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  1. So H2A on MCC. Whelp, guess I have another thing to do...

  2. I play a little bit on both Xbox and Steam. I'm currently working out a backlog of older games I have that I either never finished or wanted to play again. It's kind of nice going and diving into some of the more iconic series or games I never played before and being able to play straight through them without having to wait years for another game.
  3. Warning: Potential Spoilers ahead, turn back now if you don't want to see them. I have yet to see Avengers: Endgame. I want to fool my friends into thinking I have actually seen the movie. What types of things can I can about the movie without getting too much into details? Spoil it for me.
  4. Confirmed by Nintendo: Everything is coming to Switch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpOkr0bTSwQ
  5. Keys should be sent. I still have a few extra keys, so let me know if you are stilled interested.
  6. I'll make this simple and short. I am willing to pick up a few copies of Hearts of Iron IV on Humble Bundle, as it is currently on sale for the next 36 hours at the time of this post: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/hearts-of-iron-iv-cadet-edition. The goal would be to have around five or six players play a multiplayer game in about a month or so. I am asking for a a few people to play the game independently over the next month or two to get some of the basics down, and eventually all of us play once or twice a week for a few hours each session. So some basic information about the game: It is PC only, and I would be buying Steam Keys. If you want to join and buy a copy yourself, that's appreciated. It is a Grand Strategy Game, which is played in Real Time, but can be slowed, paused, and saved. The game takes a while to come to a natural conclusion over the course of many hours. This would not be a single night of gameplay, but multiple. It takes place from 1936 onward, and is a WWII simulator, but History can be shaped by you Only the host has to own all the DLC in order for all players to use DLC Content. I own all of the DLC, and can turn it off as well Here is a very recent series about the basics of the game. Take a look and see if you are interested. Quill18 also plays the game with multiple series if you wish to see how the game is played outside of a basic tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs3acGYgI1-v2rWyEDR8Mn3Avf9CxH1s1
  7. Sikslik7


    Halowaypoint forums, or message the Official Halo Social Media.
  8. Speaking on just video games: Currently: -Red Dead Redemption 2 -Pokemon Let's Go Eevee -MTG Arena In the last three months: -LoL -Europa Universalis 4 -Total War: Warhammer -Mario Party -Minecraft -PUBG In General: - Age of Empires (Mainly 2 and 3, sometimes Mythology) - LoL - Paradox Plaza games (mainly EU4, CK2, and HoI4) - Total War Games - Minecraft - Anything currently popular/new - Games I enjoyed earlier and want to do a replay through (Stuff like childhood games, Skyrim, Fallout 3, etc) Games I plan to play in the next few months (No particular order): -Finish my game of Shadow of War -Darksiders 2 (replay) -Darksiders 3 -Rainbow 6 Siege -Smash: Ultimate
  9. There are some irregularities in these documents, which I suspect are forged: First, the dates don't make any sense (see orange). The documents were published in September of 2017, yet contain information from this last month. How is that possible? Second, the phone country code 38 (see green) is non-existent (https://countrycode.org/) Third, the last text from "SikSlik" would suggest that Yoshi is also a Russian agent (See purple). Yet again, my name is Sikslik7, not SikSlik7.
  10. I remember events (somewhat hazily), from when I was almost 3. I remember my third birthday, and a few weeks later when there was a new addition to the family. After that, I remember certain events or various assorted memories. I was in Kindergarten when 9/11 happened, and I remember that day vividly. There are many memories I have of events, people, or places that would have happened before I was five (people died, places closed, etc). The things that stick with me more than just random memories are "special events." I can place myself in the location and the rough time frame, not to mention who was there or why we were there. I find them similar to how most people can place themselves in vivid detail during the assassination of JFK, Challenger, etc.
  11. Sikslik7


    My issue so far in the game is along these lines. It's not that there is so many small details, but how the game doesn't feel the need to go over them for a while. Many elements of the game don't even open up until halfway through, and when they do it's a long tutorial sequence that explains the bare minimum. Honestly, giving us no tutorial and just a manual would be more helpful.
  12. What weapons do you hope to make a return in Halo:Infinite? If there are multiple versions (think of the boltshot), which would you prefer. or would you like to see something new? What weapons do you hope they add to the game?
  13. Played a few hours of it a few weeks ago with a friend. Worked out alright then. Was really playing well for the Insider program. I've yet to play it this month, but I plan to get some time in this next week.
  14. It uses the Unity Engine, not the ones built by Bungie or 343i.
  15. I don't think we'll see a true open world, but most likely have some large open spaces with some exploration, similar to first landing on Halo in CE, or exploring areas of Reach. We've had similar things in every Halo game, but usually there isn't an Easter egg or something there other than maybe a power weapon or ammo. It's also possible we might see something like Spartan Ops or Firefight return in a larger form, with some more exploration factors. Honestly, I'd love to see some larger campaign maps with cool side areas, which is what I think we'll get.
