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  1. Another thing you could do is when you are starting up a level, hold "Back" or the button to do it on the xbox one controller, and it should let you start with remastered graphics, kind of like holding "x" when picking Zelda in SSB to play as shiek from the getgo.
  2. The good people of 101 Productions 2014 presents... Oh, The Trauma (2015 Ver.) Oh, The Trauma... The trauma of being forgotten. Oh, The Trauma... The trauma of the 9th letter and 19th letter of the alphabet. Oh, The Trauma... The trauma of being the only person who doesn't like: Minecraft, Happy Wheels, 5 nights at Freddy's 1-2-3, Titanfall, #Hashtag, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Selfies, Church, Etc. Oh, The trauma... The trauma of learning that kids nowadays will never know about: Saturday morning cartoons, Reading an analog clock, network television, birthday parties, life before the smartphone, Kids WB, fax machines, your (not smartphone) girlfriend from elementary school, Halo, etc. Oh, The trauma... The trauma of knowing all of these things, and your 3-year old brother/sister/son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter never will... Oh, The trauma. Back by popular demand, SNIP3m101 - (Currently searching for that video tape I recorded of old cartoons.)
  3. The half-dozen other halo games not for Xbox one are, of course, negligeble.
  4. I think they blow these things out of proportion sometimes, They really are not doing anything with what they "Plagiarize", they just post it on this website, I mean......
  5. O - o......Good job spyro, wear your pink...proud (Leaves forum and begins crying) WHY!!! (SNIP3m101 will return in "From forums with love")
  6. O...M...G......Is this the same Nintendo that promised us a functioning Wii? All Right! Let's Party! (Several members of 343i.org spend the night partying, forcing the neighbors to call the police) TWO WEEKS LATER...... In Topic: Rumors Denied: No Mario kart track editor Posted by Bnus on JFMAMJJASOND 1-31 20XX. My best friend Daveatstatefarm got arrested for this......WHERE IS YANG XIAO LONG, THE LITTLE SH !
  7. Me: Banned because you change you username every 3 1/2 weeks Ranger447: Banned because you don't change your username every 3 1/2 weeks ......I'm on to you...
  8. Banned for being halokittygirl............what, too soon?
  9. My character is not here BUT I MEAN WHO CARES ANYWAY?........(Sniff...I do...Sniff)
  10. They should have made halo 4 have a matchmaking option were people with mics play together. Food for thought FTW!
  11. Banned because the reasons justifying your Ban warranted your inevitable Ban because you could not Ban the person who coincidentally had evidence that could potentially have Banned you...but now you are Banned......kudos for you.
  12. Ha! It looks like another halo clone..................................Oh wait....
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