at certain times invite a guest or talk about new Halo News or news with the community, this will have a small group of people to host it, so if someone is not hosting that person can hop on and host. Leave feedback below on what you think! The show duration will last 30mins long with a short time in between for breaks Radio Schedule (coming Soon) Radio Songs Halo Related Special Guests Coming Soon How to become a Special Guest (Private Message me) All you have to do to become a Special Guest on the show is have news or something to talk about, but if you are apart of the staff team for 343i.org Community Forums we can do an interview, just private message me what you can supply the show to keep everyone entertained. Submit a Commercial want to advertise your work? Such as a map, signature shop, or anything else? Feel free to submit a audio file with a 20-30 second or lower commercial. Private message me the file and it will be reviewed and you will be replied back if it was approved or denied.
  9. Map has been in progress by a very well builder, more things will be added and up for download to test later once I get in touch with him eaither tonight or tomorrow, show will probly go on the road next weekened to get all the kinks out and whatnot this week.
  10. Well right now this week im booked Thursday Job Training, Friday picking up animals (snake & fish), then Saturday girlfriends birthday party. Will definetely contact you once I start though!
  11. Nice names! Hope to see more to come! Also, map will be in progress hopefully sometime this week, if you want to help out please reply!
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