  16. Halo Infinite will not break Halo naming system as much as people think it has. The only thing it will break is the naming convention for game with Chief as a playable character, and even then, that's debatable with Halo 5: Guardians. In fact, the use of Halo Wars 2 to advance the main story is key. The main storyline of Halo has typically advanced with each successive main title. For example, let's look at the order of games when they take place: A. Halo Wars B. Halo Reach C. Halo CE D. Halo Fireteam Raven (During CE) E. Halo 2 F. Halo 3: ODST (During Halo 2) G. Halo Spartan Strike (Note this is an alternative storyline during Halo 2 built in-game virtual reality) H. Halo 3 I. Halo Spartan Assault J. Halo 4 K. Halo Recruit (Assumed to be during Halo 4 due to only gameplay and the fact both Chief and Cortana are on Infinity) L. Halo 5: Guardians M. Halo Wars 2 N. Halo Infinite Now, if we exclude games that go back in time, let's look at which games advanced the main story: A. Halo CE B. Halo 2 C. Halo 3 D. Halo 4 E. Halo 5: Guardians F. Halo Wars 2 G. Halo Infinite With the addition of more side games and games that backtracked, the Halo Universe has largely been expanded outside of the main titular games. With the convergence of these storylines in Halo 5: Guardians, we had a change of naming structure. Then with Halo Wars 2, the main story progressed (by a little) outside of the main games. The change of name with Halo Infinite is honestly to be expected at this point. Many events in the games (not to even mention the books) are taking place simultaneously, and I think the name change reflects that. Fans have called for spin-off game surrounding the Elites, the Insurrection, Ancient Humans versus Forerunners, and earlier events in the Human-Covenant War. I expect with this change of name we will see split stories or simultaneous stories emerge in the next few games as well.
  17. @@Mothy I'd still be down for matchmaking or campaign. I have been meaning to get some time in on Halo 3.
  18. How are we playing? MCC or Halo 3 on 360/Backwards compatibility? I will be there.
  19. I mean, there was Halo 3: ODST where you played as ODST. The melee, speed, jumping, and shield/health system was much different than base Halo 3, so staying back and in cover was a requirement for a lot of it.
  20. Slik's Sik Picks Tired of games you payed $60 for and just put down right away? Are the games you're playing became mundane? Do you want to pour hours into a game you will enjoy for a long time? Say no more, for Sikslik7 has got you covered, with his Sik Picks, games that are worth every penny. The next time these games go on sale at your local games store, big box store, steam, XBL, Nintendo Store, or through the publisher themselves, be sure to snag a copy (and in may cases the DLC). I guarantee* these games will be fun and entertaining. In fact, I'll put my money where my mouth is and give you my next 343iCF Staff paycheck, made payable directly from Drizzy_Dan, RedStarRocket91, and Church. So, without further staff volunteer time being wasted, let's get to the first selection of games! Strategy Games I figured I would start with some of the best strategy games I've played in recent years. Each of these have active communities and massive followings, with countless hours of unique gameplay and replay-ability. Most of these games require a PC to play, so grab your keyboard, and your Steam Wallet and watch for the sales! 1. Age of Empire II: HD Edition A revamped version of one of the greatest Real-Time Strategies of all time, both graphically and functionality. Made by the same people (Ensemble Studios) who created the original Halo Wars. The AI has been tuned to additional levels of ruthless challenge, giving even the best players a run for their money. Additional civilizations have been added to the game, giving both tweaks on classic strategies and new ways to Wololo your enemies to their doom. Can your empire rise to infamy in the middle ages, or will be be but a footnote in history? 2. Total War: Rome II From the people who made Halo Wars 2, comes the series they are known for: Total War. An older game to be sure, with no announced plans for additional DLC (Creative Assembly have mentioned there may be another major DLC on the way). The game can be an investment if you buy all the DLC, but each DLC can be bought over time, as each expands various culture groups available in the base version of the game, which comes with a variety of playstyles, factions, and locations throughout the world. This game mixes together a turn based campaign map with epic real-time battles. If you want to know more, ask Church about the staircase. 3. Crusader Kings II Deus Vult! If you like roleplaying, generational planning, and wars over the Holy Land, This is the game for you. Play across generations of a Noble Dynasty, expanding your power and lands over time. Take control of new lands through marriage, war, assassinations, and Papal interference. Do you support your liege, or plot behind his back? If you enjoy Game of Thrones, this game emulates much of the political and military struggles (did I mention there is a GOT Mod?). DLC includes new religions to play as, lifestyle choices, secret cults, events, and of course all the more ways to seduce the lovely and ever-wonderful Glitterhoof. 4. Europa Universalis IV Coming out of the Middle Ages, the world is ready to be redrawn. Colonize the New World, consolidate your dynasty under one throne, drive the Turks out of Europe, or establish Russia hundreds of years earlier. Can Protestantism declare itself the official religion of the Holy Roman Empire or will the Aztecs colonize Europe? Only time can tell whether your nation will be a great power, or trampled into the dust. Play anywhere in the world, as any religion, as any government. Will it be your economy, army, navy or political actions that keep your nation above the rest? Just don't forget to plan ahead, otherwise you may find yourself partitioned by the coalitions formed to stop the growing tide. 5. Hearts of Iron IV The third game on this list from Paradox (CKII and EUIV being the others). Twenty years after the end of the Great War and another one is about to start.Will you join the Allies, the Axis, or form another faction to bring about a new world? Turn your peaceful economy into an unbeatable War Machine, research and form a military to fight across land, sea, and air. Will the United States ever get out of the Great Depression, or will the Communist Revolution come to American shores? Will the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, or split the Pacific in a secret pact with the United States? Will Facism, Communism, or Democracy reign supreme? Wage war across the world for a second time, in a war to truly end all wars. 6. XCOM 2 Many of you saw or participated in the Let's Play RedStarRocket91 did last year of the game using various Halo Mods (Found here http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/44393-343icommunity-plays-xcom-2/). If you enjoy turn-based games with tile-based movement, this is the game for you. Rescue humanity from Alien Oppression with your own unique squad. Develop the team and resources you need to free humanity. With brand new DLC out, now is the time to So there it is, the first six Slik's Sik Picks. Let me know what you guys think of these games, or let me know if you ever want to play any of them with another person. If there is another type of game you want me to cover, or for try a specific one, comment below! *All guarantee claims must be submitted via PM with no less than 1000 words of meaningful content (as per discretion of myself), and please allow one week for processing. This offer is by no means serious or legitimate, just like my ******** in CKII.
