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The Official What You Do and Do Not want in Halo 5 Thread

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The Halo 5 campaign could use the same replay value has Halo 2, and Halo 3's campaigns did, but still maintaining a good deal of emotional content like with the Halo 4 campaign (After all the rampancy and demise of Cortana was quite heart wrenching!).


Has with Multipayer, 343i should consider the balanced gameplay elements from Halo 2 and Halo 3.

For example having a Ranked playlist that play gametypes that do not include the following articles:

Armor abilities, sprint, ordinance drops of any kind whether it be personal ordinance, or not, and no custom loadouts.

Merely for the sake of balanced and competitive gameplay. (And of course the ranked playlist will include a ranking system as mentioned below)

Now the Social playlist should include classic Halo game variants, has well has new game variants that include the following:

Amor abilities, sprint, ordinance drops and custom loadouts.


Having a skill based ranking system that causes a rank up for victory has well has a rank down for defeat and quiting (Naturaly of course).

The skill rank for your spartan should also be visible at all times on your player card. So that accessing Halo Waypoint is not required to see your rank.


Vehicles should also be rigorously tested so that they are much more durable during combat and won't get destroyed as easily. Because Halo 4 vehicles might as well been made out cardboard.


And a crap ton of new weapon skins (heck yeah!) like a blood spattered assualt rifle, or a crimson carbine.

Why not keep Armor Abilities in the competitive playlist? Rather than being equipped at spawn, place them on the map to be fought over, like power weapons. Also, the exclusion of sprint could pose some problems for map design, since some maps have jumps where you need the momentum of sprint to achieve.

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Long campaign

Flood and arbiter to return




Casual and Competitive playlist, with displayed CSR.

NO Armor Abilities, unless they are used like power weapons.

NO Sprint, this encourages chasing and turns Halo into cat and mouse.

NO Ordinance, please god just no ordinance. This COMPLETELY ELIMINATES map control. It also bases the game off of luck.

Take out the waypoint that shows noobs where the power weapons are.

Infection, not Flood, Infection.

Needs more simple arena style 4v4 maps at launch.

Would be cool to bring back all the old gametypes plus new ones.




Clean looking blocks, like Reach.

Toggle Dynamic Lighting.

Big, diverse forge map.


If they have all this I'll be happy with the game.

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UNSC: ferret (Motorcycle), Warthog (Chaingun, Gauss, Rocket, and TT), Scorpion, Wolverine, Mantis, Elephant, Mammoth, Hornet, Falcon, Pelican.

Covie Sep: Ghost, Spectre (Plasma Cannon, Needle), Revenant, Wraith, AA Wraith, Locust, Shadow, Scarab, Vampire, Spirit, Phantom.

Covie Rem: Ghost, Spectre (Plasma Cannom, Needle),  Revenant, Wraith, AA Wraith, Locust, Shadow,

Scarab, Banshee, Phantom, Lich.

Promethean: Pawn RAV, Bishop FAV, Rook Tank, Titan Aircraft.

Brute: Chopper, Prowler, Masher Tank, Distroyer Aircraft, Smasher Dropship.


Weapons: *= Dual Wieldable, (S)= Silensed version

UNSC: M6I Magnum *, M7SMG *, M7SMG(S), MA5E Assault rifle, BR85HB SR, DMR, M45D Shotgun, Golf Club, SR99 Sniper rifle, SR99 Sniper rifle(S), Saw, Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Railgun, Sticky Detanator, Target Designator, frag grenade, Turret, AA turret, Flamethrower.

Covenant sep and rem: Plasma Pistol *, Plasma Rifle *, Needle Pistol *, Needler *, Storm Rifle , Carbine, Needle rifle, Plasma Shotgun, Energy Sword, Energy Stave, Beam Rifle, Plasma Repeater, Fuel Rod Gun, Plasma Launcher, Concussion rifle, Plasma Grenade, Plasma Cannon, Shade.

