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Have your voice on Hunt the Truth


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According to

(unable to find official sources at the moment)Halo fans have the chance to become an official part of the Halo universe as they are given the chance for their voice to be included in Halo 5's Hunt the Truth.




Fans and followers of Benjamin Giraud's investigation into the Master Chief can be part of the series as it appears 343 Industries are giving people a change to submit an audio clip of their voice to Hunt the Truth's Tumblr page. Those who get accepted will have their voice heard in a future episode.


The announcement came earlier today.


"We know that you're a huge Halo fan- and we love it! For this part, though, you'll need to put yourself in the mindset of an ordinary UEG citizen. That means you're as in the dark as Ben is about the truth behind the Master Chief and his origins."


Three choices on what participants can theme their recording around was also given out.



There are three character types that these messages will roughly fit into:


1- People who support Ben in his hunt

They also have questions about the Master Chief, ONI, and what the government is trying to hide. Don't forget, though, that because these people live in the Halo universe, they've never played a Halo game or read a Halo book; so they can really only be curious and guess what Ben has mentioned.


2- People who LOVE the Master Chief and don't appreciate Ben poking around

The Halo universe can be a scary place - and the MC has been the only thing keeping us safe on more than one occasion. Fear can be a powerful motivator. It can make us blind to the truth; to curiously. These people don't appreciate Ben poking around and angrily perceive his inquiries as disrespectful. The MC is a hero and it doesn't matter where he came from.


3- People reveling in the anarchy

Whether it's because they don't trust the government, they're fatalistic, or they think Ben and his investigation is a joke- these people aren't impressed by Ben or curious about the Chief. They are interested, however, in pushing Ben's buttons and yanking his crank. They leave pranks, taunts, and mocking messages.


Voice recordings must be 15 - 20 seconds long. You can upload it as a Youtube video but make sure it is uploaded as "Unlisted", you can also upload it to SoundCloud but make sure to make it private. Once you've recorded your voice provide a link to ir in the submission box on the Tumblr site (linked above) so it can be downloaded, also make sure to leave a message saying "Greenskull sent sent" or "Halo Follow sent me". Submissions close at 11:59pm Pacific Time on April 27th. There is no script so try and think something creative to say.


Again I just want to point out there is no official announcement from 343 Industries or Microsoft regarding this, so it seems they have contacted the likes of RUL and Halo Follower for them to announce it to the community.



Will you be making a submission? If so good luck.

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Guest matthew d

i think i figured out who chief and blue team are going after on sangheilios, Dr. Catherine Halsey, remember who she left with jul mandama, they most likely went back to sangheilios. the UNSC most likely doesn't want secrets getting out so they send chief and blue team to fetch her. while ONI has other plans. 

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