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  1. Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

  2. The worst thing about the site now, is that we no longer have that awesome 404 page.

  3. If you revived this thread, you'd actually be on an active community. What if this community was more active?
  4. We need another Sight Pole!

    1. Maestro


      They only come once a year.

    2. Jack Of Harts
    3. Ranger Intel

      Ranger Intel

      I occasionally come back to see how my legacy was continued, but unfortunately it appears things went really downhill after I retired from the poll. XD Unfortunately my passion for Halo is still not present, as has been for the past year and a half, but if it does ever return you can be sure you'll see me popping those polls out every week again.

  5. You're a wizard, Harry.

    1. Vitamin Pwn

      Vitamin Pwn

      You’re a Jedi, Frodo

    2. Maestro


      But I'm just Harry!

    3. Jack Of Harts

      Jack Of Harts

      Well, "Just Harry" you are a wizard!

  6. out with destroying the massive...
  7. Banned for bringing fortune to the unfortunate. Also for not starting a new page LUL
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