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We are AWI - A Worthwhile Investment - Created by AWI IK H2PLY GD and me, AWI Your Fear now known as AWI Golgari


You will not get a spam message from us, only a friendly party Chat, we believe that recruitment starts with friendship and a conversation.. not a spammed out generic message or dialogue that is pushed onto members who need to recruit.

We give responsibility regarding recruitment and freedom for ideas building on collective and individual strengths. Unlike other clans where every decision is dictated by Higher ups".

You will have a welcome opinion here. We want to represent a fun-loving, tight knit group of FRIENDS that also happen to play Halo too.

Most commonly played games among us are:



League of legends

Magic The Gathering: Arena


Halo Series




Halo Series

Magic The Gathering

Dead Space 3


COD series and more


What we offer

We offer a "Trial" in AWI. This is just a period for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. That way you can either become a full member at the end, knowing that you are having a wonderful time in AWI... Or we can respectfully and politely part ways if we are not compatible for each other.

We have Chinese, London, Los Angeles, and Australian time zone members. Plus side is we have English, Chinese, and Spanish language speakers. Message us if you are tempted to join us across PC, 360 AND Xbox One consoles.


We let people create Squads and encourage Mini Branches to promote friendly competition and ensure that you play with friends.

Prerequisites/Clan rules


1. Name change, Bio and Motto - if you decide to stay in after a month, we respectfully request that those listed above be changed to show unity and help passively recruit potential members 

2. Headset - to ensure we can "Call out" and also helps us to connect and bond with each other, keep up with Clan information and speak whenever needed.
3. No under 16's -  We like to have Adult humour and also trash talk/be subject to trash talk back. To save awkward situations regarding the use of language or topic discussion by our towards our members we prefer to admit those who are only over 18, but we do consider 16 as the minimum age for recruitment.


4. Willing to cooperate - We would prefer people who can take instruction or be open to constructive criticism/help, I am more of relaxed myself in Slayer games and enjoy freedom but if we are playing CTF (Capture The Flag), We will need to be obedient and listen to whoever is in charge of directing an attack or defence of the Flags

5. Trash Talk and receive in good spirits - Trash Talk can affect game-play Positively and Negatively. We need people who are happy to occasionally Talk trash and also realize that the Opponents will use the same tactics occasionally.
6. Be aware of Clan Directives - If we are doing something like Recording a match via Capture Card, then we will not be tolerating other member of the Clan using extreme Trash talk or Tea-bagging during that match UNLESS specified before the match.
7. No Quitting, We promote Loyalty and respect towards our Opponents and Team mates. If you leave a Game, not only do you let down the Team and your friends, but you narrow down any chance that the team had to catch up or lose with Dignity. 
I Hope to welcome you personally to the clan. Please post below, even just your Gamer-tag and if you want... we shall contact YOU. 🙂
Thank you From Clan Recruiter and Head of AWI Human or Non-Human Resources AWI Golgari.


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Hello my wonderful future comrades. We have acquired new members/friends and we are very keen to start building serious squads such as MLG, Team Snipers and Ricochet.


But to do that...we need MORE members, I hope you guys consider joining. We might not be the biggest, but we do have a lot of ambition, team spirit and the friendliness you need. :-)


Help us become something legendary, our clan has stringent quality control to make sure everyone who joins is surrounded by awesome people who in turn, gain awesome new friends. :-)

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Yea, I'll message you guys on XL, and I don't consider myself really 15 since well... I had people saying a sound older then 15 and I'm more mature then most 15 year olds. And a month is enough time for me to change my gt but don't expect it to change instantly. I have the card now I just need to make sure that I have the right clan to make me change my gt. But  I'll message you guys on XL around 4:30- 5:00 pm USA Eastern Standard Time.


GT: BlackiToast

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Hi there Future AWI members, I would like to remind you that We offer ANYONE interested, a "Trial" in AWI. 


This is subject to us having a party chat and me or the other Co-Founder deciding that we match each others expectations as a clan and as teammates.


That way you can either become a full member at the end of the month, Joining us on the core team and the dark side. :-) ... Or we can respectfully and politely part ways if we are not compatible for each other.


Remember to either Address me or the other AWI members. Thank you. Our gamertags are below.


AWI Your Fear - Me 

AWI IK H2PLY GD - other co-founder

AWI Spooki


AWI 7PlyJoyRide

AWI Toasty

AWI Pimpttress



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We do have a website and forum my friend, it is against the rules to promote our forums here however.


So we only share it with those who wish to join. I shall party chat you tomorrow and upon speaking, if we impress each other, I shall invite you to join the forum and us on a month trial :-)

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Attention all potential clan mates.


Name changes/Gamertags changes are not required to Join AWI.


You can contact me via XBL which is the same as my Display name here.


Failing that please do contact the others listed above or just send us friends requests and we can take it from there :-)

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Hey Guys!

AWI Toasty here I just wanted to let anyone that's looking to join this clan/gaming community, we are still looking for potential clanmates! If you are interested in join AWI or have any question about AWI, Please do contact me via XL . And I'll invite you to a party and we (You and I) see what will go from there :D


GT: AWI Toasty

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