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  1. The worst thing about the site now, is that we no longer have that awesome 404 page.

  2. Drains all living beings of--
  3. If you revived this thread, you'd actually be on an active community. What if this community was more active?
  4. There never was a what? TELL MEEEEEEE!!!! Banned for leaving me hanging!
  5. out with destroying the massive...
  6. Banned for bringing fortune to the unfortunate. Also for not starting a new page LUL
  7. Never mind, for some reason I was trying to put the code in the wrong section, the first one you sent should still be active, I didn't redeem it.
  8. Apparently it's invalid. Oh well, thanks anyway bro!
  9. If you're struggling to give the others away, I'll take a second rando Only if nobody else wants them though.
  10. I got Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Remastered, I know nothing about this game but thanks man!
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