Brute: Mauler *, Spiker *, Brute Plasma Pistol *, Brute Plasma Rifle*, Brute Carbine, Gravity Hammer, Sniper, Spike Repeater, Firebomb Launcher, Brute Shot, Spike Grenade, Firebomb.

Promethean/Sentinel: Boltshot *, Sentenel beam*, Supressor, Scattershot, light rifle, Hardlight blade, Binary Rifle, Rapid Suppresor, Incineration Cannon, Pulse Launcher, Pulse Grenade, Pulse turret.



UNSC/Covie Sep/Sentinel: Human, Grunts, Drones, Elites, Hunters, Engineers, Sentinels.

Covie rem/Pro: Elite, Grunts, Jackal, Hunters, Promethean.

Brute: Brutes, Skirmishers

Flood: Flood!

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A GAMETYPE FOR CLUE! so the game does all the things so there can be no breaking of the game which is reliant on honesty, so the game chooses the king, then asks the king to select two people IN GAME (so no messages) to be killers, there are no death messages, and when all innocent people are dead, end the game, the killers and king win(innocent people have no damage, so they cant break the game). to stop people from shouting out the killers gamertag, i have no idea, maybe hide gamertags over peoples heads? this is the only problem, everything else has an easy solution. im thinking maybe seperate the dead peoples chat into another chat in game so only dead people can talk to each other? so they are like "aahh yeah 'blabla' killed be he was really secret" to the other dead people so it doesn't matter and they can't shout out their GT. awh this sucks D:

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Overall Halo 4 was a good game but there were some disappointing aspects about the game that should be changed:


1. Avadible species to play as


Very many people enjoyed being able to as the elites in Halo: Reach while also having to option to play as a spartan. This allowed for the player to experiance the combat styles of both the spartans and elites while also having special assassinations tailored to both of them.


2. More team premoting game types



The gametypes of dominion and oddball were great in Halo 4 because it was easier to win as the people worked in a team giving them bonuses to help them win. So I think it would be benificial to add more team elements back into the game like the popular gametype from Halo: Reach invasion. Though if you do bring invasion back add an animation at the beggining and end of  the match to show the deployment of the attackers, and the retreatment (attackers lost)/ escape (attacker won) to give the match a better feel. Meanwhile give invasion a more sensable feel as the spartans attack covanet or promeathean locations (covanent cruzier) while the elites attack spartan locations ( the infinity per say).


3. Assassanations



The assassanations in the Halo 4 multiplayer were amazing no complaints here, but in the spartan ops and campagin seemed to be lacking. I feel the should have been more special assassanations with the energy sword. Also you could add a special assassanation on the hunter like from halo forward unto dawn, but the player has to have grenades.


4. Vehicles


Good addition to the vehicles in Halo 4 and graphic changes to them, however the loss of flying vehicles for the humans severly hurt Halo 4's multiplayer community and forge. You may also consider adding a promethean vehicle that is a mix between the ghost and warthog.





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I would love to make epic movies in halo 5 like this:


So it would be nice to see a theatre option in custom games to allow gestures of different sorts, strictly for simplified awesomeness for your average halo-fan , movie making, forum disobeying from not reading terms of use, owning, genius absorbing, friendly forgiving, fun loving, friend gangstab0p. 


I love you.

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Multiplayer & Forge

  • Bigger maps
  • A lot more forge items
  • Five times the amount of items you can place on the map (thus 5x Budget, too)
  • Ability to have lobbies up to 32. That's barely any players but for a console, that's a fairly decent amount. Plus some people have IKEA-grade internet connection; anything above 32 would cause problems with just playing. Big team battle should obviously cap at 32
  • Elites to be play-able in some game-modes.
  • Invasion, One Flag, Assault and Dominion to definitely stay in Halo 5
  • Flood to become more like Infection again, load-outs for infected Spartans should be made available.
  • Base-player traits specific to **EACH** load-out. This allows for class-based game-modes which are long overdue in Halo.
  • Linear maps like Ragnorak to make Big Team games a lot more fun
  • Dynamic maps. Things like gates can be opened and turrets activated ect.


