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Mr Biggles

Big #13 "Biggles Style" - RunningDaHaloWithDaPit!

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Here Is Entry 13, hope you enjoy it! :D



1. The Pit


This map is very MLG Specified. From the Opening strategy to the ending strategy. Okay, so, to begin with, you want to send everyone here





Why? Well, the name is in the picture, its where the rockets are, and the rockets are essential for any form of gameplay. Since the Pit is so open, you can run around freely and kill everyone you want to, with rockets, the pit is your playground, so, i would send at least 3 of your team to rockets, and 1 guy through the other hall (Right of rocket hall) so they can come round the back of their side of rocket hall and kill them from the back.


In the mid game, you need to control their side, so, all of this:





Needs to be controlled, specifically, the sniper tower on the far right? Why? cause then you control spawns and can dominate the game just by picking them off spawn. Also, You may want to control their side of green so you can kill them off the spawn of the top left side of them which is not in the picture, but, this is an easy to get quick flag caps if done properly, In My Opinion, Id have the following:


ONE Person at their side of Rocket Hall

ONE Person at their side of the hall right of Rocket Hall (Long Hall)

ONE Person moving the flag through Rocket Hall

ONE Person at their sniper tower to cover everyone off their spawn.



This is the ideal setup, we all know 9/10 we won't get this perfect, but if you get around that are you have a strong chance of winning games, just make sure you are all covering each other cause if 1 / 2 people die, the whole setup breaks and you guys may have to be defending instead of attacking.


For Defending i'd do the same setup, it is a sort of reversible setup as it works both ways, again, its all about teamwork though, NEVER use sword though unless necessary, because, its of no worth and you will be seen as just looking for kills in a flag game, which we don't.



2. Preparing For Halo 4.


Now, with halo 4 coming out in a little while i feel people could be doing some preparation for halo 4. to begin with, why you should play halo 3.


Halo 3: BR, Movement, Maps due to colour and stuff, and possibly the ranking system, since we have no idea of what the ranking system is going to be like, we can presume its going to be somewhat like the halo 3 one. (Not the XP one, the trueskill one.), Carbine.

Halo Reach: DMR, AA's, Jumping, HitScan, 5 Shot Kill, Some Maps, Some Covanent/Promethean Weapons, Sniper.



3.Specializations For Halo 4.


As a player from halo 1, this kind of scares me but excites me at the same time. Specializations. This new feature which gives you slight adjustments to your armour causes you to get little effects, here is a video of it all.




So, with this, i was wondering what specializations you guys would pick, put in the comments below what you would pick, but personally, i'd pick Wetworks Or Tracker, as it seems that these 2 are the most game beneficial, but, i want to know what you want. So, say below! :)



4. Dual Combo in MLG



Now, i don't mean dual combo as in double spikers, SMG, etc, i mean like, favourite combo, IE: DMR/Sniper, DMR/Magnum, etc.


Personally, my favourite is DMR/Plasma Pistol, why? I can overcharge the Plasma pistol and pick up the easy kill with the DMR, or DMR and Sniper for the same reasons. But, combos change depending on the player, so i'd be interested to know what your favourite combo is and why :)



5. Other News


Just Gonna leave you guys with a gameplay from my good friend, Gazzy, enjoy and watch to get some tips on how to get a better player.




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More good breakdowns, this is how almost everyone tries to run Pit so when you face other teams that know what to do it is irritating getting into the setup. >.>

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This starting strat is interesting it's not my style, but its effective in it's own way. Sending all four in push towards rocket is smart in a few aspects, but can lead to a few certain downfalls if there is a small misstep. Sending all four to get rockets basically assures that you get the rockets off start, but the three players that do take the rocket hall push will be guaranteed to have plenty of nade damage, which if that teams "sniper" has a quick and accurate shots (i.e. F0RMAL), could take down the man that is flanking the group from the opposing team, and leave the group of three weak, with no backup. However if the man does get through and the sniper is either not paying attention to callouts or doesn't even have a mic, then in a CTF match you would have more than likely three opposing players down to start off from the rockets and you could get an easy flag cap to start off the match, assuming like I said that the sniper wasn't paying attention or was just bad. I like this strat but I don't like that the main slayer on your team wouldn't be grabbing your team's sniper rifle to begin the match, at least until rockets are secure. However, if you are playing with a team without a clear cut main slayer with a decent sniper shot, then this would be the perfect strat since nobody would have the name on the sniper to start off the match. However the mid game setup is pretty solidly said, its one that the team I play with use on a frequent basis, and its usually super effective :)


EDIT: Just out of curiosity, do you think that Halo 4 MLG will actually have Pit? It's my personal favorite to play but I don't know if they will bring it back, since a lot of the maps from H4 are supposed to be symmetrical for the most part to help with the competitive Halo scene.

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