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  1. Sounds like custom games. Speaking of, what about a playlist where members can play custom games.
  2. I loved the Halo 3 warthog physics. I can't be as precise with the reach warthog, if that makes sense.
  3. I haven't read the two forerunner books due to lack of interest, but since they are linked so much to halo 4 I may have to dust them off from my bookshelf lol.
  4. Exactly my opinion, it should be an option to quick join, not mandatory. Enough people will use the feature that it will work, and the traditionalists will be happy as well. Personally, I've done some of my best work when it's me against 4 others.
  5. Exactly, Microsoft could easily afford to provide DS but they know they won't lose any(many) followers if they don't put it in. And I agree having a good ranking system is my number one also. I remain hopeful.
  6. Does anyone know what CoD REALLY is?
  7. I would get an engineer(huragok), Imagine how helpful it would be fixing things around the house. It would probably be able to add some horsepower to my car with some duct tape and rubber bands. And because of this, I would name him MacGyver.
  8. First Halo game I got was Halo 2. I got it with my first xbox and as I started playing I was having trouble aiming because the setting was on inverted look, and I didn't know how to change that or that I even had an option to. I got half way through the first mission annoyed and frustrated and just stopped playing. It wasn't until halo 3 came out that I fell in love. I then finally went back and played halo 2 and then went out and got CE. So I played the trilogy backwards lol.
  9. Yeah some kind of forerunner seal I'm guessing.
  10. Well said, once a fan always a fan.
  11. That would be interesting and a nice tie in to the books.
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