  • Infinity to be nearly destroyed (or completely destroyed) in an actual conflict in space (which would be a first for Halo)
  • Elites to return and be a lot more ruthless
  • A major focus on politics between humans and Elites plus considerable tension (no xenophobic derpderps) with each species' demands
  • Friendly platoon of Elites, Grunts, Hunters and Jackals to assist.
  • At some point, a massive battle that isn't over 10 ten seconds; this should be composed of both cinematic and actual play-able content


  • Falcon and Hornet to return
  • SMG and Plasma Rifle to return
  • Brute Shot to replace Concussion Rifle
  • Battle Rifle, DMR and Assault Rifle to return and stay similar to the ones just after Halo 4's launch
  • Grenade Launcher as well as the Sticky Detonator to return / stay in Halo 5


Like this post if you like the ideas!

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It's learned that Cortana has the best intel having spent the last years reassembling/assessing all the data and subroutines she has had.


It's found out that a dimensional seal "loop" gate has the original Gravemind trapped below the discovered ruins below Sword Base on Reach. The ancient Gravemind has been prodding war wherever able. It's learned this was even in the top of the Covenant as the prior top Prophets worked covertly for the being. The effects still rattle the remaining Covenant.


The Arbiter is tasked to find the remaining "Flood loyal" Covenant and works with Chief, Cortana, and the Didact directly. The Librarian is working with one of Cortana's "copies' on the recomposition made to life.


The only way to prevent war is to eliminate the Flood and provide the new composition to all life. The Didact amidst these revelations is on the brink of war siding the Covenant against Humans. Only a few Sangheili, the Prophets and Brutes stand against them. The Arbiter provides an uneasy truce.


The small bobble heads turn into "gathered protein synthesis packs". They can combine humans to transform the "host" into a new composed human with advanced intelligence, reactions, strength, and increased longevity. They are later noted to be immortal.


Chief and Cortana side with the Didact and reveal that the original Gravemind composed all life possible to die to provide hosts for the Flood. The original Gravemind survives and attempts to replicate itself as future Graveminds to protect against the Didact's return.


Due to the link to Guilty Spark and the experiments disrupted by Covenant presence in Combat Evolved, the Librarian is slightly less reliable and must be healed by Chief and Cortana due to programmed entity with the Didact who reveres Flood morphing.


When you shoot flood they transform themselves/host into a random composed human form. Composing the Flood is next. The Librarian has the resources and tools to compose the Composer into herself.

You tour the Covenant's homeworld eliminating rebels and Flood and encounter the new flood form.  It's learned Forerunners in H4 are composed with cybernetic addition to resist the Gravemind. This explains Cortana resisting in H2-3


The Didact himself is learned to be composed into a being somewhat similar to the Gravemind and "why" questions are asked.


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Have you heard of the modded gametype Combine Objects? What happens is that you set one object as a mongoose and other objects as forklifts. When in-game, the forklifts merge to the center hit-box of the mongoose and merge as a phased object, passing through the environment, players and other objects. The gametype is aesthetically fascinating, but because the forklifts pass through the environment and objects, it is practically useless. I understand that the modder who made the gametype must have been sitting there for about an hour thinking of a way to manipulate toe magnet tool to combine multiple objects, and I'm sure it was hard. Unfortunately, a far more sophisticated machine is required, one that will not rely on center magnetism and rather original placement. I am convinced that only 343 Industries has such sophistication, and they could revolutionize modern forge forever if they implemented Combine Objects directly into the forge environment? Maybe preset advanced labels or a tool that "point and click" combines the objects by hand. Another disappointing factor about Combine Objects is that it is exclusive to Slayer; a gametype rather preferred by the custom community, such as Flood or KOTH (Race) would have been more practical.

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OK so i want this stuff:



Longer like 15-20 missions. Switch between Cheif and Arbiter. Storm covenant, Prometheans, Brute Organization, and flood as foes.

and UNSC, Covie Separatists, and Sentinels as friends. 


