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My name is Jami and my gamertag on the xbox one is jami0770. I would love to join your clan. My purpose behind wanting to join is to get better at halo with an ultimate goal of becoming MLG. I hope to find people who are better than me who can teach me and who i can practice with. 

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Are you guys on the MCC as well if so i am definitely interested get with me whenever you can GT: x Just Cause --I'll be 18 this winter I hope that's not an issue.

Yes Mr Cause, we are on the MCC but only a few of us have an XBOX One due to affordability and also just most of us do not want one yet, or have one. At last count 4 of us have a ONE. So if you want a super structured clan for just MCC.. We are not for you, as we cover all games. If you would like, you are welcome to join us and have a trustworthy position in charge of the MCC recruitment and the ONE.


Some people joined as because we are fun and cool, and are happy to build up our ONE presence, others have had interest and left when they realised they would have to do the same work as everyone else and actively hep recruit. I am the foremost recruitment specialist and 1 of the 2 Clan leaders but I do not sit like a chump and make others do all the work. This clan is about sharing the housework. :-) and the cookies. :) My skype is Surrealfreerun, please add me.


Hey, I'm inter sted . my old clan doesn't do much 4 anymore. Theslizziest on 360.

Good day Mr Thornton, you are welcome to have a party chat via XBL or Skype. Skype works best for me at the moment. I also must notify you that we play all games and that mean that some people play Reach more than 4 or Vice versa.


What I can suggest is that you join and help promote our current "Halo Sundays" where we try to all get online on Sundays and play some games, normally some will play Reach, and then switch to 4 or break off into small groups to play match making, or other games like GTA. You can invite others to join you on 4. I hope that clears things up and you are still interested. Please add my skype surrealfreerun.


Hi, I'm interested in joining my gamertag is: BluNoseRaindeer

Mr BluNoseRaindeer. I have tried to add you as a friend, can you accept asap and also can you add my skype as it is easier to talk there. Surrealfreerun

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Hello there guys, in ORDER to keep the clan strong I am cutting some weeds and doing some slight pruning. :-P

We are in need of some fresh blood, motivated, hard-working people please, we are trying to branch out on the One.


We need people who are willing to really help us launch our clan presence on the Xbox One, we have currently about 3 members on the One, people that want management positions or to feel valued and trusted please do APPLY.


Likewise if you just have the 360, crazy, funny, cool and dedicated people wanted, cannot stress dedicated enough, not decimated, or dessicated.. we want a strongly woven family. I do NOT really SIGN IN on this website, I just read the posts or accept friends request/reply via XBL messages etc No private inbox's via 343 please


Please message me on SKYPE: Surrealfreerun

Or message me via XB:L AWI Your Fear

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Hello there my name Is Chris, but most people call me Chaos, I have been a long time fan of Halo and I ever since the days of reach I seem to have missed, very much so the overall fun of communicating with a team in the Halo games. At first I didn't know where to begin so I decided to just leave it alone for a while, but the craving to play Halo never went away, I always want to play it and especially with friends. Therefore I thought to myself, well I may as well see what clans are out there for Halo. Boy am I happy to see there are still quite a lot of them alive and well. Needless to say as soon as I saw that this forum post had a lot of replies I immediately thought, I need to join those people, imagine how much fun it would be to play Halo with friendly people again :) . Sorry for seeming like some kind of needy, lonely guy, but the truth of it is, Halo in my eyes holds so much in my heart that I don't think I could ever let it go away. So I would like to ask for a way to join your clan as soon as possible :) . I hope to see you in the battlefield my fellow spartans :D .

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Gamertag: Sacrifice Vii

Age: 19

Region: U.S

System: Xbox One

Looking for friends and good people to play with!

Need a good team to play some halo collections!

I have a rank 19 in the Halo 3 playlist, but I will play anything really. Add me on Xbox one! Or skype me "theonlytmajor" or Search Tyler Mundale .

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