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  1. At first it seems like this map takes place in some snowy mountains. but just like the map's name already hints: the core of this mountain is indeed melted. So you basically have to environments on this map which play completely different. The melted core is more an arena-area. Especially in slayer this is the place to be. The objective gameplay, or actual BTB-stuff is going on the outside-area that's circling this mountain. There is a Incineration Cannon in the map's center. On the left and right sight you find two lookouts - red and blue - each equipped with a Railgun-Weaponpad. And of course there are two bases embedded into the snow. Here you can restock you ammo, grab a BR or even better: Take the Mantis for a ride. I hope you'll enjoy this map. Also there is always space fore improvements. So you feedback is very welcome
  2. Hey there, Since I stared forging half a year ago I created 4 BTB maps. They are already tested quite a few times so it's nothing completely "fresh", or buggy or unbalanced - or at least I hope so. Unfortunately it quite difficult to find enough players to actually play my own maps. And that....makes me sad So I was hoping some of you might wanna join a little "Game night" of mine. The thing is: I'm from German and therefore I'm living in a completely different timezone. I'd like to start this Saturday (10th) at 9pm Berlin time. That's...3pm in the US? You don't have to join my party So you won't get annoyed by us saying "Sauerkraut", "Autobahn" and Nazi-stuff all the time. Also we could have a little duel like "Team Germany vs. Team America" or something. You have to win 3 out of 5. The Maps are: Grizzly [images] Olympus [images] Cataracta [images] Melt in the Middle [images] I just have 4 maps, but for the finale we could play your favorite map a second time.
  3. Thinking back, I really enjoyed Maps like Longbow or Ragnarok because of their wide and open spaces for vehicular combat. So this time I was trying to crate something similar. Well, it's not a copy at all. But this maps basic idea is: Wide and open spaces. Cataracta is build around Alpine's basic waterfall. This waterfall hides the first power weapon: a sniper rifle.You can reach it by using one of the two "Catwalks" left and right. On each Catwalk's end is a smaller base. Call it "Lookout" or "Armory" or whatever. They also contain a Stronghold and you can teleport there from your main-base. In your Homebases you find most of your vehicles like a Scorpion, a Wasp, A Warthog and a Gungoose. There is also a lot of Ammo, some Weapons and the teleporter's other end. I Build in some sweet scripts so this map feels a little more "alive". For example there are some Dopp Pods falling down on round start. And when the Scoprion respawns, it drives out of a garage. So enjoy this map and please give me some feedback
  4. Map: Olympus Creators: HerrMittmann, Konrad117, NF MasterT Modes: BT Slayer, BT CTF, BT Strongholds (Also I was told that Fiesta should be really fun) Download: Link I'd like to offer and present to you our second map: Olympus.It takes place on multiple floating rocks or island, way up high in the sky. You actually play on those island and have to use teleporters, to move from one to an other. The island of course are: Red and Blue base, each equiped with a Spartan-Laser-Weaponpad to counter the Banshee - or just Splaser-Snipe others Spartans. In the map's center it "top mid"/green island with a Sniper-weaponpad and a hidden Shotgun. This island kinda is the main hub. if you control it, especially in CTF you control the main-route from base to base. And there is "bottom mid"/orange island with a Banshee-hangar, the only vehicle on this map. So this could be also a really important position for you to hold. Also there is a Railgun-Weaponpad Last but not least, there is a really small island floating "backstage". It's somehow a emergency-escape from your base with an Overshield. You can use this island as a sneaky route to flank the enemy base. So, this map might be a little experimental. I don't now if in the end the concept is just too complicated. Or perhaps it's really really awesome. I'd like you to find out and tell me
  5. Tanks - I'll post Olympus next And then still 2 more, woohoo
  6. Creators: HerrMittmann, Konrad117, NF MasterT Name: Grizzly Modes: BT Salyer, BT CTF, BT Strongholds Download: here So the basic idea was a symmetrical map with a huge tower in it's center, surrounded by a forest. The tower of course is a good sniper position, but the trees are supposed to not make it that easy. Even simple BR-Fights turn out to be quite challenging because nature is giving you a lot of opportunities to take cover. There is a road circling the woods and two Rocket-Hogs on the left or the right side of the map. t's really fun to fire your rockets through the trees, trying to hit your target - or at least do some splatter damage. As power-weapons we serve two Binary Rifles and a Hydra. Use the Hydra on top of the tower and lock enemies, you probably won't even see. And use the Binraies to keep an eye on the ones wo control the tower. You can enter the tower in two ways: Use the gravity-lift underneath it, or the man cannons in the left or right corner of the map to jump right on top. But be careful - there is a console on top. Pushing it's button allows you to close the towers gates, preventing attackers to enter by using the man cannons. So in the end we were trying to create a map with a unique feeling and atmosphere. A map that's actually symmetric, but doesn't look that way. And most of all: A map, that is actually fun to play but still has it's feed on the ground. Feel free to play - BT Slayer - BT CTF - BT Strongholds (The stronghold on top of the tower is awesome) Please consider using AR + Magnum loadouts! Known issues: - The outro-animation doesn't work. I don't know why. You can hear some noises, so there should be some Spartans, but...they are just invisible...
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