Matchmaking (H2 H3 mix), Battlefield (Halo Custom Edition like), Custom Games, Forge, Firefight, Map remakes:

  • Deserted - Sandtrap
  • Subway - Terminal
  • Vanquished - Extinct
  • Colossal - Hugeass

Space maps too Space slayer and boarding (Invasion)


Weapons: DW= Dual Wieldable

UNSC: M6E(S) Magnum DW, M7SMG(S) DW, MA5E Assault Rifle, BR85 SR Battle Rifle, M396 DMR, SRS 99-S6 AM Sniper Rifle, M45D Shotgun, M41 SSR MAV/AW Rocket Launcher, M/AR M6 G/GNR Spartan Laser, M363 Sticky Detonator DW, M319 Grenade Launcher, ARC-920 Railgun, M739 SAW, M7057 FlamethrowerLAU65D/SGM151 Missile Pod, M247H Turret, M9 Frag Grenade, Combat Knife.

Storm and Separatists: Plasma Pistol DW, Needle Pistol DW, Plasma Rifle DW, Storm Rifle, Carbine, Needle rifle, Beam Rifle, Energy Sword, Honor Guard Stave, Fuel Rod Gun, Plasma Launcher, Needler DW, Concussion Rifle, Plasma Repeater, Focus Rifle, Plasma Turret, Plasma Grenade, Energy Dagger.

Brute: Mauler DW, Brute Plasma Rifle DW, Spiker DW, Spike Rifle, Spike Carbine, Brute Carbine, Spike Sniper, Gravity Hammer, Firebomb Launcher, Spike Cannon, Brute Shot, Spike Repeater, Spike Turret, Spike Grenade, Firebomb, Curveblade.

Forerunner: Boltshot DW, Sentinel Beam DW, Suppressor, Light Rifle, Binary Rifle, Scattershot, Light Blade, Incineration Cannon, Light Shot, Pulse Rifle, Pulse Turret, Pulse Grenade.



UNSC: Siege Bike, Warthog, Guasshog, Rockethog, Troop Transport hog, Scorpion, Cobra, Wolverine, Grizzly, Rhino, Mantis, Mammoth, Elephant, Hornet, Light Assault VTOL, Falcon, Hawk, Vulture, Pelican, Longsword, Shortsword, Broadsword, Hyena.

Covenant: Ghost, Spectre, Revenant, Needle Spectre, Troop Transport Spectre, Wraith, Locust, AA Wraith, Scarab, Shadow, Banshee, Vampire, Phantom, Orbital Banshee, Phantom Gunboat, Spirit, Seraph, Gigas, Tarasque, Shade.

Brute: Chopper, Prowler, Smasher, Ripper, Annihalator, Brute Banshee, Brute Phantom.



UNSC: Marine, ODST, Spartan, Flame Marine.

Covie Separatists: Grunts, Skirmishers, Elites, Hunters.

Storm Covenant: Reptile Grunts, Reptile Jackals, Elites, Hunters.

Brutes: Brutes, Drones.

Prometheans: Crawlers, Watcher, Knights, War Sphinx.

Sentinel: Sentinels, Sentinel Major, Enforcer.


And those are my ideas.

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I would like to see Cortana make a comback...for all of the people that read the books in HALO: First Strike cortana found a way to make copys of herself...which means she probably made a copy of herself to save Mster Chief.

And i would like to see forerunner weapons...not the Promethian weapons...And i would like Chief be able to use the "gifts" taht the Librarian gave him. :awesome:  :ice: 

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I only want one thing is this:

They can't trust him due to Dr.Halsey siding with the covenant and the higher ups in the UNSC tell them  to arrest Master Chief Commander Palmer and the other Spartans follow their orders except from Crimson squad (you), so as Master chief is escaping your multiplayer character from spartan ops holds off Commander Palmer and the other Spartans. So Master chief can escape. (that will be before he is at that desert planet obviously)



tell me if this is a good thing or if it wouldn't work.


