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Found 6 results

  1. I've played firefight a bunch of times but it gets boring really fast it's too much of the same thing. I was looking at a video and this guy had some good ideas like how they should do something like cods zombies how it has a story how you have choice where you wanna go. Then there's like gears of war horde how you can set up defenses which I think would give firefight more replayablity.and last thing the constant spawning in the same place is kinda annoying it's gotta be random to add more challenge. Oh and forgot he he also said stuff about how it would be cool for them to do a firefight mode with the flood more involved He makes a good point bout how in all the other games your being hunted which brings out more of the survival aspect while right now in firefight everyone's hunting theelites down which is why it sounds good to use flood cause they attack in packs and hunt you down
  2. I was thinking that there could be bigger, beyter vehicles in Forge to enhance gameplay and building. Here are some of my ideas, what do you think? I know most if not all of these won't even be in Halo 5, but it's a cool idea.
  3. Hello all and here's another Wrapup for you: Primary Announcement: Let it be known that Azaxx is the King of the Shout Box. He was even awarded with his very own exclusive Award: The Azaxxinator. Read all about it here. ANNOUNCEMENT I haven't seen a time limit on this so I assume it's still going and I haven't noticed too much activity with it so hopefully this picture will help! Would you like to test Halo multiplayer for 343 Industries? Would you like to get paid to test Halo multiplayer for 343 Industries? Click Absolute Dog's announcement on how you can play test for 343i here. BREAKING NEWS We've got ourselves a new Site Moderator on our hands. The 4th in the history of 343industries.org! It was only a matter of time. Everyone congratulate our newest Moderator: RedStarRocket91 Announcement here. DESTINY Destiny - The Seven Heavens Updated Adamj004 of our News Group has a fascinating hypothesis on Destiny based on the mythological theory of the Seven Heavens and provides great detail connecting the two. The post has just been updated and it is mandatory that you go read it. The whole post will blow your mind. Find it here! New Destiny ViDoc It's been six months since the last Bungie ViDoc. Check out the full post by adamj here! IGN Interviews Deej of Bungie IGN always gets the best scoops when it comes to gaming industry news. It's a good thing we have adamj as a middle man to bring it to us! IGN has interviewed the great Deej of Bungie (Reader of Bungie Fan Mail). Deej, and Bungie, always know how to keep their fans interested. Find the interview here. FEATURED INTERVIEWS RedStarRocket91 - Here's an old interview from when our new Site Mod was just an underground king on the forums! FORGE 343industries.org and The Halo Forge Epidemic present: As we all know, The Meet Your Maker Forge Contest is in full swing and it's for the Dominion gametype this time around. Absolute Dog and AbleSir Thomas are certainly part of the judging panel, the rest of whom are unbeknownst to me as of now. Forgers are encouraged to use Zan's Map Marker Pack when submitting a map for optimal display of callouts and weapon placements. Click the link above the find the Map Marker Pack. Want to test your map for the Meet Your Maker contest? You can join the MYM Test Lobbies hosted every Thursday by AbleSir Thomas. Click here to join. For questions that need answers, report here for the Meet Your Maker Dominion Official Q&A Thread. 343 Industries Community Forge Project SikSlik7's tyrannical reign as MoM may be coming to a close but that doens't mean it's too late to support the Community Forge Project. The 343i Community Forge Project is a project that lets the members get together and make their own contributions to the maps made. SikSlik explains it all in his thread. Read and sign up for the CFP here. Ideas can be discussed in the CFP Idea Discussion thread so post yours here. Here's his CFP Space Station Discussion Thread for the CFP's first project! Find SikSlik's sketch of the first project here! SikSlik7 has created an account for members to friend in order to join the CFP sessions. Send CFP343i a Friend Request on Xbox Live! Participate and support the Community Forge Project! Halo 4 Free Roaming Flood Forge Off Are you a fan of the Hivemind Flood Gametype? Donut has put together a Forge Contest for Forgers that want to make their spookiest and most awesome Hivemind maps for the new gametype! Testing will be provided by BlOC. Your judges: Absolute Dog Donut Elliot Sign up, submit maps, find out prizes, and judging criteria to the contest by clicking here. And here's the Q&A Thread! Watch out for upcoming Map Testing Lobbies here! GAMING NEWS Currency Conversion Update Say goodbye to Microsoft Points! CooliestRap gives you the inside scoop on the Xbox 360 update in his article that you can find here. When is GamerScore gonna become useful? Champion Bundle Pack Answers Having trouble with your Champion Bundle Pack? Do you have questions that require answers? Maybe you'll find them in Absolute Dog's post here. Titanfall Gameplay Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTgtxnv61FM&feature=player_embedded It's no secret that Titanfall will be HUGE. CooliestRap gives you some sweet videos courtesy of IGN and Machinima. Check em out here. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag/Developer Interview In an amazingly underrated, underviewed, post by Absolute Dog, eurogamer.net conducts an interview with the producer of the next Assassin's Creed installment. Above is an awesome underwater gameplay video with an exclusive interview. Find the full post in all its glory here. Halo 4: Game of the Year Edition And finally in an awesome chain of gaming news from CooliestRap, the Game of the Year Edition of Halo 4 has been announced. Read the full post here! For more Gaming News check out the latest on our Front Page here. HOT TOPIC Community Forum Poll Wonderful member Beckoningzebra1 has opened up a great discussion. Something these forums could use more of. Inspired by Total Mayh3m's Message to the Community, BZ is hoping to stir strong discussion and debate between the members of the site. Vote for your favorite Halo game and mention why here! PLAY DATES There are Event ideas cooking up right now. Play Dates will be making a return. US vs. UK and other countries did win the Community Event Poll in July just give it some time. We still want your Play Date ideas! Post them here! Your Wrapup has been concluded. Now scroll back up and read it all over again.
  4. I am making a Halo 4 machinima named "Halo 4 HMV" and it is inspired by the "Halo HMV Hell": Here is the link: As of the time I post this I got 4 people (Including me), and I need as much people as can get (the more, the better). If you are interested in joining, message my gamertag on xbox: The Oracle HD :left:
  5. Hillo well, it seems i had a pleasant surprise while i was in Chemistry at school today....i am the new MoM! hooray As May's Member of the Month, I have to give shout-outs, and i quick brief about the site, and me i think...or something like that lol. Well back in the day, when the site was still growing, a young Mudkip was born here, and did nothing...expect post like three things....then the mudkip grew up and evolved into an Azaxx. He then became active and gained friends, from the highest mods, to his beloved awards. He then posted quality posts, and shared some of his art work, because he loved the amazing forums that much. He then went on a mission, no become mod! He then gave up,...kinda lazy lol. He made the Official Halo 4 News Board, and still updates it with confirmed news! He then decided he could help more with the forums, and made a drawing request page, for members to post pictures, and get them hand drawn by him. This is going well, with it a 'hot' topic! He then...bored in chemistry, went on these very forums, to go afk whenever Fire said for me to stay on lol. Then he came back, then afk, then he finally came back...and he was minus green! So then he created this topic and realised that he is speaking in third person, but doesn't want to edit the entire post so continues.... He would like to give a very selected shout-outs to regular members. (not moderators) ZB-85 ~ One of the kindest members of the forums. He is a great member to talk to, because he will take his time to listen to peoples troubles. He is a great forum poster azwell and help members, without wanting anything in return. Archangel Tyrael ~ Though i like his other name better, because he killed kings lol, he is such a dedicated member and news reporter. On the field whenever possible, he goes out of is way to make sure the important news, gets to you! Theorix ~ My art God, I know the signature shop gets a bit heck-tick at times, but he makes sure all requests are done, to the highest level of ossimness. One day i hope I can be by your side. Ms. Mystic ~ One of my personal favourite members. She is always kind and caring towards other members. She makes the best comebacks I've ever seen on a forum, and her knowledge and fact giving in her posts shows a top quality poster. Glad she came back to the forums Le Derp King ~ This month and a bit before, he is always there when I'm on to break the silence ..or my spamming in the shout-box lol. He has a excellent eye for Forge, and has help me on a few occasions. Thanks again Derp. Now to the Moderators, former ones and the Admin; Twam, thank you in supporting me in what I have done this past month and beforehand, also thanks for the votes lol, and four cheers for our Moderators, they do a fantastic job keeping things ordered on this forum. Well I have one last thing to add, as the new MoM, i have been told i get a request that gets considered by the Moderators/Admin, and it hard to think so here this goes.... I suggest you have a few members with a rank called 'awards' or something and they can be PM'd about missing awards ect? That would take a lot of stress off of mods, they wouldn't even need to worry about them. And get constant private messages about the awards. So that raps up this post, hopefully I will be seen as a excellent member, even when this Honour expires. Thanks for this wonderful month. -Azaxx. ps. I leave you with, my best PC art lol, dont judge Theorix...
  6. Azaxx

    Going Quiet

    My internet usage is very close to the cap that my family is allocated, so for the next week i wont be on that much. I might find some sort of internet connection i dont know, but from now, im going for a while Will come back when my internet is restored. But for now, bye - Azaxx
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