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Halo: Enemies  

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  1. 1. Which was your favorite enemy (excluding traditional Covenant)?

  2. 2. Which was your LEAST favorite enemy?

  3. 3. Which type of enemy would work best in Halo 5?

    • Flood
    • Brutes
    • Prometheans
    • ONI radical cell--rogue ODSTs and Spartans
    • Human Insurrectionists
    • Other? Explain.

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Throughout the Halo saga, humanity has been plagued with deadly foes. First it was the Flood; then the Insurrectionists (Innies); then the Covenant; and most recently the Prometheans. So I ask you: Which was your favorite, which wasn't, and which would work best in Halo 5? Feel free add ideas for entirely new reasons, or support your own opinion of which is the best/worst. Thanks for all the support in the previous Volume; here's to many future Volumes to come!



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I don't think the flood would work as they're all dormant on the existing Halos and one would assume the Humans and Covenant remnant would be more careful seeing as they broke containment on 2 rings now.

I think all the Prometheans were killed or deactivated when Requim was sent exploding into the Sun so i highly doubt they'd return


I think ONI would be a good enemy to fight because, if you've read Halo: Glasslands then you'd know that ONI are trying to further divide the Elite's by suppling the Remnant or Storm with weapons and for Brutes would be cool to do a halo 2-styled campaign in which you split between Elites and Humans to defeat the brutes but as well try and fix what ONI started maybe      

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@-Legendary- Well said. I just had an idea that transcends the poll's limits. If you've read Glasslands, you know that ONI is supplying the Storm with weapons (hence why the Storm Rifle is different than the Plasma Rifle). If you've seen "Halo Evolutions: The Mona Lisa", (Spoiler, but you learn/guess this early on anyway, and plus it's an old movie) you know that ONI has been experimenting with the Flood. So it would be possible to be fighting the Storm, the Flood, and in effect ONI, while cooperating with the Arbiter. I really hope the Brutes return, but maybe not. I'd like to see the Prometheans ally with Master Chief against the Flood, as the latter is a greater threat to them; they might seek allegiance with John as he has been anointed Reclaimer by the Librarian. And maybe Halsey with be thrown in somewhere, who knows?

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@ForgeMonitor - I hadn't really thought about the Mona Lisa, it's plausible actually as ONI has been know for being extremists, but the data could have been destroyed along with the Mona Lisa. Maybe. I hope the Flood don't return they were significant in the Original trilogy but I don't think they belong in the reclaimer trilogy; I assume this trilogy is about humanity's rise to the Mantle of responsibility    

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