Thanks for reading NidPrince  :thumbsup:

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For armor I'd like to see plenty of aesthetic changes that add a layer of immersion inside of customization


-Arm mounted displays like in Reach but that could be programmed with the game score, teammate status (could be as simple as alive/dead, or as complicated as giving their "shout-out" location and their current weapon as well), respawn status on weapons or vehicles (could be tied towards the specialization abilities like engineer), or perhaps objective status. If they really want to enforce the competetive spirit they could list your stats so far for the round or even your current nemesis. The idea is that your arm would always kinda be in your screen anyways, but if not you could do something as easy as looking down or pressing up on your d-pad to check for whatever information might be there.


-Altering visors and HUDs for different helmets. This way players can choose what looks cool and feels right to them while they're playing the game and while they're watching their replays. I'd love to see the visor outline of the HUD a bit more pronounced to help illustrate this notion.


-I've heard that some people vehicle camos and colors, but perhaps an adaptive color system for vehicles to either add a little individualism or team recognition inside the game. They could be as easy as while jumping into a tank, a few "adaptive paint" stripes sort of "matrix code" themselves into your team's color. They also had those cool team emblems: Hawks, Stingrays, Raptors, etc. On larger surfaces, say on the hood of a warthog or on the side of a base they could actually display the emblem.


-I would absolutely love to have taunts. We have teabagging, but there really isn't any way you can express yourself otherwise... A respectful nod or salute to an opponent that fought with honor, a secret handshake for a fellow squadmate who did good that round, or celebratory fist shake as you run past a dead enemy with his flag. I wouldn't want them to be... mean or unsporting in nature... We still have teabagging for that. But they should be quick, subtle (no explosions, arcing electricity... basically no particle effects), and CANCELABLE. Perhaps you'd have to hold down the taunt button for the entire animation.


-Vehicle taunts as well? Perhaps a banshee rocking its wings as it flies over a friendly base (although you can do that already) or a warthog crew raising a fist as they make a sweet jump. A mantis doing... mantis... type... stuff... I don't judge! I'm not really sure how enclosed vehicles could do much, but there is potential for human traits to be shown in ghost, mongoose, or warthog crews.

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I would like to have the Brutes appear in Halo 5 again. They don't have to be a foe they just gotta be apart of it in someway, they were just too awesome. If the brutes do make it back, the halo 3 brutes would be amazing but with the size of the halo 4 brute in the first cutscene.



The armor looked a bit plastic and it glew a little more than needed. The halo reach armor was pretty cool even though the game had a low rating. In the dark I could easily see the enemy but I would like to look for them in the dark. The armor should also have a standard issue instead of a but load of different bicep pieces, just have two or three that shoulder pieces can attach to. The shoulder pieces were pretty amazing in halo 4 but like I said before they looked a bit plastic.

Armor abilities;

The armor abilities were alright but they were a little much. For example, the Thrust Pack was just horrible lol I'm sorry, but it didn't really serve a purpose, evade was far better. Really Amir abilities kinda of ruined the pro gamers thrill. I'd actually like to have halo 3 pick-up equipment.


lol do I need to say more. WE need more vehicles. Also could they be a possible boat variant added on. (Since Spartans cannot swim in water.)


In campaign the Prometheans were a very nice spin to enemies but!, they were predictable. Also the campaign was tooooo short. I beat it in 4 days on legendary would have beaten it sooner but my consolation armor got in the way.

Map ideas:

there could be changing weather in maps. Such as, when there are long battles the daytime slowly fades to night and if its a night map it fades to day. A problem In the maps like I said before is that they were too light, even if a forger tried to make the map night time. Also if its not to much could they be raining weather map, snow maps, sandbox map, or a forge world map.

Multiplayer: weapons/ animations

Could there possibly be some way to add the old weapons back along with new ones. I have never came across a game that got rid of weap

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Firefight 3.0! Should include different enemies (prometheans and flood) and you should be able to build your own maps. It should have friendly AI (similar to Installation 04 on Halo Reach), and you should be able to build defenses like turrets or shields, and you can choose between these between rounds (shields, turrets or ODST squad). This would be plain awesome.

