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  1. Awesome vid by Greenskul at ReadyUpLive give the subscribe for awesome vids of Halo and other Games
  2. Umm how would that work with the K/D ratio just thinking guy goes out on his first game and gets 1 kill and then somehow doesn't die he would have everything but next game dies say 10 times with no kills do things lock again? I think a number of kills in a certain vehicle and maybe get it but again would hogs just randomly change color when someone gets in it only way i see vehicles getting custom paint jobs is if they are ordanince
  3. maybe in certain gametypes and a couple of campaign segments, it sounds good especcially whe it come to different colored blades
  4. I'm pretty sure destiny it self is being released in 2014
  5. Just pointing out a fact, every plot of every entertainment type is a copy of something else to some degree, Halo wasn't the first story created with that plot it's just very well know because of it
  6. Unless MC can survive being in a sun he isnt going back, end of SOpps Requium (whatever) fly into a sun nearly draging infinity with it, learn ur lore man
  7. Buying for the 360 then later moving to a ONE and hopefully take my save with me
  8. Pointing out just before the sphinx scene here MC looks at Cortanas old chip, i think he is trying to bring her back somehow and the forunners tech might be able to do that
  9. Interesting ideas about the armor abilities but if they are "pick ups" we will end up with people camping on there spawns so i think keep the AA's how they are it works and sprinting adds a level of desperation to the game i think, "I have to get there to help" or "get me the hell out of here" sorta feelings come out when using sprint and if a map can be dominated by an AA, you have it as well so whats the problem really
  10. As long as we can play a game on a seperate console if we use the same account (if XBOX breaks and we need a new one)
  11. Just saying wouldnt work to well, Gungier, EOD, Recon wouldnt be to great
  12. yeah, well at least thats what i think, may not be 100% right but that should be the main outline of the idea
  13. It is mentioned in Spartan Ops there is a subspace network all over the planet they can just tap into it better than Humans or Covvies
  14. Its not an actual game man it could be but not yet
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