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  1. Yeah, I was exaggerating. I can admit with the fact having things repaired by nano technology... but I simply do not like the explanation of nanobots changing the looks of the armor. Even if done by Cortana. 343i gave the explanation after people were complaining about it and it seems to me 343i simply searched for a quick and easy explanation because they forgot to make up their mind about it from the beginning with. Am I making false conclusions? Maybe I misunderstood over overheard a few things because I am no native speaker. . Thank you for the video
  2. It was a severe mistake and 343i accepted it as one. They already stated that future Halo games are going to have split screen again.
  3. A buddy of mine has the same problem. Reportedly, the old Waypoint server isn't being maintained anymore. I don't like that at all. They could have implemented all those features/unlockables into/in the new Waypoint.
  4. I'm anxious about 343i promising us too much. I hate to be hyped with great looking trailers but getting graphical cuts when the product is being sold. I really hope they are not promising too much again. . Concerning the armor. I liked all armors of John so far. What I don't like is the explanation. Nanobots repaired and changed the armor... seriously? It would have been much more elegant if Chief had gotten his new armor after entering the Infinity in Halo 4. But having a new armor out of nowhere and giving such a weird explanation to it is just bollocks.
  5. The story and the OST of Halo 5 is the worst of all Halo games in my opinion. Some oher aspects of the game are actually quite nice though. . I don't like the fact that Team Osiris are being highlighted. The only great character in that team is Buck. In combination with the previous Halo 5 trailers I had the feeling 343i was trying to let 117 die and be replaced by Locke... :-/ . Concerning the soundtrack I was absolutely dissapointed. After playing the game through a few times I figured out that there was not one single track that touched my heart or blew me away like it did in every other Halo games. Even though Halo 4 had a completely new set of tracks some of them were actually very nice to hear after a while. And the game did have a few action-like and emotional moments were the OST just fitted in perfectly. But Halo 5... don't remember any. Accept for few classic tracks from previous Halos which I do not count. I honestely like every OST of every Halo game (even Halo SA and Halo SS as well as Halo Wars 1+2). Halo 5s OST is the one and only biggest dissapointment of all Halo soundtracks in my opinion. . Having no split screen co-op and really dumb friend AI belong to the worst things in Halo 5. I get the idea of you being the leader giving orders but I never thought that your team would be so apathetic and stupid if you are going lone wolf. Even if you do give orders your team sometimes behaves like as if they are mentally disabled. The friend AI in other Halo games were definitely smarter. Leaving out split screen was also a very bad idea. I played Halo 1-4 with my girlfriend on split screen but can't do with Halo 5. No sir! Glad that won't happen again in the future. . What I do like about the campaign are the level designs. There is actually not one single level that I would skip because they all look fantastic and are fun to play. Plus they offer a great amount of playing time. . I love the Hunters in Halo 5. They are here what I always wanted them to be. TANKS! I also like the Soldiers as new enemies and the Knights being more tanky as they were before.
  6. I wish for a Ninja-REQ-Pack containing: - a Katana as a cosmetic item similar to the one in Halo 3 - together with the Hayabusa Armor Set - a new assassination with the Katana (only working when equipped) - and a new Stance which is obtainable by using a certain amount of REQ-Points.
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