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The only thing that requires me to play the game for hours upon hours a day is a visible ranking system similar to that of Halo2/3. The fact the ranking system has been taken out of the Halo:Reach and Halo 4 (CRS can only be viewed on waypoint) is why I have barely touched the game. Below I will post some arguments and suggestions towards the ranking system.
For people AGAINST the 1-50 ranking system
Let me talk about point by point common arguments i've heard
"I don't like being assigned a rank, I like to play for fun!"
Easy fix is make a separate set of playlists for ranking. If you don't want to be ranked, then stick to the social games such as Halo 4 has right now.. Have a option to "hide your rank" only when in matchmaking for social games(will always be visible when in ranked matchmaking and friends list). If you're embarrassed about your rank, then hide it and only stick to social games if you want.
"Too much abuse, boosters, account sellers a 50 means nothing!"
Read my basic layout of the 1-50, again someone much smarter than me can make this better but this is a basic idea of what it could be.
"Why do people care about a stupid number so much?" 
Why are boobs good? Who knows! It is something fun to work for that means something to me and other people. I have a lot of real life friends who are gamers. When Halo 3 was out they would say "Oh yeah i am so good at halo!" and i would ask them what level they were.. "35".. Always a good measuring stick. There was prestige to the higher numbers. It was fun before starting a game knowing the caliber of people you were playing. How many times when you played Halo 3 did you say "Oh crap they got 2 poeple with highest skill level 50's on their team we are in trouble"
"Everytime I try playing I always run into people much better than me that shouldn't be at that level"
Example if you didn't understand that, is a guy who got a level 50 in slayer is just now playing team objective. Of course this will happen but not all that often. It is the same as if you were playing strictly social, you will always run into people better than you but playing people better than you, makes you better in the long run.
Basic idea of a level 1-50 formula
*Each level requires a certain # of points to go up, or down. Progresses higher so leveling is slower as you get higher level. This is for a level 50 isn't something easily achieved. This will limit mass account selling as people won't be able to get a level 50 in 20 or even 50 games no matter how good they're.
*Skill of YOUR team does NOT effect your +/- point progression towards leveling. This will help fix boosting. The only thing that matters if the skill of the team you win/lose against.
*Assign points +/- for your opposition based on their level and how close they're to next level. Basic example: There are +50 points needed to get from level 5 to 6. 0-10 points = tier 1, 11-20 = 2, 21-30 = 3, 31-40 = 4, 41-49 = 5. Beating a tier 5 level 5 will grant you 10 points, beating a level 5 tier 4 will grant 9 then 8 then 7 then 6. This can be scaled appropriately at all levels. Ideally, it should be harder to level as you get higher level. This COULD also be scaled that losses hurt a lot more as you get higher level. Meaning it could take 3+ wins just to get back where you were at before because of one loss. This can be reversed backwards for losses so losing to a top tier will make you lose 5 points. ect. Tiers and amount until next level WILL be hidden. (Problem I see with this that I can't control is matchmaking's problem where people can manipulate matchmaking a play the same team over and over.. Hypothetically they could take turns winning/losing and still come out ontop.. only way to fix this is to cap on matchmaking how many times you can play the same people in a given time period.)
*Facing opponents higher/lower than you. This will be capped as in if you're level 1 playing with a level 40 and you're winning you will not jump up massive amount of levels. It will be a constant bonus as in (just a example) gain a *1.05 point bonus for beating someone higher than you and lose same amount. That would be constant as in you get the same bonus as a level 1 beating a level 2 as you do if you were to beat a level 40. This is to protect against power ranking and account selling. This way it will be much harder to carry a friend to the same level as you quickly.
*Amount of actual points awarded/loss will be determined by average of the team you beat/loss.
*Level max is 50, but points can always increase. People like to play on their 50 because they love that playlist and love the competition of playing other 50's so if you keep winning you will get more points so losing one game on your 50 doesn't drop you to 49.
*Matchmaking is determined by max level, not average. For example if I am level 45 trying to rank up the best way could possibly be to get 3 super low levels on my team that are good so we play worse people. Game will first search for other mix parties with ATLEAST 1 other 45 in it, if not then it will treat it as all level 40-45+'s are searching ect. (basic matchmaking)
*Overall idea of this is level 50s should be rare. It is not something that can be achieved easily. You need a mixture of time played and skill but with skill being a lot more weight. It shouldn't be amount where to get a level 50 you need something crazy like 1000 wins or something of that matter. 
Overall of WHY it should be incorporated WITH visible view
Again, Halo is a competitive game and that is what makes me and other people play it hours upon hours. I'll be completely honest when Halo 4 came out I played a lot but I did get bored with it. Wins didn't mean much to me. Leveling up to SR130 was nothing exciting for me because it didn't mean anything to me. It didn't show skill. Heck i think I am only SR40 or something in Halo 4 and this is only from War Games. You can incorporate both SR levels and 1-50 levels in the game. I liked Halo 3's system where it showed your highest rank QUICKLY.. It was fun sizing up the people you were playing against. I liked Halo 2's system where it showed you their highest level on your friend's list. Why not incorporate both?.. It NEEDS to be visible or it won't be worth a damn. Who is going to take the time to go on their PC and check waypoint to see what level they're? I am sure not. If you realize a 1-50 system that is only visible on waypoint it won't bring me back to crank in the hours on Halo 4. That ingame 1-50 is fun to brag about, work towards, meant something to me and a lot of people. People could quickly look at your service record and see you're a level 50 so you MUST be good. On waypoint what am I going to do? write down people's gamertags and check after the match? no. It NEEDS to be visible.