  21. There is a service tag that doesn't have an emblem, that being said, MCC will auto generate an emblem for your character.
  22. Forum Gaming Census: In order to bring the forum a more complete and diverse experience with playdates on systems and games you all love, the Staff are proud to present the third Forum Gaming Census (FGC). We all play a variety of games but never really know who all has or plays certain games. In order to help address this issue, we have put together this census to gather this information and use it to create better playdates for the forums. All you have to do is fill out the answers to the following questions to the best of your ability and we will take it from there. If you are unsure of how to fill out this form, please see the example provided at the bottom of the post. The Census: 1. What consoles/handheld devices/PC do you own that can connect to others via an online connection (internet or matchmaking services). Please note any fees or paid subscriptions. 2. Do you have Xbox Live Gold or the equivalent services for your consoles/handheld devices/PC? Do you use any special servers for games that no longer have multiplayer matchmaking, (ie Steam, Gameranger, and other server hosting sites). Please note any fees or paid subscriptions you have to pay for these services. 3. What games do you own for each console/hand held devices/PC that can be played with other forum members? Do you have any DLC for the game? If there are special restrictions or places you have gotten the games (ie Steam for PC), please list those games separately and explain as best as possible the situation. 4. Place “+” at the beginning of your preferred games to play with others and put those on top of each console list. Place “-“ at the beginning of games you would not want to play, and place them at the bottom of each list. If you have no preference start with a “” Please denote any Free to Play games with "F2P" 5. What days and times would you prefer to play or have open on a regular basis? 6. What is your favorite genre of games, and give three examples of games that you believe fit that genre. 7. Describe you internet connection. 8. The Steam Summer Sale is now in effect, and the Xbox Summer sale is coming up. What are a few games you want others to snag so you can play with them? Example Answer: Xbox 360 - (Xbox Live Gold): + Halo 3 (All maps due to ODST disc) + Halo 4 (Forge Island DLC) + Minecraft (No DLC) CoD Modern Warfare 2 (no DLC) Brink (No DLC) Fifa 2012 (No DLC) - Viva Pinata (No DLC) - Lego Batman (No DLC) Xbox One - (XBL Gold) +Halo 5 Battlefield 4 Minecraft PC - (Whatever you feel necessary to describe for Specs. If you can also give an example of your “best possible rendering/playability” for a well-known game, that would be great. Also try to include any issues with memory) Steam Games + Total War: Rome II (All Faction DLC, no unit packs) Team Fortress II (No DLC, F2P) - Civilization V (No DLC) Other Games + Age of Empires II, The Forgotten Empires (no DLC, Use Gameranger to play) League of Legends (Mix of Champions, F2P) - Minecraft (Do not have Server set up, and can’t set one up, would need to build or rent server) Availability: Open Fridays after 6pm EST, Sunday/Saturday from 10am EST to 12AM EST Favorite Genre: For PC, Real Time Strategy (Age of Empires, Battles in Rome II, StarCraft) For 360, First Person Shooters (Halo, Call of Duty, Titanfall) My Internet connection is very fast, but sometimes drops. Download is 9 Mb and upload is 5 Mb. As for games other people should pick up: Halo Wars 2 (Xbox One/Crossplay) Player Unknown Battlegrounds (Steam) Crusader Kings 2 (Steam) And that's all there is to it. Please feel free to help younger members and fear your moderators. If you feel this Census is incomplete, feel free to pm the Events Staff so we can take your suggestion under consideration. Yes, we plan to use this data for creating better playdates and events for the forum.
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