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Halo 5: Guardians REQ Thread!

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I don't think you understand Drizzy, I've wore this helmet as soon as I became a Lieutenant. This is 4 years ago, but Reach has been around for 6 years (so far). I love  the helmet, I never really cared for the haunted helmet. I just loved the Pilot helmet. (I was actually credited as a really good Falcon pilot, I could take down two Falcon's with two-gunners with a narrow escape.  


Reach was the best. The Pilot helmet has helped forged me into the skilled Pilot you have seen me become today.



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I wish for a Ninja-REQ-Pack containing:


- a Katana as a cosmetic item similar to the one in Halo 3

- together with the Hayabusa Armor Set

- a new assassination with the Katana (only working when equipped)

- and a new Stance


which is obtainable by using a certain amount of REQ-Points.

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