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Halo 5: Guardians E3 Wrap-Up


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The official Xbox E3 2015 conference has given us a wealth of new details to get excited about for Halo 5: Guardians! Let's dive right in.


E3 2015 began with a bang as Bonnie Ross, a member of 343 Industries, walked on stage and set up the Halo 5 Story Trailer reveal, found on

. The trailer shows Chief hunting something down, as Locke and his team prepare to take him on, receiving begrudging help from the Arbiter and his faction. Buck and Locke speak about the Master Chief and the price that comes with hunting him down, as they are all led to one specific location, to find Chief, the Covenant, and the Guardians. The gameplay footage showed off a new weapon, similar to the Plasma Launcher from Halo Reach, but more compact, as well as team gameplay in action. It also showed just how ruthless Fireteam Osiris is in their efforts to track the Chief down, only being stopped by a large Promethean figure who tells them they are not allowed to enter, unlike the Chief, before the demo ends.


View attachment: h5singleplayer.png


Multiplayer is shown off in a brand new BTB style mode called Warzone. This will take place on extremely large maps with 12 v 12 players, along with numerous NPCs. The game seems to begin with you and your team being dropped off in multiple Pelicans unto the battlefield as you fight with an array of weapons and vehicles. The game footage also hints at allied NPCs with marine chatter and red hunters possibly aligned to red team. Along with this, the Mantis seems to be back in action, very similar to it's precursor self. Along with the Mantis, a new Promethean air vehicle was demonstrated, possibly being player driven. The trailer can be seen on Xbox's

channel, and is playable at E3.


View attachment: h5warzone.png


All information and images are sourced from 343 Industries and Microsoft, shown at E3 2015.

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Guest Travis  Penley

Y all should have put halo 5 like halo 3 or halo 2 but master chief has a new ai and you should have be able to play as a elite

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