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  1. Mantis Minigun: simple machine gun Rocket: launches 1-5 rockets Gauss: Gauss cannon anti aircraft Flamethrower: fires 1000 degree F flames Grasper: can grap and throw small-medium vehicles Gorgon Plasma Turret: Plasma turret Fuel rod Cannon: fires 1-4 fuel rods Needler: fires 3m needles anti aircraft Shock Cannon: fires 800 wat electric shockwaves Grasping teeth: can grab and throw sall-medium vehicles
  2. Halo 5s trailer was in my opinion suprising and unexpected. nobody thought cheif was in that robe and the battle (Or self made) damage raise alot of fuss, but let us go deeper and harder, nobody really notices the five in the clouds or shaded into the sand at the end. what about those giant spikes in the distance? did that remind you of those spikes at the beginning of the H3 Level cortana cough-high-cough-charity-cough-ark. or maybe a moon of reach or sangheilios, instalation 01 or 03? and lastly has cheif gone rogue and has the song demons by imaginedragons playing in that mark VI helmet. half these questions have already been asked but my question is weres the DIDACT!
  3. The Bomb cutscene in halo 2 or the part in halo 3 when arbiter kills the prophet of truth "I am the voice of the covenant, ******* you must be silenced"
  4. here each halo games stats Halo CE: Ports: XBOX, PC, Xbox 360 Released: 2001, 2004, 2011 Halo 2: Ports: XBOX, PC There might be a Xbox 360 or Xbox One Released: 2004, 2007 maybe 2014 Halo 3: Ports: Xbox 360 Released: 2007 Halo 3:ODST: Ports: Xbox 360 Released: 2009 Halo Wars: Ports: Xbox 360 Released: 2009 Halo Reach: Ports: Xbox 360 Released: 2010 Halo 4: Ports: Xbox 360 Released: 2012 Halo Spartan Assault: Ports: Windows 8 Computer, Windows 8 Tablet, Windows 8 Phone. Released: 2013 Halo 5?: Ports: Xbox 360, Xbox One Released: 2015
  5. SUPER CARRIER FTW. but if just ground vehicles Spirit! love that thing.
  6. There should be a H2A skin pack. with the human weapons being orange and the covenant weapons being black.
  7. Can you make map remakes? Example: Sword Base, Boardwalk etc (Note those were both in infection.
  8. Id say anywhere from 85% to 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999998%
  9. I want the mauler, spiker, brute plasma rifle, gravity hammer, brute shot, spike grenades, and incendiary grenades. But the new ones should be the spike rifle presision, brute plasma repeater automatic, Firebomb Launcher, and brute snipe.
  10. Vehicles UNSC: M274 Mongoose Siege Bike M12 Warthog M12G Guasshog M12A Rockethog M12R Missilehog M808 Scorpion SP42 Cobra M9 Wolverine M850 Grizzly M-145 Rhino Mk-IX Mantis XRP12 Gremlin M312 Elephant M510 Mammoth Light Assault VTOL Av-14 Hornet Av-22 Hawk UH-144 Falcon AC-220 Vulture Albatross D77-TC Pelican Cargo Ship (Arcadia level) B-65 Shortsword GA-TLI Longsword ODST Drop pod Bumblebee squad pod. Covenant: Transport Ghost Ghost Spectre Revenant Needle Spectre Wraith Poltergeist AA Wraith Locust Gorgon EMP Revenant Shadow Scarab Banshee Space Banshee Phantom Tarasque Spirit Lich Gigas Seraph Drop Pod squad Drop Pod Brute: Chopper Prowler Forerunner War Sphinx Weaapons UNSC Magnum SMG Silenced SMG Assault Rifle Battle Rifle DMR Sniper Rifle Shotgun SAW Railgun Rocket Launcher Spartan Laser Stickey Detonator Machine Gun Turret Flamethrower Frag Grenade Stationary Turret Stationary Guass Turret Mass Driver Covenant Plasma Pistol Plasma Rifle Storm Rifle Plasma Repeater Carbine Needle Rifle Beam Rifle Energy Sword Focus Rifle Concussion Rifle Fuel Rod Gun Plasma Launcher Needler Plasma Cannon Plasma Grenade Shade Fuel Rod Shade AA Gun Brute Mauler Spiker Brute Plasma Rifle Spike Rifle Brute Snipe Gravity Hammer Brute Shot Firebomb Launcher Spike Turret Brute Shade Forerunner Cutlass Silencer Sentinel Beam Suppresor Light Rifle Light Carbine Binary Rifle Scattershot Vanquish Weapon Featured in Halo Ledgends origins Incineration Cannon Pulse Launcher Boltshot Pulse Turret Pulse Grenade Defense Turret Incineration Turret AA Turret
  11. So my idea has been brought up so much by others better forge but somehow keep elements from 3, reach, and 4. so to start heres some features of the map itself. same areas in forge world more areas such as ocean, mountains, prairie and higher map ceiling Adjustable time of day, weather, and frost or puddles. Special FX that can change the biome. 1 ship can be on map (like Sandtrap in halo 3 exept you can actually walk through it) Large enouph for things such as Pelicans, Phantoms, Seraphs, and Longswords. Trees, Rocks, Hills, and Bushes. UNSC, Covenant, Flood, and Forerunner style structure. Categories: Weapons (sub categories for each faction) Vehicles (sub categories for each faction) Ships Armor Abilitys (sub categories for each faction) Gadgets Objections (sub categories for each playlist) Spawning Scenery Structures (sub categories for each faction) In spawning you can choose regular initial spawn or ODST drop. Respawn could also be odst drop. Weapons arent just handheld stationary turrets and AA guns can be spawned too. Ships also include the Aircraft Carrier from longshore in the halo 3 mythic map pack II New things in scenery include flood biomass, forerunner crates and barracades, communication towers for each faction, watch tower for UNSC and Sniper tower for covenant, corpses, the large covenant sheild seen in ODST, the large barracades for the UNSC from ODST, forklifts, carts, spades, and trucks. NOW the forge mechanics Rotation Snap 90 45 30 15 5 flip like in the paint application on your computer Co-ordinates Magnets Can change the color of all vehicles Delete individual, all of this, all of category, everthing. take away the sound of whatever in halo 4s forge and replace it with the sound of 3's, and Reach'es. that is all for now what do you think?
  12. So what im talking about is what species should have Ranks like the Elites in reach or Armor peices like spartans in 4. Heres what i think: Spartans: Armor Marine: Rank ODST: Armor Elites: Armor Grunts: Ranks Jackals: Ranks Hunters: Ranks Drones: color change only Brutes: Armor Skirmisher: Rank Promethean: Ranks Also the elites would have peices from 2, 3, reach, and 4
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