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My ideas for “Halo 5”:

Campaign-wise, I think 343i know what they’re doing. However, I feel that the Promethean forces weren’t as menacing and dangerous as they could have been. They appeared too simple, aesthetically, and could’ve had more powerful weaponry, especially considering they are Forerunner military technology. Only the Binary Rifle and Incineration Cannon lived up to my expectations of what firearms the legendary Forerunners would make. I would also love to see a return of the Brutes, as they were interesting enemies with a suite of fun weapons in their arsenal that helped make Halo 3 the revered game that it is. On a side note, I dearly miss the Covenant enemies speaking in English and verbalizing threats and screaming out of anger and fear.

As for multiplayer, I have more to say. I felt that the inclusion of loadouts and ordinance were completely unnecessary and devolved the Halo experience by putting less focus on map control and scavenging for better weapons on the map. I also miss dual-wielding and many of the weapons associated with the ability, such as the SMGs. I do realize that Halo 4’s weapon balancing period was probably a bit rushed and that with Quinn DelHoyo from Epic Games now a primary designer of this aspect, 343i can properly balance this ability.

I also feel that Armor Abilities should be treated more like power weapons, similarly to the equipment in Halo 3. As such, players would have to go out of their way to grab a Jetpack and put more of an emphasis on the actual enhancement of these Armor Abilities, allowing them to be more useful. This, combined with the classic weapons-on-map approach, would aid in bringing Halo multiplayer back into its prime. Additionally, some AAs seem less useful than others, such as the Hardlight Shield and the Thruster Pack. I would have you consider the concept of carrying a Jackal’s shield as an AA, with a similar effect to the Hardlight Shield. The difference being that the Jackal Shield would allow players to fire back, similarly to if they had the shield as a dual-wielded weapon alongside a Plasma Pistol or Magnum, for instance. This has been the problem with the self-defense AAs in the past, with both Armor Lock and Hardlight Shield you are usually only delaying your imminent death. As for the Thruster Pack, I would actually prefer Reach’s Evade over the over-reactive thought of a Thruster Pack to shift into a position of about 1-2 meters. If not Evade, consider a short-range “lunge-warp” like the ‘Lancer’ variant of Promethean Knights.

