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  1. Video Contest entrances...you better watch out!

  2. Hmmmm. Yes, well I suppose I should have expected that. Any of you guys read Twin's "Call to Arms" thread?
  3. No. It's god awful. With the new IOS6 update just set notifications from 343i to go into your VIP mail folder, and use the web version of the site.
  4. Not if you refer to us as uptight and studious. You clearly haven't met any Brits, so why conform to the stereotype?
  5. Damn white text on mobile site.....lmao But well done, seems to me you post in a good way, so keep it up!
  6. You certainly aren't the only techie out there Welcome!
  7. Yes there is. I seem to remember Total and Biggles had an agreement with someone about this. It might have been Donut.... But bear in mind it's unlikely the channel will just accept 1 clip on its own. If you get it recorded, I may just start up that funtage from a while back that I abandoned
  8. Welcome to the friendliest corner of the Halo universe
  9. I'm having issues as well. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon though
  10. Lᴜᴋᴇ


    Contains Random photos that I decide to upload.
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