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Mickey O'Rourke


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Map Name: Deck 343 by MiCkEy O rOuRkE (Unreal Tournament Deck 16 Remake)
Game-types supported : CTF, FFA slayer, Oddball, King of the Hill and 4 Team Slayer
Players supported: 4-6 players
Description: This is a remake of the classic map which featured in many Unreal Tournament games from UT99 to Unreal Tournament 3. I tried to keep the dimensions accurate to the original map so in order to make the map flow better I added a trait zone to decrease the player jump height to 75%  to keep the fast pace that Unreal Multi-player was synonymous with. But to also make some objects hard to climb on top of which can be used as cover and to get an advantage on opponents. Its great for 3v3 team slayer or even 3 teams of 2 players.I added some lights to help with orientation and for map call-outs. Each area/spawn has colour coded doorways to each area. 
In the red spawn at the bottom of the little bridge platform above the soft kill pool I replaced the flak cannon with Halo's scattershot.
The Udamage/damage boost and Shield belt/over-shield are random ordnance drops to balance the map better. In the main central area of the map is 3 slanted bridges and one horizontal walkway below them.
The right and left slanted bridge lead up to the highest point in the map to a sniper rifle spawn off to the left which is a good elevated position.
The middle bridge leads to the blue area/spawn. 
The horizontal walkway below them connects the green area to the gold area. At the lowest part of the map is a soft kill pool which I created to mimic the sludge pool in the original Unreal Tournament map. It is made up of 2 shield doors and 2 gravity volumes. There is a little floating platform under the green/gold walkway where the over-shield ordnance drops.
There is a teleporter on the lowest platform below the green spawn area which connects to the exit above the gold area lifts where the rockets/incineration/fuel rod cannon random drop.
Behind the gold lift room next to the soft kill pool is the sword spawn.


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This looks like a really neat map it seems like you put a lot of work into it  :laughing:

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