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  1. Hey Guys! AWI Toasty here I just wanted to let anyone that's looking to join this clan/gaming community, we are still looking for potential clanmates! If you are interested in join AWI or have any question about AWI, Please do contact me via XL . And I'll invite you to a party and we (You and I) see what will go from there GT: AWI Toasty
  2. Yea, I'll message you guys on XL, and I don't consider myself really 15 since well... I had people saying a sound older then 15 and I'm more mature then most 15 year olds. And a month is enough time for me to change my gt but don't expect it to change instantly. I have the card now I just need to make sure that I have the right clan to make me change my gt. But I'll message you guys on XL around 4:30- 5:00 pm USA Eastern Standard Time. GT: BlackiToast
  3. Hello to those that happens to have a clan. If you are still looking for recruits then I'm one of the many. Name is BlackiToast (via xbox) and I happen to play both Halo Reach and H4, and also BO2. If you are interested in having me to join your clan then send the request. But first here's what I want to see happening or have already been established... I want to see a serious and yet playful clan, that being said I want a clan that can be serious when needed to be. I want to see a clan that have a chain of command and squads(3-6 man each in halo mainly) I want to see majority of things running smoothly, I don't want to go inside a clan that is falling apart because I then feel pressure to help. If your clan can meet 2/3 of the requirements then I'll be happy to join if possible. Oh and if your wondering I do have a Mic and I'm not a squeaker. I will change my name if it's needed and whenever I get the money to do so. So if you want me to join, just inform me here or xbox. I check them both daily. And like always Thanks for Reading!
  4. Welcome to the Forum Community Fellow Newbie! We shall survive through this large forum together! xD. If you need any help with forum codes and the such. Just ask.
  5. Just let me know a day ahead of which games you all will be playing since my H3 is useless now and I don't have H-Wars. But otherwise I'll see you guys on H4 and Reach.
  6. Thank you everyone that greeted and replied ^-^ . I hope to see you all in the gaming world or in the other parts of the Forum!
  7. I believe they need more games that have a long story like how Halo was and like CoD, kinda was. But ultimately more games... Its kinda ro late to upgrade their consoles so they just have to see what they can do for the time being which is games and hardware.
  8. They did got stronger since H3 But it's nothing to big of a deal if you have your corners or stay away since they have rather long distance.
  9. Okay so I beat the halo campaign on normal and died none, but now since im starting to play it on Leagendary, and i died maybe once... so far. But when I tried.. keyword tried to play on Halo 3 -ODST, And Halo 2 and I got my bum bum whooped. Lulz, but I thought it was just me.
  10. I think I've done this correctly... I have some education on the forums since I roleplay alot on them.
  11. Heyoz everyone! I'm JustYourNormalAmateur, but I rather go by my XL/GT: BlackiToast but rather be called Toasty or Blackie since I'm used to people calling me that. If you want to get to know me just a little bit better then I shall ask some FAQs that alot of people asks me, which of course I find actually pretty funny x3 Are you Black? Well Yes, I'm black... Is there a problem with me being black....and Merking you? No OTAY onwards to the next question! How are you so good? Practice, Practice, Practice. I learned to not get mad by hackers, or modders of the such. I'm purely made up of Hard Trained Skills Are you a Hacker?/Do you hack? No I don't hack, I find no need in hacking since I don't like others hacking so why should I hack other people 'eh? Do you own Mods? Nah I can't afford them cx How old are you? Got fammint, I'm a Famn YOUNGLING but I'm turning 16 soon What other games do you play? Of course if you play Halo, that means you play Cod, and probably played Minecraft which I play aswell so it's fine ^^ Why did you name yourself "BlackiToast" ? I named myself that, because of my skin color (Black), " I " because of i was listening to my iPod, and Toast because thats my favorite breakfast related food. So that sums it up. If have any more questions please ask. I don't mind people asking about me. I'm fairly nice and a calm person... But if you ask me, I'll ask the same question back :3 P.S. I'm looking for a clan that plays both Halo and CoD games. If your a serious yet fun clan to join please let me know. I will be very interested in it. Let me know the requirements first though
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