I found that Spartan Ops was a linear and paced version of Firefight from previous Halo games. Unlike Firefight, however, it seemed to lack replay value (for me, anyways) and the CGI cutscenes and additional plotlines, while interesting, could’ve better served in a different medium. Spartan Ops lacked customization, was extremely repetitive, and had no risk. Along with the relatively simple inclusion of Firefight in Halo 5, I’d like to propose something somewhat new.

A new gametype, acting as a spiritual successor to Invasion from Halo Reach and Spartan Ops, in which players fight to defend/attack an objective as either a fireteam of Spartan-IVs or a group of various Covenant/Promethean forces. For reference, look to Gears of War: Judgment’s Overrun Mode (worked on by Quinn DelHoyo). The Spartan team has to protect an objective from destruction for a set amount of time, while the Covenant team must accumulate points by damaging the objective or killing enemies in order to become stronger units, such as Elite Zealots, Brute Chieftains, Hunters, or Promethean Knights. Starting units would include Grunts( potentially Halo Wars-esque Suicide Grunts), Jackals, and Elite Minors. For each map, there is a CGI narrative story detailing the situation, akin to Spartan Ops. The objective, and possibly the selection of Covenant/Promethean forces, is determined by said map. Ideas for objectives include a Forerunner artifact, UNSC asset, or a captured Prophet (Covenant may want revenge for their lies, while UNSC offers sanction in exchange for the Prophet’s knowledge in finding Forerunner artifacts and potentially Dr. Halsey). After either the time limit is reached or the objective is destroyed, the teams change roles, like in Invasion. This type of multiplayer experience with a narrative could be a form of competitive new matchmaking gametype, mirroring the concept of the Xbox One launch title, Titanfall.


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Another great addition to the vehicular arsenal would be the Locust from Halo Wars, serving as a Covenant counterpart to the UNSC Mantis. Fitting it in story-wise, the Storm Covenant clearly have access to mining and excavation tools, like the Harvester from the Spartan Ops map of the same name, so its not a far-fetched idea for them to have Locusts in their arsenal. After all, Locusts and Scarabs are quadrupedal mining platforms repurposed for combat roles. Add this to the possible return of the Brute Chopper and Prowler and Halo's Big Team maps could be incredibly fun.

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Halo 5 ideas


- I think a promethean battle suit that builds up around would be awesome and it should be able to counter the mantis

- Bring back all the removed vehicles such as the spectre, chopper, falcon and hornet

- Allow the use of the really large vehicles in forge like the Pelican, Phantom, Mammoth and Scarab

- A lot of promethean vehicles



- bring back most the removed weapons such as brute shot

- have more weapon assassanations such as you can the brute shot blade in one or smash the with a gravity hammer

- the energy lance that has been seen before

- a promethean triple burst grenade launcher



-new forge world(s)

- different types of each piece (human, forerunner, covenant, flood infected)

- interactable things like buttons for doors



-bring back firefight

-make firefight have more mystery

- different enemy factions (Covenant, promethean, flood)

- a mode where you play as an elite and battle against humans

- special ordances such as longsword strike, pelican support and vehicle drop


multiplayer customization 

- tons of armour customization just to show off the quality of xbox one

- more weapon skins unlocked through challenges, including one that changes the promethean hardlight to blue



-allow for both AA's and equipment, AA's can be used multiple times and equipment is one time use however equipment is more powerful

- AA's should be jet pack, thruster pack, promethean vision, hologram, weak active camo, hardlight shield, rgen shield

-Equipment should be trip mine, strong active camo, flare, overshield, damage boost, speed boost

wait a forgot playable elites we need them too

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Want 343 to add:

1. A option to use the Oculus Rift headset! "Would work amazingly for Halo"

2. Return of the Grenade Launcher (Halo Reach)

3. A drive-able UNSC Air Vehicle in War Games

4. A "few" mega servers with: At least 30-40 players / 15-20 per team, 1 or 2 large vehicles

5. Basic weapon modifications (attachments) 1-3 per weapon. Ex: DMR "Larger Mag" "Thermal / Target Finder"

6. Add Forerunner vehicles.

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